Sci-Fu by Yehudi Mercado


Hip-Hop, Sci-Fi and Kung Fu all hit the turn-tables for the mash-up mix of the year! Cartoonist/force of nature Yehudi Mercado (Pantalones, TX, Rocket Salvage) sets his sights on 1980s Brooklyn and Wax, a young mix-master who scratches the perfect beat and accidentally summons a UFO that transports his family, best friend, and current crush to the robot-dominated planet of Discopia. Now Wax and his crew must master the intergalactic musical marti...

Details Sci-Fu

Release DateMar 27th, 2018
PublisherOni Press
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Childrens, Middle Grade, Comics

Reviews Sci-Fu

  • Chad
    A blended up puree of Scott Pilgrim and Parappa the Rapper with a swirl of Run DMC.
  • Manon
    I was provided an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Wax is a kid from Brooklyn, he loves DJing, rapping and hanging out with his best friend. One day, as he’s DJing, something very weird happens and his entire house and the street near it is transported into another planet and dimension.The welcoming committee is a talking snowman that tells him he’s a sci-fu master and and a giant robot that tries to kill him.That’s when t...
  • Billie
    The illustrations are awesome and the story is fun, but the rap battles don't translate well to written text and, since the raps are kind of central to the whole concept of the book, it negatively impacted my impression of the book as a whole.
  • Kate
    Good little middle-grade graphic novel that manages to seamlessly connect sci-fi and hip-hop in 1980s Brooklyn. Some of the references may go over the head of younger readers, but all the knowing inclusions that Mercado adds into the narrative don't detract from the story-telling, so readers won't get drawn out or lost in this.The art style is influenced by '80s street art, and although a few panels are noisy making it hard to distinguish the voi...
  • Kailey (BooksforMKs)
    Wax is determined to be the best DJ in the world, but when his mixes accidentally answer an interstellar challenge, he'll have to be the best DJ in the universe to protect his family and friends from the robots of Discotopia, where he fights against the evil King using the ancient art of Sci-Fu, a martial art that uses sound waves as weapons.I'm not much of a fan of rap music, but I am a musician, so I was more than intrigued about a comic that u...
  • Adam Stone
    Have you been looking for an all ages book featuring a mostly Black cast, an ice cream truck, robot aliens, hip-hop, and cats. Well, it's finally Your Year.Sci-Fu is a fun book, if you can stomach 80s style raps as written in the voice of young teenagers. It's silly, beautifully drawn, and perfectly colored. My one issue is that the "terrible" "worst rap ever" is really the same quality as the rest of the rap in the book that's supposed to be "th...
  • Lindsey
    *I received an ARC of this title courtesy of NetGalley*Thirteen-year-old Wax is on a mission to be the best DJ in Brooklyn, but he just might have to be the best in the universe to get the girl and save his neighborhood.One day Wax’s skills on the 1s and 2s transport him to Discopia, a colorful robot planet where he has to use a fun combination of Kung fu and sci-fi to get himself and his loved ones home.Filled with wonderful references to thro...
  • Heather Brown
    Really retro but fully futuristic, Sci-Fu is a fun rap battle graphic novel. Wax's mix skills accidentally get him in a duel with rapping kung fu robot aliens. If Wax loses, the aliens gain control of not just Brooklyn, but the whole earth. If Wax wins, maybe he will also win the heart of his crush, Pirate Polly. Great artwork and diverse characters. I can definitely say that my students will be excited to check this book out!
  • Theediscerning
    Just think first, whatever you do - consider if your brain is up to the gaudiest, trashiest artwork around, and if it could cope with a daft and childish sci-fantasy adventure where the characters talk in rap and hip-hop lingo.Mine wasn't, and couldn't.
  • Ashton
    I really enjoyed reading the comic. It kept my interest the whole way through. I loved how he is a middle schooler but a struggling Dj trying to get the girl. The artwork is incredible. The drawings are colorful and creative. The only problem is that the comic had some areas that were in and out of English to Spanish in those parts of the book it was confusing. Especially when the page has no translation to English. Other then that nothing wrong....
  • Deanna
    Sci-Fu is a fun graphic novel. The characters were diverse. Illustrations were colorful and full of action. I loved the classic rap lyrics throughout the text. I think this novel will truly capture the imagination of my students especially the boys.
  • Ryan
    If you ever want to see an ode to 80’s rap mixed with space aliens, then I have the book from you. wax is a 13 year old boy, and his biggest dream is the be the best DJ ever. But it takes some practice to be the best. In Wax’s case, someone gets hold of a really rough cut song,that could be deadly. Now Wax has to save the world, make perfect rhymes, and become a s I Fuzhou master. Over all this middle grade graphic is not for me, but it has a...
  • Felicia Allen
    This was a really cute Sci-Fi comic book. I loved it and so did my 9 year old
  • Kelly
    '80s Nostalgia Like Whoah(Full disclosure: I received a free e-ARC for review through NetGalley.)Thirteen-year-old Wax wants to be the best DJ in the world - but little does he know that the very fate of "Planet Brooklyn" will rely on his skills. It's 1980-something, and young Wax is recording a song for his crush, the aptly named Pirate Polly, when he inadvertently answers an intergalactic challenge. Wax, his crew, his entire block - all are tra...