Every Single Secret by Emily Carpenter

Every Single Secret

“Every Single Secret takes you on a journey into a dark, surreal world…A true psychological thriller that will leave you breathless.” —Wendy Walker, bestselling author of All Is Not Forgotten and Emma in the Night Emotionally guarded Daphne Amos always believed she’d found a kindred spirit in her fiancé, Heath. Both very private people, they’ve kept their pasts hidden from the world, and each other, until Heath’s escalating nightma...

Details Every Single Secret

TitleEvery Single Secret
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreThriller, Mystery Thriller, Mystery, Fiction, Suspense

Reviews Every Single Secret

  • Chelsea Humphrey
    Find the book trailer HERE! There are monsters all around us-people who have to hide because the world can't bear to see them for who they truly are. They're good at keeping secrets, the monsters. Sometimes, too good. Which is why I've always suspected that I am one of them.Hold the phone and stop the press folks. There's a new sheriff in town, and her name is Emily Carpenter. Ok, she is actually an author and not a sheriff, but minor details-a...
  • Meredith
    WTF did I just read?! Every Single Secret is a tension-filled, dark, suspenseful psychological thriller about a newly engaged couple’s experience at a retreat in rural Georgia. I found this to be a fast-paced, entertaining, twisted read that I could not put down! It kept me on my toes and I had no idea where things were headed. I am not going to say much more because I don’t want to give anything away!If you plan on reading this, go in blind....
  • Carrie
    Every Single Secret by Emily Carpenter is a thriller that poses the questions of just how far one would go for love and should some secrets just stay buried. Daphne Amos has thought she’d found the love of her life in her fiance Heath but when Heath begins to have violent nightmares Daphne knows something is wrong.Daphne and Heath were very alike in the fact they didn’t like to talk about their past and were very private people which was some...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    4 Shhh, it’s a secret, stars to Every Single Secret! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Daphne has always been hard to get to know, but she let her guard down when she fell in love with the also guarded Heath. When Heath begins to have terrible nightmares, their relationship is put to the test.They attend a retreat together where a psychologist claims to help people uncover repressed memories from their past, which is not something Daphne wants to confront. There...
  • Michelle
    Daphne and Heath are engaged to be married. Both of them have dark histories that they prefer not to talk about. For Daphne this makes it a perfect relationship. No questions asked means not having to lie but how long can you keep your secrets buried? Heath begins having terrible night terrors where he has broken things and has even harmed Daphne. He decides that in an effort to heal himself he has signed them up for a week long couples retreat h...
  • Norma
    4.5 Stars! Well this book pretty much left me totally speechless upon finishing!EVERY SINGLE SECRET by EMILY CARPENTER is an intense, dark, chilling, and suspenseful psychological thriller novel that immediately drew me in and held my interest right until that shocking and action-filled ending. This book was so entertaining and extremely hard for me to put down. I raced through this one!EMILY CARPENTER delivers a well-written, unique and twisty r...
  • Amy
    There is something compulsively readable about Emily Carpenter’s books, once I start them I have a difficult time putting them down. She creates the creepiest, most eerily atmospheric settings and she writes so well you find yourself completely immersed in the story, it’s as if you’re actually inside it yourself and experiencing it with the characters. It’s an unsettling experience to say the least, but one I wholeheartedly enjoy.The whol...
  • Reading.Between.Wines
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5Every Single Secret is another wonderfully atmospheric and gothic novel from the great Emily Carpenter! I thoroughly enjoyed The Weight of Lies and while I didn't like this one {quite} as much, I still really liked it. Every Single Secret is about a young woman named Daphne and her fiance Heath. Heath ends up talking Daphne into a couple's retreat in the mountains of Georgia when he starts having terrible nightmares. Neither of th...
  • Pauline
    Every Single Secret by Emily Carpenter is about Daphne and her fiancé Heath who go on a weeks retreat for couples. Both of them have had troubled childhoods and are keeping secrets from each other about their past. The house where the retreat is being held is old and creepy and the psychologist giving the therapy is not what he seems. There are a few twists and turns in the book and I read it in one day because I did not want to put it down. Thi...
  • DJ Sakata
    Favorite Quotes:I am what people call guarded. I don’t blog. I don’t post. I don’t share. I don’t love people in that beaming, open-armed way you’re supposed to, but there is a good reason for it. Dark things vein through me, the way precious metal shoots through the heart of a mountain. Dark things that should stay hidden, embedded deep within the rock. It is for the greater good that I stand guard over my mountain, over my past.He’s...
  • Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)
    Ok, so I realize I'm a bit late to the Emily Carpenter train, but my pass is still good.... right?! I waited WAY too long to read Weight of Lies when I received it last year and I'll forever kick myself for that. I learned my lesson and dove right into this one as soon as I could. Carpenter appears to be the queen of that Southern Gothic atmospheric, big ass Victorian mansion isolated in the middle of nowhere kind of reads! And that's where the s...
  • Dennis
    I'm somewhere between 3 and 4 stars, so I will just split it down the middle and give it 3.5! Every Single Secret is my first read by Emily Carpenter and I must say, it is so refreshing to pick up an original story by an author I haven't read anything from yet. Sometimes I'm apprehensive to pick up a story by an established author because I set the bar so high, but I am happy I did pick this one up because it really sold me into picking up futur...
  • Heidi
    I love nothing more than being blindsided by a book. To happily and trustingly follow my little breadcrumb trail until I suddenly stand open-mouthed and in shock, realising I have walked right into a trap. With the growing trend of the “killer twist”, we are so on alert for these false trails that it is getting harder to find a book that manages to do that. I am happy to announce that this is one of them!The story itself sounds irresistibly i...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    I have read Emily Carpenters two previous books, Burying the Honeysuckle Girls and The Weight of Lies, and loved them. So, it's with a heavy heart I have to confess that this book just didn't pull me in, in the same way as the previous two books did. It's not a bad story, with two main characters with secrets and a mysterious retreat where strange things happen. It's just that I failed to connect with the characters and the story never got really...
  • Pauline
    Every Single Secret by Emily Carpenter is about Daphne and her fiancé Heath who go on a weeks retreat for couples. Both of them have had troubled childhoods and are keeping secrets from each other about their past. The house where the retreat is being held is old and creepy and the psychologist giving the therapy is not what he seems. There are a few twists and turns in the book and I read it in one day because I did not want to put it down. Thi...
  • Kimberly Belle
    Emily Carpenter begins Every Single Secret on a creepy premise: couples therapy in a remote mountain resort, where every room has eyes — hidden cameras watching every move. Buckle up because this is one hell of a ride, a rocket-paced, edge-of-your-seat story you’ll want to devour in one sitting. A knockout, easily one of my favorite books of the year.
  • Kate Moretti
    Riveting, a true wild and crazy ride! I'll read everything Emily Carpenter writes. She's the female Harlan Coben with plot twists that'll give you whiplash.
  • Tammy
    Every Single Secret was a dark, creepy and twisted ride! It kept me guessing til the end!! I will be picking up other books by this author!
  • Kerry
    Creepy, twisty, and masterfully crafted. Emily Carpenter nailed the dark and disturbing characters that make up this rich and provocative gothic thriller. EVERY SINGLE SECRET is one of my favorite reads so far this year. I can’t recommend it enough.
  • M.J. Pullen
    Once again, Emily Carpenter hits it out of the park with a gripping psychological suspense, and a Southern Gothic setting that is a character in itself. Heath and Daphne are intriguing and complex; as I followed the twists and turns of their troubled marriage to a retreat at a creepy Victorian mansion in the North Georgia mountains, I found myself gripping the pages tighter and tighter, even as I couldn't stop turning. You won't want to put this ...
  • Steena Holmes
    This has been posted on my website: http://www.steenaholmes.com/steena-re...You know when you read a book and there’s a little giggle inside of you when you finish it…a giggle that has nothing to do with how ‘funny’ the book was but how delicious of a read it was…even when there’s death involved? (and if you say, no, you have no idea…then I guess that means I’m a little whacked…)Every Single Secret by Emily Carpenter gave me tha...
  • Camille Maio
    Three books in, Emily Carpenter has cemented her expertise at creating compelling worlds and read-in-one-sitting suspense. Every Single Secret grabs you from the first page and doesn't let go. I got all of one hour of sleep last night because I couldn't put it down. The author owes me a venti-sized coffee! :-) Thank you to Net Galley for a chance to read in advance in exchange for an honest review.
  • B.E.L.L.A.Mc
    I'm going to use Amazon's own rating system for this one.It was free with Amazon Prime. I find these books to be dull, mostly, and have yet to read a good one.I didn't like this story; it had potential but failed to reach it. It was just too weird for me. Convoluted and not real in any sense. The fmc (can't remember her name) was running all over the place; her nose and hands in places they shouldn't have been, and nobody caught her?! Banging thi...
  • Hannah Mary McKinnon
    From the very first page you'll suspect Daphne and Heath's relationship isn't what it seems, that the couples-therapy week in an old house up a mountain (complete with Big Brother style cameras everywhere) more than likely isn't going to help their issues...Edgy, twisty, and utterly compelling, with a setting that'll give you a myriad of goosebumps, EVERY SINGLE SECRET had me flipping the pages. I, too, had to know everything Daphne and Heath wer...
  • Linda
    I have to thank NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for letting me have a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.WOW!! This book blew me away. It had so many twists that I started thinking everyone was guilty of something. It’s an edge of your seat thriller for sure. It will make you cringe and cry in parts. It will hold your attention to the very last word on the very last page. It was that good.Daphne started out life hard. He mot...
  • Jo Jenner
    What a fast paced thriller. I read this in one sitting and from half way through I daren't put it down.Once you think you have worked out what was going on something else happens to send you completely sideways.Anyone who tells you they worked this out before the end is lying.A great physiological thriller you really will not want to put down.
  • Laura Rash
    If you’ve ever watched the movie, The Visit, where nothing is what it seems, you can’t quite pinpoint what the creepy factor is, something’s quite off that you’re squirming in your seat a lil bit, and then in a blink it all falls together and you exclaim “ohhhhh shitttt”-that’s this book. Original for sure and a thrill to find out I can still be stumped by a book.
  • Amber Cowie
    Every Single Secret is a taut thriller that will keep you turning pages well into the dark and quiet hours of the night. Its strong female narrator, evocative setting and closed door mystery can be likened to Wuthering Heights meets The Fall. The setting is rendered so beautifully that, at times, I felt delightfully suffocated by the wallpaper and over furnished rooms and I longed to run onto the wild cliffs with Daphne. Emily Carpenter does a be...