House of Darken (Secret Keepers, #1) by Jaymin Eve

House of Darken (Secret Keepers, #1)

When Emma moves to Astoria, Oregon, she is given two rules: #1 – Don’t cross to “their” side of the street. #2 – Don’t mess with the elites, especially Lexen Darken, top elite and resident bad boy. While she finds this both weird and insulting, Emma has no actual intention of breaking these rules - until her guardians go missing. Now all bets are off. Only a single line separates her side of the street from the elites', and she's cros...

Details House of Darken (Secret Keepers, #1)

TitleHouse of Darken (Secret Keepers, #1)
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction, Aliens

Reviews House of Darken (Secret Keepers, #1)

  • Sarah
    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis is an amazing start to a new series! Every time one of my favourite authors starts a new series I get nervous that I'm not going to like it but every time I get reminded why they are are a favourite - they know how to write, create characters you love or hate, and build a world so real that you feel like you are there with the characters as they go through various life challenges...
  • Marianne
    3.5 - 3.75. Haven't really decided - rounding up for now.
  • Natalia Navarro
    Amazing start of this series!!!... I'm already a fan of Jaymin, so it's not a surprise I loved this new book... It's so well written, good pace and fluent... I like the story line a lot, the mystery around "the elites" is so good, you don't expect what they really are once you find out... Emma is a strong, intelligent, really good person, who values every single person despite their origin... The elites are so arrogant and offensive to them, but ...
  • Soxie
    I am a hard core Jaymin fan .. If she writes it i will read it... This book is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC.. Just like all of Jaymin's books she takes you to brand new places and draws you in you don't want to stop reading .. This book was everything and more.. Jaymin doesn't disappoint you when you travel to any of her worlds .. I loved it from start to finish and can't wait for the next book ..
  • Amanda
    House of Darken is the first book in a brand new UF/PNR that's upper YA. It has everything you could possibly want in a fresh story, strong backstory and heart, sassy heroine who will stop at nothing to take care of the ones she loves, mystery and intrigue, topped off with mythical creatures that Eve slow trickles into the story. As each new layer is peeled back in the story, we get brand new mysteries and dilemmas that Emma Walters, our MC, has ...
  • Anna
    Everything about this book intrigued me - from its cover and title to its description. Plus, you know, Jaymin Eve wrote it, so I had expectations from the start. And... some of them payed out, some didn't. The whole book was like something between the Lux series and Twilight, with a few Judgment of the six elements here and there. There was a lot to focus on and many things did not make sense to me (mainly some of the characters actions). But I ...
  • Kelly
    3 stars House of Darken by Jaymin Eve is a book I've been looking forward to reading - I really enjoy reading this author's books, with paranormal/fantasy reads definitely a favourite of mine. I did find it a little slow initially, but the pace picked up and I was more interested in the storyline in the second half of the book. Same with Emma and Lexen - I wasn't really feeling the chemistry between them for the majority of the story, but the sto...
  • Carly Greenhill
    OMGGGGI love Jaymin Eve and all the creative ways she brings her characters to life. If you have read her Walker Saga series, this has a very similar base to it and OMG IT'S AMAZING! Thanks in character Emma is strong willed, spunky and hilarious and the guy is drool worthy and is a great companion for Emma. I'm telling you, this book and I'm not being presumptuous in saying, this series is AMAZING. So worth the buy and I'm going into a book coma...
  • Steph
    This one misses the mark for me....Usually I like the authors work but something here just was off. The MC never heard of Snapchat but was in regular high school a year ago?Her guardians were missing how long before she was ready to call the cops?Few other things that just didn’t make sense.I just didn’t get the relationship at all. What drew Lex in? All her crying?Gave a star for the interesting world and plot, another for editing.
  • C.J.
    Amazing read! I don’t know how Jaymin Eve’s brain works or where her ideas come from but one thing is certain- she is an amazing author. This story was exceptional for its characters, world-building and overall plot. Highly recommend.
  • I.A. Cintron
    What was this? I need more of it like yesterday!
  • Steven Smithen
    Amazing New Series!I absolutely love this new offering by Jaymin Eve. Without spoilers this book embodies everything I love about her writing and reminds me of her Walker Saga in many ways. I highly recommend adding this book to your collection. Extremely excited to see where Jaymin takes in the next book.
  • Lissa Hawley
    Jaymin Eve writes the best leading men.
  • JJ
    House of Darken is a paranormal, urban fantasy with mystical beings and a go-getter protagonist. We see some of our favorite Jaymin Eve tropes like a host of protective males + one female, an unraveling mystery, love, and possibly true mates. It's a fun story, and I liked the base storyline concept. Thrown into a new society where Emma is a bottom feeder, she has to navigate a new neighborhood as well as a new school, both with politics and class...
  • Jennifer Aldrich
    OBSESSED! I am completely and utterly OBSESSED with this book. Once I started this book, I could not put it down. I literally stayed up way past my bedtime because I just had to finish this book. It has everything that I love in a story. There is mystery, action, attraction, and romance. What I love even more is that this book is the first in what I assume will be 4 and that makes me beyond excited.The plot of this book is what caught my attentio...
  • Jennifer Shiels
    House of Darken is a great beginning to a new series and a first book from an author I haven't read before. Tijan recommended this book and I'm glad that I listened. This story is told through the main characters point of view. Emma Walters lost pretty much everything eight months ago when her parents died in a house fire and miraculously she survived. The only people that took her in were friends of her parents - Sara and Michael. They believe i...
  • Ira
    Oh Halfway through the book, I went straight back to Amazon to find out when the next book will be out - and I was thrilled to find that I'll have to wait but a couple of weeks. Having finished it now, I still can't wait for the next book in this series because this was simply amazing!I loved every single page of this book. House of Darken has a wonderful and imaginative storyline is great, right from the beginning I simply couldn't pu...
  • Jillian92
    The first part of the book was interesting enough, but I hated it when characters started to become too cheesy and especially the dragon mating thing, which I found utterly ridiculous. They hardly know each other (like 2 weeks...?) but they have already decided that they're going to be together for the rest of their lives because the dragon chose her as his mate...hello, BORING. I usually love those books where characters take a while before gett...
  • Lisa
    Good first bookThis was a good first book of the series. From Emma's POV, who is a broken hearted human living with her crazy parents best friends. Emma still has nightmares about her parents death. When she receives a scholarship in a different town, she moves there with her guardians. She starts school to find that the school have a class system she doesn't like. Then her guardians go missing and she goes to look for them in the very place she ...
  • Madeleine Lily
    Disappointed as I started off loving the unique plot which was mysterious and compelling but have finished the book feeling what I can only describe as “meh”. It was around the half way point when the characters go to the alien world that it fell flat for me. There it was hard for me to picture the world, as I didn’t think it was detailed well, and the plot also became confusing. It’s a shame as I did enjoy the beginning. I also thought t...
  • Ann
    Is it weird to start a review with: ‘I can’t wait for the other books in this series.’? Nope, I don’t think so, when I was about half way through the book I felt the urge to just buy the other books, just in case they miraculously would disappear. Wait! How can they disappear if they aren’t released yet? Well that is how much I loved House of Darken, the first book in The Secret Keepers Series. House of Darken is the first book I have r...
  • Kyles
    Wow this was a fantastic book!I love Jaymin's books, so knew this was going to be amazing, but there was so much I didn't know before reading, such as what sort of paranormal read this was going to be.The anticipation right from the start kept me on the edge of my seat, so to speak, as I just kept waiting for the moment of reveal. And then bam the epic hits started coming and just kept wowing me.Em was such a great character. At the start of the ...
  • Jemimah Zafoune
    A new series from author Jaymin Eve and I was super excited to read it. Jaymin Eve is one of my top 3 favourite authors. Honestly, I love her books and I squee with excitement whenever I hear she has a new book coming out so when I heard about House of Darken I was jumping up and down.If you're a fan of the authors Walker World series then you'll definitely love this book. I really got a feel of that series when reading this book, but it's not th...
  • Chantel Sanchez
    Warning! Book Addiction and Hangover Eminent! I seriously want to know how the h#*l Jaymin comes up with her stories! They are always well written and imagined but more importantly, she has the ability to allow her readers to truly immerse themselves in her worlds. This one in particular sucks you right into it since it’s based in “the real world/ our world”. The characters are always well written and engaging. I must say, I LOVE Emma’s...
  • Krystin
    Can't wait to read the restI'd never realized just how many of Jaymin Eve's books I've read until the end of this book. I've read nearly all and she doesn't disappoint. There's a certain confidence in reading this author that I don't have in many others. I know I'm going to enjoy the story, that'll it be unique and well thought out, the writing will be on point, and the characters won't let you down. I so appreciate that! These days choosing an e...
  • Mary Whitehead
    The House of Darken is a really interesting book. Emma and Lexen are a really interesting and complex characters and their story is a great story. Now don’t get me wrong I love these characters very much but what really intrigued me and hook me into this series, even though book 2 has not come out yet, is the world that Jaymin Eve has created that these characters inhabit. This book took so many interesting and different twist and turns that I ...
  • Noelle Temple
    Okay. Not Jaymin's best by farI love Jaymin as an author and so was surprised that this one disappointed a bit. The romance arch felt very rushed and a bit unbelievable. It was almost as though she wrote it because it had to happen not a natural part of the book. I didn't love either main character and I liked a bunch of supporting characters but none of them developed enough. Again as though she felt she needed to get them all introduced in this...
  • Amber
    Just to be upfront, I am a hardcore Jaymin book fan. When I read her Dragon Marked series, Jessa was the heroine I didn’t know I was searching for in a book. Jaymin has never disappointed me in her heroines, their romantic interests, and especially how she can write the most amazing best friend characters. With HoD, I have to admit I stumbled when I started it. I was so used to identifying immediately with some aspect of Jaymin’s characters t...
  • Sharon
    A fun fantastical sci-fi thriller and romance!This first installment in what appears to be a trilogy is set in Astoria, Oregon. Here, the social status is determined by the four houses, in this case House of Darken where three gorgeous brothers and their beautiful sister live and dominate the local private school.Enter Emma, who has moved to Astoria with her foster parents after both her parents are killed in a fire.She’s no damsel in distress ...
  • Pam Foster
    Epic series opener!!!The House of Darken is Jaymin Eve’s newest release and fans like myself have been waiting with baited breathe for this new series The Secret Keepers. I’d no idea what to expect I’d been avoiding reading the blurbs and the teasers - it’s fantastic and it’s been worth the wait!!! The world building for this new series is nothing short of epic, I think my brain nearly short circuit a few times I loved it! Em...