As Good as True by Cheryl Reid

As Good as True

A powerful and haunting novel of a woman’s broken past and the painful choices she must make to keep her family and her home.August 1956. After a night of rage and terror, Anna Nassad wakes to find her abusive husband dead and instinctively hides her bruises and her relief. As the daughter of Syrian immigrants living in segregated Alabama, Anna has never belonged, and now her world is about to erupt.Days before, Anna set in motion an explosive ...

Details As Good as True

TitleAs Good as True
Release DateFeb 1st, 2018
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Mystery, Did Not Finish, Abandoned, Literary Fiction, The United States Of America, Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Race

Reviews As Good as True

  • RoseMary Achey
    Every novel needs balance. The timing and pace should be appropriate for the story being told. Unfortunately this book fails on all those tenets. As Good as True deals with domestic violence, segregation and extremely complex family dynamics. While author Cheryl Reid clearly produced a book with significant depth a bit of good news would have been welcomed. After several days of extreme misery I was so hoping the protagonist would find some joy....
  • Melissa Leatherwood
    I finished it, but I didn’t love it. I admire the perseverance and the strength portrayed here, yet the clinginess to guilt over things completely out of her control was tiring and incongruent. The understanding of complex race relations I have no experience with in a time I wasn’t there for was what I was after. A woman beating herself up for not being a better mother, when she did just fine, and her spoiled brat ridiculous daughter holding ...
  • Helen
    Really not my cup of tea....very disappointed. I thought it would be such a great read from the description but instead it was slow, repetitive and downright boring in my opinion. I couldn't finish it (got just over half way through). I don't know if it was just how I was interpreting it but the main character just seemed to be whining all the time....I imagined her voice to be whiny and pathetic....which I suppose was what the author was trying ...
  • Bonnye Reed
    GAb As good as True is a wonderful novel. Cheryl Reid brings to us the pain and joy and love of childbirth and motherhood, the duties we owe our parents, the necessity of familial bonds, and the injustice and repercussions of segregation of all sorts. Until we can all live as one family we are bound to fail at the art of humanity. Prime January free Kindle 01/01/18Was not able to review on B&N until 2-1-18
  • Dee Cherry
    Sad story as Anna's life was on display. I kept wondering when things would turn around for her. Well written
  • Meg
    PowerfulThis story beautifully illustrates a family torn by cultural experience, racial issues and difficult topics. The author is a powerful writer and I cannot wait for her next novel. This book was not what I expected, it was better.
  • Fayla
    3.5 starsThis started out as a beautiful tapestry of tragedy but somewhere near the end, I started to find Anna loathsome. Someone asked me, and now I really need to know if the author intended for the character to be unlikeable. It’s difficult to believe that a character who grew up motherless and then became a victim of domestic violence could be anything but sympathetic. As her story unfolded, I found her to be selfish and her stubbornness w...
  • Dorothy Tracey
    Poignant but powerful book about a Syrian woman who has been mentally, physically, and sexually abused all her life by her husband. The story takes place in the late 1950's when racial segregation was still considered the norm. This was a January Amazon First Reads choice (bought in hardback). Other reviewers have commented on the behaviors and attitudes of Marina (the daughter) as being bratty and abhoring..but I thought the personalities of the...
  • Carla
    This was a free ebook from Amazon won through Goodreads. Wonderful writing, and interesting story, had me engrossed from the beginning. The daughter of Syrian immigrants, Ana lives in Alabama. Segregation, racism runs deep even today with people of "colour" and what countries their ancestors came from. Her husband dies. Did she kill him? An angry community takes action. Ana has an inner strength and had me turning the pages eagerly awaiting justi...
  • Christine Roberts
    While "As Good As True" has an interesting premise and a well thought out cast of characters, it just wasn't a hit for me. I found it plodding and dull, and I really couldn't find the desire to care about the main character in the book.Thanks to NetGalley, Cheryl Reid, and Lake Union Publishing for an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review.
  • Jessica
    A powerful book which addresses many different themesThis book revolves strongly around two key themes: Grief and domestic violence. Although many other themes play a strong part, such as racism and alcoholism.Vega's (Anna) late mother is at the forefront of her mind throughout the story and well into her adulthood. It is clear from the get-go that losing her mother has greatly impacted her life, and that of her father who struggled to cope with ...
  • Heidi
    Some good writing and world-building, but needs more plot and less violence. I actually feel kind of bad giving this 2 stars, because the setting and characters were so interesting, I thought the protagonist was relatable, and there were some really well-done passages. But I couldn't read the whole thing due to the gratuitous, graphic depictions of domestic violence and psychological abuse. Also, the book tended to be repetitive, circling back on...
  • Erin-Elizabeth
    Quite a tough read.There’s a lot going on here. A story of segregation and female oppression, domestic violence, anger, death, grief...I could go on. I found it quite a slow read and was expecting the story the really kick-start for most of the novel. It was only when I reached the 80% mark that I realised that it wasn’t actually going to really go anywhere. The flashbacks of Anna’s life were a happy (although that’s a poor choice of word...
  • Marsha Lambert
    This book drew me in and kept me reading until finished. Family pride and prejudice, mistakes from the past, common decency shown to someone from another culture, all collide together and make one realize what the really important things in life are.
  • Jacqueline Burke
    Thank you Netgalley and publishers for providing me an ARC of As Good As True in exchange for an honest opinion. It is hard to believe this is a debut work; Cheryl Reid is very talented and I will be patiently watching for her next endeavor. This is a unique and compelling take on race and poverty in Alabama in the late 50s told from the perspective of an Syrian immigrant who is also a victim of domestic violence. The story is complex and so are ...
  • Smile24k
    Powerful and moving! I am extremely stingy with 5-star ratings, but I have very few complaints about this book. One of the criteria I use for giving a book five stars is whether it would be worthy of a book club or discussion. This book would be perfect for a book club. It makes me sorry that I am no longer in a book club, because I would love to get into the weeds of this book. My other criteria for five stars is whether I would pay for the book...
  • sherry flanders
    Depressing as hellNot one happy moment in the entire story. Yuck! I couldn't wait to finish it. This book is terrible. Yuck
  • Kathy Averbeck
    This story intriqued me from the first page but by about half way through, I was about ready for the book to be over. I did not find the main character a very sympathic person even though her story was quite traumatic. I felt that she brought a lot of it on herself and did not deal with her circumstances very well.
  • Melissa
    I have so many mixed feelings about this book. Ultimately, I think this stems from the fact that there are certain things that Reid treated really well, and other things that were handled not so well.The themes of domestic abuse in a small town environment and the complexities of race (to a certain extent) in the late 1950s Deep South were handled well. The domestic abuse plot had depth and nuance - Anna's efforts to hide her bruises to shield he...
  • Kelly
    I was excited for this book, but it fell flat for me. I do not think the blurb on the back captured the essence of this book, implying it would be more about the relationship between Anna and Orlando. Instead,5)8/ just became the inciting incident for violent act after violent act. The author tried to tackle everything from abuse to broken families to mother-daughter relationships to racial tensions, and it was just too much. As another reviewer ...
  • cecelia niezgoda
    Great readTotally enjoyed this book. It was frustrating at times that Anna/Verga was so accepting of husband's bad behavior, until you put it in perspective. Not a big difference between the Old Country and Alabama in the bigoted 1950s . Everybody was supposed to know their place and suffered the consequences if they tried to change the status quo. A likeable heroine . . .
  • Jessi Fuller
    As Good as True, Cheryl Reid’s debut novel, elucidates the harsh truth of motherhood. Desire is not enough to form a relationship; physical presence today won’t eliminate previous absences. Anna Nassad does not understand this. Growing up motherless, the idea of physicality became all-encompassing. She deified a mother she didn’t know, and in so doing created a role of mother that revolved around duty. Mothers marry fathers. They have babie...
  • Melissa
    I can not read another word of this depressing story. The spoiled, self-centered daughter was enough to make me want to stop reading. The mother, who is the narrator, wouldn’t leave her abusive husband because her 5-year-old daughter “would never allow it.” Really? She’s five!!! I just find this story and the characters unbearable.
  • Ed Lingo
    I really liked this book. Unusual plot. Good insight into family relationships, and life decisions. Great insights into spousal abuse, a frequent book and movie theme, but a different take in this book. The protagonist’s relationship with he daughter portrayed well the often contentious but loving dealings between mother and daughter. I know I absolutely love my daughters, but do get annoyed at times, as they also love me, but I annoy them too....
  • Nicole Meier
    This story is just as beautiful as the book cover. Set in 1956, the daughter of a Syrian immigrant faces racism, domestic violence, and the cover up of a possible crime. I loved Anna's character and her struggle to keep her family together amidst so much turmoil. While not fast-paced like other domestic thrillers, this literary novel is a slow love song about motherhood and family. I loved it so much!
  • Joanna Pedagno
    Wil not everyone's cup of teaI was almost scared away by some of the reviews, but I'm glad that I decided to a order this book. It is extremely well written and the story moved me emotionally with its truth and telling of the bias and prejudices that plagued the pre civil rights movement. But what resonated even more deeply was the horror of spousal abuse. I agree with the reviews that said this is not a feel goods story. But that is the point. I...
  • Priscilla Lee
    As Good As True has two focal points. 1. Domestic Violence and 2. Racism. 1. Domestic Violence"He stopped slinging his belt, and he said 'I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so terrible to you' And then he started undoing my clothes and then he laid me down. That's how lonely I was for someone to touch me, that I'd take his hate if it meant I wasn't alone. I couldn't tell you how many times I looked at my husband in absolute gratitude for his gentleness an...
  • Linda
    I received a copy of this from NetGalley and the awesome Lake Union publishers. Thank you for allowing me to read and review this bookWhile I notice several people did not give this book many stars and wrote somewhat not good reviews, I had to disagree. I thought it was a very good book. One to make you think. The way some people want things to go now is much like how it was back in the 50s. This book dealt with a lot of intense and sad issues. F...
  • Cee Davis
    What a fantastic debut novel! As Good as True tells the story of Anna, a woman all-too-frequently tormented by her abusive husband and his demanding family. It shows the cycle of domestic violence in a time where it was almost accepted in American families. Anna was also a child of Syrian migrants, so there's that complication in a community that is less-than-accepting of anyone who isn't white. Add to that Anna's childhood friend, Orlando, an Af...
  • Emily
    This was a difficult book to read in places because it was so deeply sad. But having said that, there was a vein of hope that kept rising and falling like the river in the background of the book. Sometimes, it seemed to disappear altogether; other times the hope rushed in like a soothing, healing flood. Maybe this story effected me so much because I am a mother. I also have a less than ideal (but by no means abusive) marriage. I am also laid up i...