Blood Standard (Isaiah Coleridge, #1) by Laird Barron

Blood Standard (Isaiah Coleridge, #1)

Isaiah Coleridge is a mob enforcer in Alaska--he's tough, seen a lot, and dished out more. But when he forcibly ends the moneymaking scheme of a made man, he gets in the kind of trouble that can lead to a bullet behind the ear. Saved by the grace of his boss and exiled to upstate New York, Isaiah begins a new life, a quiet life without gunshots or explosions. Except a teenage girl disappears, and Isaiah isn't one to let that slip by. And delving ...

Details Blood Standard (Isaiah Coleridge, #1)

TitleBlood Standard (Isaiah Coleridge, #1)
Release DateMay 29th, 2018
PublisherG.P. Putnam's Sons
GenreMystery, Crime, Fiction, Thriller, Noir

Reviews Blood Standard (Isaiah Coleridge, #1)

  • Dave
    Laird Barron's "Blood Standard" is a top-notch crime fiction story that has a great narrative voice even from the beginning. Take a half-Maori (a Polynesian ethnic group who is indigenous to New Zealand) mobbed-up enforcer at odds with his ex-military father (who killed his mother) and finds himself exiled by the Outfit from Alaska to the Hudson River Valley. Talk about two wildly different neighborhoods. Isaiah Coleridge is a tough guy with a he...
  • Dan Schwent
    When he sees his fellow gangsters killing walruses for fun, Isaiah Coleridge chops one of them in the throat and winds up exiled to a work farm in upstate New York. A teenage girl also staying at the farm disappears and Isaiah means to find her, stirring up a hornet's nest of gang members and corrupt law enforcement...2017 was the year of Laird Barron for me. I managed to read every book he had in print so it was a no-brainer that I'd pick up thi...
  • Kemper
    I received a free advance copy from NetGalley for review.Apparently the American mob is just like Starbucks in that they’ve got franchises everywhere, including Alaska.Isaiah Coleridge is an enforcer who has been working this frozen turf for a while, but he gets in big trouble after crossing a deadly local boss. That earns him a vicious beating as well as a dangerous enemy. He’s also exiled from Alaska and sent to live on a farm in upstate Ne...
  • Paul
    I'm on team Coleridge. Until he punches me in the ribs (I'm kind of delicate). Brimming with memorable characters, action, nastiness, and well, fun (that's my kind of fun, and I imagined Laird cackling wildly as he wrote parts of this book).
  • Faith
    This is the first book in a new hard boiled detective series featuring Isaiah Coleridge, a mob enforcer who was working in Alaska until being exiled to upstate New York (near the home of his estranged father) after a problem involving walruses pissed off the wrong man. Isaiah is half Maori, has a fondness for classic literature and can't stand seeing animals abused. Isaiah has been given a cover story to explain his arrival at Hawk Mountain Farm ...
  • Brandon Petry
    Time to get fucking excited people! This was an excellent read. I read it in one sitting and only wish I could read it again for the first time. My ridiculously high expectations were met and now I just want that second book in the series. Isaiah Coleridge is a great protagonist and the kind of well developed hard-boiled character I love to see cinder blocks chucked at. What I mean is, when your hero is this well drawn from the start, like Isaiah...
  • Philip Fracassi
    BLOOD STANDARD is an outstanding crime novel immersed with style, wit, and pages filled with a tipped-over-barrel of violence. Barron succeeds in telling a compelling page-turning mystery while simultaneously (and most entertainingly) filling out the character of Isaiah Coleridge, a massive bulldozer of brute force with a penchant for wisecracks to cover an underlying river of cunning.Coleridge does not fear the things most men fear, and the anom...
  • Tim
    I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley to read and review.BLOOD STANDARD by Laird Barron is about Isaiah Coleridge, who’s father is a descendant from coal miners down south, and mother is a Maori from New Zealand, and is an enforcer for the Chicago division of the Outfit, who’s been assigned to Alaska for some time and finds himself in trouble when he interferes with an illegal hunt for walrus ivory by a made man ...
  • Monnie
    Whatever else I think about this book - the first in the crime-thriller category by this author - I cannot deny his way with words. Even when the going takes gruesome turns, the main character, Isaiah Coleridge, has the chutzpah of a Raymond Chandler private eye combined with the philosophical musings of the late Robert B. Parker's Spenser. And that's a good thing; otherwise, Coleridge - once a mob enforcer - wouldn't be a particularly appealing ...
  • M Griffin
    Laird Barron is one of my favorite writers, and I always snap up every new thing he publishes. Some Barron fans might be nervous, seeing him shift genre focus a bit (though crime lords and gangs and rough dudes and the seedy underbelly have always comprised the greater part of his world), but I say there's nothing to worry about on that count. This still feels like Laird Barron, just a streamlined and slightly more wry or sarcastic version. Blood...
  • Hollis
    The concept of this mob-enforcer turned fixer pseudo detective novel is fascinating. Throw in a diverse lead (half Maori, but 100% badass) who has a weakness for dogs, action the like you would see in a Jason Statham-style movie, violence, gangs, politics, dirty cops, and occasionally laugh out loud dialogue, and BLOOD STANDARD probably deserves all the stars. But I felt pretty removed from the story, perhaps due to the style of writing, or perha...
  • Michael Hicks
    Blood Standard might be one of the best crime thrillers I've read in recent years, and while I'd put Isaiah Coleridge in the vein of a Jack Reacher-like protagonist, Laird Barron produces a work of violent noir that wins on its own merits and kept me hooked the whole way through. Isaiah Coleridge is a Maori/Caucasian-mixed hitter for The Outfit, a mafioso crime syndicate that has assigned him to Alaska to keep the men there from getting into too ...
  • Jordi
    “Difference is, I’m made for the abuse. Darker it gets, the better.”“Good to hear. Because it’s going to get a hell of a lot darker.”Novela negra con sabor clásico, escrita con la maestría de Barron, que es capaz de convertir una historia violenta en una historia sobre la pérdida de la inocencia. Memorable el personaje de Isaiah Coleridge (menudo nombre!), un ex-gángster mestizo metido a caballero andante por una serie de circunst...
  • Natalie Mullan
    A Maori mobster is a first but it worked in this Mafia style crime novel. A bit of everything you would expect from brutality, to extortion, and missing people. Not a bad read and if you like this genre you’ll enjoy the classic gangster elements.
  • Victoria
    Laird Barron's writing is my new latest obsession. Needless to say, I was highly entertained by his protagonist, Isaiah Coleridge, although I could not shake the vision of Jason Momoa, which was a pleasant thought. When I told Laird (on Facebook) that Momoa could not be "unseen" while I read Blood Standard, he "hearted" my post, and admitted that he also saw the charming and sometimes alarming actor as the former hit man. As far as the story, I w...
  • Philipp
    Barron is a pretty big name in weird fiction (the best subset of horror). I guess he did everything he wanted there, so he tried his hand at crime fiction, noir fiction to be precise! He clearly did his homework as many of the noir tropes are there.- main character who constantly gets beaten up (remember Chinatown?)- brutal main character with a chequered and violent past, but ultimately with a heart of gold (Byronic Hero? Knight In Sour Armor?)-...
  • Joe
    Laird Barron's crime novel Blood Standard is a a great, dark take on the Raymond Chandler/Robert B. Parker school of "tarnished knights." Though it's not a horror novel like Barron's previous books, it does have at least one pretty horrific moment and a nice shout out to the late, great Michael Shea. Definitely on the the first great genre novels of 2018.
  • Michelle
    3.5 stars "I was Oppenheimer's dread in microcosm, a miniature atom bomb. A destroyer of small things. Not worlds, nothing so grand, but individual bodies, individual lives. In little more than a week I'd crossed purposes with mercenaries, gangsters, white supremacists, hillbilly moonshiners, gangbangers, and Feds. Blood has spilled. As ever, blood was the currency of my existence. Blood was the standard." Isaiah Coleridge is a hitman for the maf...
  • Paula
    Blood Standard is the first book I’ve read by Laird Barron so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Isaiah Coleridge is a “retired” mob enforcer who has basically been put out to pasture. He has been put into exile and is doing chores on a farm for an old couple. In their own way, they welcome and accept him, and when their granddaughter goes missing Isaiah intends to find her. In the beginning it took a little work to stick with the story, but I...
  • Paula
    A witty and hard-hitting crime thriller! You can read my full review here...
  • Spencer
    I picked this up as I’m a huge fan of Laird’s work, I knew that this was a shift in genre from horror to crime but I still expected to love this... Unfortunately I didn’t, I found this to be well written and enjoyable but I can’t say I liked it half as much as his usual style. As I can see from the other reviews a lot of other people did love this book but it wasn’t really for me.
  • Marvin
    Isaiah Coleridge is muscle for the mob. He is half Maori, very big, and amazingly intelligent for a man whose job it is to hurt people. He lived most of his life in Alaska working for the Anchorage branch of the Mafia but has recently barely escaped execution after foiling a made man's scheme to slaughter walruses and profit from the black market in ivory. He is given a reprieve though and is sent to a farm in the East Coast near New York which c...
  • Joe
    Laird Barron's crime novel Blood Standard is a a great, dark take on the Raymond Chandler/Robert B. Parker school of "tarnished knights." Though it's not a horror novel like Barron's previous books, it does have at least one pretty horrific moment and a nice shout out to the late, great Michael Shea. Definitely on the the first great genre novels of 2018.
  • Mia
    I have no idea how I neglected to read a Lavie Tidhar work until now. Having now read this one, I'm sure it won't be my last. Perhaps I'm meant to start with his noir fiction. Blood Standard is not long yet is somewhat of a slow read--a gradual build-up with subtle nuances, even the action sequences are sometimes restrained or understated. This is simply an observation, not a criticism. In many ways, the slowness, restraint, and subtlety are this...
  • Up All Night With Books
    In Laird Barron's crime novel Blood Standard, its a world of violence and crime where no one can ever believe that they’re safe until they’ve gotten out. Isaiah Coleridge is a badass by definition. He has seen the worst that people can do and does not exactly have a squeaky-clean record himself. Located in the cold, the tundra of Alaska Isaiah soon finds himself caught up in a plot that is bigger than he ever intended. Isaiah has stumbled int...
  • Carrie
    Thanks to Penguin Random House for a digital ARC of this book to review!Noir fiction isn't a genre that I usually read so I went into this book not really sure what to expect. Truth be told, I almost fled the scene after reading a quite disturbing animal cruelty sequence that essentially sets the stage for the story. Luckily, I persevered and read on and I'm quite glad I did.Isaiah Coleridge is a hitter. While doing his thing in Alaska, he stumbl...
  • Diane Hernandez
    Blood Standard is a beautifully written slow-moving hardboiled noir.Isaiah Coleridge is an enforcer with the Chicago mob. Since he is Maori, he can never be truly part of the Family. When he falls out of favor, he is sent to Nome Alaska, the “Mafia penal colony”. After letting his feelings toward animal cruelty get the best of him, he is abruptly tossed out of the Life. On his own and hiding in a small upstate New York commune, he looks into ...
  • Steve
    Blood Standard is my kind of book. Start with a mob hitman in Alaska and proceed with care. Our hero, Isaiah Coleridge has principles. When he witnesses mob colleagues slaughtering helpless wildlife for sport, he takes matters into his own hands. Not the best idea, hurting a “made” man. Naturally, there is hell to pay. Isaiah is sent to a farm in upstate New York where he is told to chill and wait for his next assignment. While on hiatus, a y...
  • Alan Baxter
    This was my most anticipated book of the year so I was nervous when it finally arrived. I’m pleased to say it’s absolutely superb. I’ve long been a fan of noir, crime, cult-of-the-hardman thrillers, and their ilk, and this is a great development of that style, with powerful characters and an engaging plot. Highly recommended.