Winter's Siren by Krystal Jane Ruin

Winter's Siren

For the last five years, Fawn has been the star soprano of a secluded opera house, forced to sing for her kidnapper.His daughter, Devi, waits patiently in the shadows, hiding a face so horrible that no one who’s seen it will look at it again.As Fawn plots her escape, whispers spread through the shaded corridors of dark sorcery, warning her that she must flee by the next opening night.But when Fawn draws close to the exit, it’s Devi who’s st...

Details Winter's Siren

TitleWinter's Siren
Release DateNov 1st, 2017
PublisherThe Narcissistic Rose
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Romance, Retellings

Reviews Winter's Siren

  • Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews
    Winter’s Siren is a dark fantasy that was both captivating and twisted. This story follows the narrative of two characters who are opposite in every way. Devi was born out of a union that was doomed from the start. Her mother met a tragic end at the hands of her father but Devi was spared, just barely, due to her innocence. Her father made it his life’s mission to find a cure for the malformation that affected Devi. One aspect of finding a so...
  • Tonja Drecker
    Dark, eerie, beautiful and with a touch of magic—this tale draws into a creepily lovely world, pulls at the heartstrings and leaves a biting trail of goose bumps behind.Kidnapped from an orphanage as a small girl, Fawn is held captive in a reclusive opera house, which flaunts the grandness of a castle. And she is the star. Every day, she sings her heart out for her captor, only to be locked away in a tower at night. But that's not the worst of ...
  • Sharfina Kiasati
    *I won this book from goodreads giveaway 😊*Overall I really love this book! 😍 It's so easy to read. I love all the characters too and my fav characters are Devi and Andrew. Devi is so patient and Andrew is a good man, really really a good man. His heart is so pure and he's so sweet and caring. I like Fawn's character too but I hate her because she's so cruel. Geez. Oh, Viktor is an amazing father figure to be honest eventhou' he must sacrif...
  • Suze Lavender
    Devi hides in the shadows because she doesn't want anyone to see what she looks like. She's incredibly talented. She can sing beautifully and she writes the most amazing operas, but when people see her they are horrified. Devi's father loves his daughter very much and promises Devi there's a way out of her situation. If she's patient, then one day she'll have everything she's ever wanted. Is he telling her the truth?Fawn is an orphan. She never e...
  • Karla
    What can I say!!!! For quite some time now I have been looking for a book that I could get into. I mostly read non-fiction, and many fiction books I come across don’t hold my attention. But Winter’s Siren captivated me from the start. I love books with a dark nature, and this definitely had that essence. I love the setting it takes place in—an opera house secluded from the rest of the world. I loved Devi. I found her really relatable and ea...
  • Jodi Perkins
    I'm a happy person who likes happy books, so in some ways this novel was a challenge for me. Both of the main characters--Fawn and Devi-- are quite miserable for the majority of the book. Devi's story is the most difficult one to read due to the gut-wrenching lot she has been given in life. She is so wonderful and pure, and it just broke my heart to see her suffer. It would have helped me to have one lighthearted--perhaps even comical--character ...
  • Donna Thompson
    Having read Krystal Jane Ruin's other novel, I knew upon opening this book that I was in for a treat. What I didn't know was how this book would be, since it was in a slightly different genre. As a fan of fairy tales and retellings of classic stories, I can say wholeheartedly that I was not disappointed by this book in any way, shape or form. This author has a smooth, easy-flowing style of writing that immediately pulls you into the story. And wh...
  • Michelle Athy
    When Devi is born with a truly disgusting face, her father will do anything to raise her with the promise of a better life--which means a better face. They live in an opera house in the middle of nowhere and Fawn is the kidnapped opera diva with a beautiful face and beautiful voice. She's kept locked in a tower to prevent her escaping and ruining Devi's father's Viktor's plans. When a new benefactor and his son arrive for a short stay at the oper...
  • Abby Pechin
    Though I am unfamiliar with Swan Lake, I deeply enjoyed this fairy tale-like story. The alternating between the two characters kept me reading it late into the night to find out what happened to both. The ending was excellent!
  • Tania
    I won an arc of this. It was well written and makes you feel for the main character. I really enjoyed this, especially the chemistry between the characters.