Tiger Striped (Shifters Unbound #11.5) by Jennifer Ashley

Tiger Striped (Shifters Unbound #11.5)

A novella of the Shifters Unbound seriesTiger wakes in the night knowing someone distant is in trouble, and he feels a terrible pull to help. His mate, Carly, is not about to let him run off alone, and so Tiger takes her on a wild adventure for what proves to be the most important rescue mission of his life.

Details Tiger Striped (Shifters Unbound #11.5)

TitleTiger Striped (Shifters Unbound #11.5)
Release DateMay 22nd, 2018
PublisherJA/AG Publishing
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Shapeshifters, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Novella, Urban Fantasy

Reviews Tiger Striped (Shifters Unbound #11.5)

  • Sophia Triad
    “Where are you going, Tiger?” Tiger is definitely one of the most favourite characters of the “Shifters Unbound series. He is the different one, the one that cannot fit in rules and collars and he never obeys the shifter town's leader. This is something to be expected because Tiger was not created by Fae like the other shifters to be a slave. He was created by humans to be a super strong warrior. Possible he wishes that there was somebody e...
  • SheLove2Read
    Oh my heart! Such a sweet story about Tiger! I can't really review this without giving away a major plot point, but I will say that you won't be disappointed that you read this.
  • Sheila Melo
    FINAL DECISION: I love, love, love Tiger. I would read a story about him going to the grocery store to buy stuff for dinner, but this story resolves some things from his novel so it is a wonderful companion. So glad to get another glimpse of my favorite Shifter couple.THE STORY: In the middle of the night, Tiger gets the feeling that someone needs him and takes off. But his mate is not allowing him to endanger himself alone again and insists on g...
  • Angela (Angel's Guilty Pleasures)
    Note: ** It can be read as a stand-alone, but I’d recommend at least reading Tigers novel, Tiger Magic, so you can fully understand the background on our lead characters.Tiger is one of my favorite characters. He is truly unique. Tiger Striped is a quick fun novella in the Shifters Unbound series. This one showcases Carly and Tiger and the adventure they go on. What they find will change their lives. We also get to see Conner shine a little.Tig...
  • Carolyn
    I have loved Tiger from his first book. Whenever he is on the scene in other books, I'm a happy camper. So, this novella starring Tiger and his mate, Carly, had me doing a happy dance. Another great Tiger story!
  • Keri
    I didn't see that coming at ALL!!! I can't wait to see where that story line goes!
  • JoRead
    I love coming back to this world! Tiger and Carly had their own full-length novel in Tiger Magic and this is just a snippet of what life has been like for Tiger. When Tiger receives a distress call from heaven-knows-where, he and Carly (and the always fun Connor Morrisey) rush to help. In just a few pages we get to enjoy Carly and Tiger’s strong love bond at work, a high-speed chase, human-shifter interaction, and of course the promise of more ...
  • Kathy
    Great series addition Loved this novella. Gives a glimpse into Tiger's past and explores his bond with Carly. Of course I will always want more and look forward to hearing more about the tiger girl in the future.
  • dlfuller54
    Not a big fan of novella's but I enjoyed this one from the beginning and made me want more. It pulled me in with intrigue of something wrong in Tigers head. And the race is on to find out what is wrong and who is in trouble. This was well written as all Jennifer Ashley's books are. She has a marvelous way of telling her stories and filling you in that is just seamless. This world she has created just gets better and better and snippets like this ...
  • Nancy Ku
    Tiger Striped: Shifters Unbound (Kindle Edition) by Jennifer Ashley Thank you Jennifer for this Tiger story....Tiger and Carly along with Conner go on a mission that calls to Tiger.. This is a short story but a wonderful one and I am so glad I got to be part of it. Tiger has always been a favorite of mine and this only made him more so....Jennifer I can't wait for the next book!!!
  • Sari
    I love The Shifters unbound series and this book did not disappoint. Kept me wanting more. Can't wait for the next book to be released!
  • Pernilla
    All too often, I find novellas either too thin or too rushed and undeveloped, not allowing the characters to find their voices, or tying together loose ends a bit too sloppily. But this novella is perfect. It helps that Carly and Tiger are already established and well-known through a full-length novel of their own, and that both Tiger and Connor have made numerous appearances in almost every SU novel since they were first introduced. It also help...
  • Roses R Blue
    4.5 StarsWe first learned Tiger's story in TIGER MAGIC, and since then, he and his mate, Carly, have created a loving life together, and have an infant son, Seth. Tiger is awakened one night to a strong feeling of something being majorly wrong, and he receives a telepathic distress call for help. This call is powerful and unlike anything Tiger has experienced before. He doesn't know who it's from, or where he has to go, he just knows he must go n...
  • Bronwyn
    I wish I could give it more stars its that good AND I'm not a huge fan of novella's. That's usually because for me the shortness of them doesn't satisfy me BUT because we have already had Tiger's full length novel I was so, so, soooo very happy for more Tiger and Carly as they are still my favourite couple of this amazing series... This couple for me just seem to have that something extra that makes them so connected and you feel the love they ha...
  • Tracy DeNeal
    Tiger!!!!!No spoilers here! Any time there is a new release and Tiger is featured, I am all over it. This story is a harrowing rescue mission that sends Tiger, Carly and Connor across Texas, New Mexico and into Arizona with mysterious pursuers hot on their trail. The chase is intense. Jennifer Ashley fans will notice a clear personality and relationship parallel between Tiger and Carly and the beloved Ian and Beth Mackenzie. Whenever I read Tiger...
  • AlwaysV
    Loving Tiger 💕 so much. Loving his amazing novella beyond words. As always he followed the call for help and this time, he ended up finding and rescuing someone super special. She who would turn out to be my favorite future heroine. I am willing to wait for however long for her love story. Because I will get to see more of Tiger, more of his family along the way.
  • Mari
    This was a great novella about Tiger. Carly and Connor help Tiger track down a voice her keeps hearing asking for help. A great addition to the series that won't want to miss.
  • Kendra
    Novella, 30 minute read, really good
  • Linda
    LOVED IT!!!!!This was a home run, touch down and the scoring basket!! Tiger has had my heart from the first time he was found in a cage in area 51. He is just special. This story was all about Tiger, his past and present coming together and bring things full circle. I don't want to give anything away so all I can say is you really have to read Tiger's story, it will melt your heart!
  • Kimmi
    Tiger is on the most important rescue mission of his life. Along the way his mate Carly and Connor Morrissey join in the rescue of a very important shifter. Join in the race across West Texas into the Land of Enchantment (New Mexico). With a little help from Dylan, Liam and Sean Morrissey and Walker Danielson. Awesome book Jennifer Ashley!!
  • BookPauper
    I swear I will read and love ANYTHING with Tiger in it.
  • Book Snob Sue
    I absolutely loved this book. I always love me some Tiger, definitely one of my favorite characters in this series....actually, he may be my favorite. He is such a special and unique individual, add in his love for his mate and son, you get a truly flawless character. Tiger is getting pulled to save someone, the pull is so strong and painful that he goes to leave in the middle of the night. Luckily Carly, his mate, hears him and goes with him. Th...
  • Mary Heron
    BrilliantTiger is dragged from sleep.one night by screams but these are s teams only be can hear inside his head. He can't ignore them, the compulsion to find the person who is screaming overwhelming, but his mate Carly will not list him to off alone in the state he's in, he is unaware of what is going on around him all his focus on the screams. After procuring Dylan's ,truck they set off not knowing where they are going just following Tigers ins...
  • Glittergirl
    Tiger is a loved character is Ashley's wonderful Shifters Unbound Series. This short story gives us more about Tiger. We begin to see more about what is special about him besides being unique in the whole shifter world. He was created for search and rescue, which he does extremely well. He is awoken in the middle of the night with feeling extreme pain over his psychic link to those in distress. He is compelled to find and rescue this individual. ...
  • Sabrina
    Tiger is probably my favorite character in the Shifters universe, so any story with him is a good one! And this one was exactly that. We finally get another Tiger and Carly focused story and though it is short, it was quite the story! Tiger wakes up in the middle of night with a bad feeling. Worse than he has ever had before. He knows someone out there needs his help...and they need it now. Following the instincts that make him who he is, he is o...
    Unexpected Adventure!!!Tiger ( TIGER MAGIC ) has been hearing the call of someone in despair, he knew that he had to answer it. His mate Carly didn't want him to go alone, and neither would Connor so decided to go together. As they set out on their new and unexpected venture, the mates grew closer. Loved the bond they all shared, Connor was funny, adorable and a bit of an adventurer. What the trip found on their quest was a beautiful and unexpect...
  • Carrie
    Tiger Magic is my favorite book in this series. Tiger & Carly just click for me! This novella was a quick read about them finding something magical. ; ) I will say if Tiger & Carly weren't my favorites, this novella might have seemed a bit flat. It's really more like what you'd expect to find in the middle of a longer book, if that makes sense. And the author does mention that it was originally written for a novella collection that fell through. ...
  • Laura
    Fabulous shortI've been a huge Tiger fan ever since he first appeared in the series. His background is so tragic and yet he's one of the premier go-to guys whenever someone is in trouble. I cheered when he found his mate and had a cub, but after that we didn't see much of Carly or Seth, except brief mentions in passing. That makes this story so special, Carly insists on going with Tiger when he, once again, heads out into the night to help someon...
  • Silver James
    Tiger is one of my favorite characters and this short novella finishes out a "loose thread" from his book in this series. Readers definitely need to read TIGER MAGIC (Tiger's book #5) and MATE CLAIMED (book #4) to understand where Tiger comes from. In fact, just do yourself a favor and read the whole series if you haven't already!In this story, Tiger is awakened in the middle of the night. He was "made" in a lab and hard-wired for search and resc...