Gaslight (Crossbreed #4) by Dannika Dark

Gaslight (Crossbreed #4)

USA TODAY BESTSELLERRaven Black returns in another heart-pounding installment of the USA Today bestselling Crossbreed series.Vampire trafficking is a sinister business, and nobody knows that better than Keystone. After Raven discovers hidden clues in a cold case, the group sets a trap in hopes of catching an elusive criminal. But when the plan backfires, Raven’s world is thrown into chaos, and Christian’s loyalty is put to the ultimate test.B...

Details Gaslight (Crossbreed #4)

TitleGaslight (Crossbreed #4)
Release DateFeb 20th, 2018
PublisherCreatespace Independent Publishing Platform
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Vampires, Romance, Paranormal Romance

Reviews Gaslight (Crossbreed #4)

  • ☕ Kimberly
    Dannika Dark has quickly become a favorite here at Caffeinated. She sits on my shelves alongside Illona Andrews, Anne Bishop, Seanan McGuire. Kevin Hearne and Patrica Briggs.  She like the others delivers unique, well-developed characters that you will come to care for and then casts them into storylines that keep you listening because you need her to fix the crazy messed up situation she has gotten them into!I've loved all of the books in this...
  • Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookworms
    This series just keeps getting better and better! Gaslight was kind of brutal in many ways, as Raven was taken back to her roots - and it was not an easy ride by any means.
  • Beth
    Raven’s research into an open vampire trafficking case reveals a sinister Breed underworld that she is all too familiar with; catapulting, Raven into enemies from her past. Delving deep into the dark underbelly of the Breed world made for some spectacular reading. Dannika Dark reveals a lot more insight into the world Raven has found herself thrust into. Relationships are going to be tested, some will grow stronger and then some leave us unsure...
  • JP
    Disappointed I have liked the other books in this series but was excited for this one because I thought we were FINALLY going to get some romance in this "paranormal romance." The romance has been lacking after 3 books but instead we got a little romance and a lot of frustration. Raven has endured tragedy and torture and come out kick ass. Why this author decided that she should once again be tortured by BOTH her maker and creator is beyond me. T...
  • Wendy Holmes
    OMG brilliant fantastic could put it downA fantastic addition to this series. Had me gripped from beginning to the end with not a dull moment. The roller coaster ride of emotional turmoil with both raven and Christian is amazing. I cried i laughed and I can't wait to read more. I can honestly say the crossbreed series is a truly awesome piece of art, with an absolutely amazing story line. I can't believe that dannika has managed to weave the myst...
  • Lorna
    (RabidReads)Well she did it again. When a favorite author brings out a new book, it’s difficult sometimes to be unbiased, but then they wouldn’t be a favorite author if she/he weren’t a wonderful storyteller. Dannika Dark is definitely a wonderful storyteller. So yes, she wrote another story that rivaled all of her best work and although I usually stay away from saying this(mostly), I think this one is the best in this series. However, I mu...
  • Jessica
    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!Dannika Dark has done it again!! Yet another book that kept me captivated the entire time. I went through such a range of emotions! I LOVE the depth she gives her characters. I feel like I'm actually getting to know people in my life! Thank you for another amazing book!!
  • Megan
    Now I remember why I waited to start this series... I didn't want to have to wait between each book... I hate waiting.
  • Tina
    Dannika Dark’s Mageri and Crossbreed series are so easy to love and devour! The Crossbreed series is extraordinarily original and imaginative. Book 3 has intricately lengthened the plot around Raven and her Maker/Creator. We also get to meet the mysterious Kira, an intriguing new addition to Keystone. It will be quite interesting to see where this series leads.
  • Penny
    I absolutely am in love with this seriesThis series is becoming one of my favorites.Gaslight makes me Love Christian even more than I already did. I can't put in to words how Good this book is!!
  • Jennifer
    So good!!!
  • TJ
    This installment in the Crossbread series (which is quickly becoming on of my all-time favorite series) is just as riveting and nail-biting - if not more so - than any so far. I think the strength in the stories - although Ms. Dark is also a master at twists, turns and action - centers on the relationships and the bonds the characters are creating with each other. This adds the depth and emotion that keeps bringing a reader back.That is why I was...
  • Krystal Wade
    I need this book like now lol i want to see how raven and christians relationship evolves. I can’t wait for more
  • Gaele
    AudioBook Review: Stars: 5 Narration 5 Story 5 I wanted to devour this when I first got it – but I put it off to listen to the first three in the series, it helped to build the excitement for the story, AND it’s a far better experience if you have the earlier titles in this series under your belt. Now, in the fourth book, I’ve hit my favorite of the series for many reasons: most of which center on the characters of Christian and Raven, and ...
  • Suzi (Obsessive Reading Disorder)
    4.5 Stars!Book #4 and I am so hooked on this group of characters! Fantastic world building. Fans from her other series are familiar with the world but new readers will be easily swept up in the action. this book continues Raven and Christian's partnership within Keystone and opens up the possibility of a whole new set of bad guys. Filled with action, a bit of blood, a burgeoning love and dare I say --- a bit of romance from Christian?? *gasp* Eve...
  • Stephanie
    Magnificent Series!!Questions answered, Kidnappings, and stolen memories, Raven just keeps taking the hits. Christian is amazing and the heat turns up. I love 💘💘💘 this series and am already salivating while waiting for the next book.
  • Diane
    Love these twoRaven and Christian so much pain in this book but what a story. Can’t wait for Raven to get her revenge and memories. You did it again this series just keeps getting better.
  • Nurse Lisa In Ohio (PRN Book Reviews)
    4.5/5. Love this series!
  • Debbie Turk
    This was a strange read for me. I found myself feeling so sorry for Raven then annoyed with her & then I didn't like her very much!!! I don't know how that's possible in one book by this awesome Author & about one of my favourite characters 😢 But I'm trying to be honest & I thought Raven quite cold at times & I didn't like it!!! There is a HUGE reveal regarding the owner of the box with the key inside. I knew it would be important but I never ...
  • Mad-Bibliobimbo
    Two stars on this one because I got really pissed off about what was done to Raven. I don't get the point of having her memories wiped and I don't like how badly she was treated. It felt a lot iike the ol' Dame in the fridge trope. It felt too easy to have her go through a trauma to finally get with Christian, that almost losing her flicked his switch to LOVE. Ruined the relationship for me and was disappointed. I know I am being harsh, I am angr...
  • Polly
    Very unusual and exciting story. I loved it. I can't wait for the next in the series.
  • Tanya Davis
    I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.I can't tell you how excited I was to get this book in audio. I love the author, I love the narration, I love the series. I just love it all!Gaslight took us into some of Raven's past and it comes back to haunt her big time. Raven's strength is tested and I was so scared for her. Keystone's loya...
  • LexiLikesLiterature
    This was my least favorite of the series. How many times is Raven going to get her memory scrubbed? How many times is Raven going to forget she likes Christian?... These things have already been done in earlier books. Ugh! No need for repeats so early in the series. This book really makes our female heroine into the victim. Again. It attempts to give us some insight into Raven's past with her creator and maker. Creator being the one who turned he...
  • Michele Evans
    Love Raven and Christian!!! Dannika has done it again!!This book was amazing, of course every book in this series is amazing!! The author sucks you into this world of supernaturals from page one and doesn’t let go until the end, which just leaves you wanting more!In this book, Raven is working on a cold case and trying to bring down the vampire slave trading business. Her and Christian team up to try to bring justice on behalf of Keystone; howe...
  • Rebecca Goss
    In the third book of this series, the romance between Christian and Raven was progressing and the reader felt invested in the relationship. In this fourth book, the relationship faces significant trials. Raven is forced to face demons from her past, her maker and Creator. Christian refuses to give up on finding her. He takes risk after risk to find her and continues to help her throughout the book. The reader is bound to feel frustration, as does...
  • Ashley
    Ruin me!Finally Christian and Raven!! The 4th book in the Crossbread series is gut wrenching. Raven's past finally has some heed way and we learn much about both her vampire and mage sides. More stories with other characters are also starting to form and branch out and it's exciting to learn more about these characters past and how it's come back to effect them now. «»"I might ruin your life.""If that be the truth, then ruin me, Precious. Ruin ...
  • Kristin
    Best yet from Crossbreed!It was over too soon! Every series I read by Dannika I fall in love with and it's my favorite but Crossbreed is one of her best yet and Gaslight has been my favorite so far! I love the complexity of the storytelling and every page made me want to keep reading. Dannika makes you feel the emotions of her characters and that's so rare! I binged the entire book and came away craving more and disappointed because I have to wai...
  • Melissa
    I love Danika Dark, and all the series she has written. This particular installment in the Crossbreed series wasn’t my favorite, but I can see why it was necessary to write this book. We needed to know Raven’s back story and as far as that’s concerned I think this book did a good job. I just selfishly was hoping for more development regarding her relationship with Christian, but Dannika never fails to deliver, so I will be eagerly awaiting ...