World War II at Sea by Craig L. Symonds

World War II at Sea

Author of Lincoln and His Admirals (winner of the Lincoln Prize), The Battle of Midway (Best Book of the Year, Military History Quarterly), and Operation Neptune (winner of the Samuel Eliot Morison Award for Naval Literature), Craig L. Symonds ranks among the country's finest naval historians. World War II at Sea is his crowning achievement, a narrative of the entire war and all of its belligerents, on all of the world's oceans and seas between 1...

Details World War II at Sea

TitleWorld War II at Sea
Release DateApr 13th, 2018
PublisherOxford University Press
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, War, World War II, Military Fiction

Reviews World War II at Sea

  • Doug Cornelius
    I try to keep looking for ways to interact with my kids in new ways. My son loves reading about military history, so I though I would add a book on that topic to my reading list. Reading it together would give us more things to talk about.Oxford University Press was kind enough to send me a review copy of its upcoming release: World War II at Sea: A Global History by Craig L. Symonds. My son and I jumped in and enjoyed this narrative of the naval...
  • Jeff Dow
    A good survey of the war at sea...a surprisingly fast read for such a heavy topic
  • Billie
    This well written book covers the naval war of World War II between the years 1939 and 1945. It offers a global perspective of the major engagements. The author expertly tells about the mechanics of warfare on the sea and explains about the nature of the war. The entire naval history of World War II is recounted in one volume. This is a great addition on this subject for your library. I received a copy of this book compliments of Goodreads Giveaw...
  • Grouchy Historian
    Absolutely magnificent. A single volume history of the naval campaigns of World War 2 that has just enough detail. What makes this book really stand out is how the author ties together the world-wide nature of the naval campaign, something rarely done well an any history of World War 2.HIGHLY recommended.
  • Peter L
    WW II at Sea: a full account of the global Naval history of WW2Craig Symonds recounts all major battles at sea in WW II. He tells a little of character of all the major figures & goes on write about important happenings & relates important information not found elsewhere. If you wanted only ONE book on the World at war on seas & oceans everywhere this would be my recommendation.