Then There Was You (Angel Falls, #1) by Miranda Liasson

Then There Was You (Angel Falls, #1)

"Emotional, heartwarming romance you can't put down."-- Lori Wilde, New York Times bestselling author Welcome to Angel Falls, a town so delightful even enemies can't help falling in love!Angel Falls is the last place Sara Langdon wants to be. Her hometown may be charming, but it's also filled with memories of her "wedding-that-never-was." Yet Sara's grandmother needs her, and joining her dad at his medical practice gives Sara time to figure out...

Details Then There Was You (Angel Falls, #1)

TitleThen There Was You (Angel Falls, #1)
Release DateMay 29th, 2018
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Then There Was You (Angel Falls, #1)

  • Cristina | CristiinaReads
    ➳When destiny has a path fro two individuals that is blocked from being together, but years later are put back together to just be simply inseparable... ➳Not a lot of the time do I encounter upon a novel that is written in the third point of view in which I end up loving. However, with this beautiful romance my mind is set to keep reading more of Miranda Liasson's novel. Her writing is one that at first had me questioning whether I would love...
  • Claire Robinson
    4 - "...The angels are never wrong." Stars!Then There Was You is the first book in Miranda Liasson’s new Angel Falls series. We have a bit of a second chance vibe going on with Police Chief Colton Walker and Dr. Sara Langdon’s reconnection, when she returns to town after a decade away. Irritating her was too much fun… You know the boy at school that pulled your hair, called you names and generally seemed to be a nuisance wherever you went, ...
  • DJ Sakata
    Favorite Quotes:He had one claim to fame: he’d bedded more women than an eighties rock star.He doesn’t beat children or kill cats. Plus I’m twenty-nine. He’s not perfect, but who is? Maybe he’s as close as I’m going to come.Don’t ever marry a man who doesn’t look at you like you’re chocolate ice cream…Life is just too short to hate cake.My Review:Regardless of the author, I seem to brace myself when diving into the start any n...
  • Heidi
    Four stars: A sweet second chance romance with delightful characters. Sara is hesitant about returning home to Angel Falls. She is happy to be home to help with her grandmother who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, but she isn’t thrilled to be returning to the place where she was left jilted by her fiancé two days before their wedding. Then to make matters worse, she keeps running into Colton Walker, the police chief, who teased her i...
  • Gretchen (About That Story)
    I absolutely adored this. It was a wonderful story filled with so much heart and love that completely filled me up. Excellent read!Fun fact: the cover pulled me in. Seriously how cute is it? Then the synopsis got me because I love tension and animosity between characters so I was really excited about what was to come and I was not disappointed. I loved this so much. Colton and Sara were the best. They were great characters, genuine and hard worki...
  • Irene
    4 stars
  • Sheyla ✎
    A really cute love story!I'm a sucker for hate to love romances and this one fits the bill. I also enjoyed small town romances and the setting in Then There Was You is just that. Sara Langdon is back to her hometown of Angel Falls. She's a physician and she has come back home to help with the care of her grandmother who's suffering from dementia. In the meantime, Sara has joined her father's small-town medical practice after training at Columbia....
  • Francoise
    4 StarsMiranda Liasson’s new series starts with a bang, with a mix of deep emotions, antagonism, humor and a heartfelt romance that kept me completely engaged.Sara and Colton are the perfect antagonists. They have a history, one that ended in a not so pretty fashion but needs to be dealt with. The push pull between them was perfect and both Sara and Colton surprised me with their more vulnerable sides. Both are hiding insecurities that have pla...
  • Dixie-Lee Campbell
    This book lifted my spirits ! I will have more to say later ... but right now I am just enjoying the flipping through the pages in my mind. Sigh. A whole bunch of emotions ... happiness .. some tears ... happy tears and moving tears that made me sigh. and humour to boot ! ... and some aggravation brought on occasionally. 5star. ... & I love Nonna !
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    A definite must read by Miranda Liasson. I loved both Colton and Sara and really enjoyed reading about their trials and tribulations. When they finally saw past the past and looked into the future, the only one that they could see was each other.Colton. Yes he was a regular bully in high school. But, he reminded me of the little boy pulling the little girls pigtails just to get her attention because he liked her and didn't know how to tell her. B...
  • Under the Covers Book Blog
    I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.I admit completely to the fact the reason I wanted to read this book was because of that beautiful cover.  Something about it just screamed READ ME NOW!  I love small town contemporaries and this sounded right up my alley.  What I wasn't expecting was to fall in love with this story from the ver...
  • Morelia (Strandedinbooks)
    Man, oh man. Aside from the enemies to lovers trope being one of my absolute favorites, the characters just DID it for me! Sara and Colton are my new favs and would it be too much to ask for more of them? They're just too perfect!I picked this one up at random after I received a copy and it certainly lived up to its front cover blurb because I seriously couldn't put it down! I was so enamored with not only our main couple, but with all of the ama...
  • Gaele
    Back in town to care for her aging Grandmother, and taking a place in her father’s medical practice after Colombia, Sara never thought she’d ne back in the place that held so many difficult memories. Her engagement fell apart two days before the wedding when her fiancé slept with the “cake girl”, and she’s not been able to eat cake since. His best friend, Colton, the bane of her teenaged years, also is to blame in her mind – with the...
  • Laura Wollam
    What a great enemies to lovers romance! Sara and Colton make the perfect pair. The conflict draws you in and has you rooting for them to find their way into each other's arms and hearts. The build-up in the story is wonderful, and you won't be disappointed in the end.
  • Jaime Fiction Fangirls Book Review
    This was my first read by this author but, because I enjoyed this story so much, it won’t be my last. I fancy a good enemies to lovers romance. I REALLY fancy a GREAT missed opportunity/enemies to lovers/second chance romance!!Colton was everything I love in a good Hero. Give me a hard-working blue-collar man who has lived a good life and is a genuinely good person, who might be dealing with some baggage over a cocky billionaire any day. Colton...
  • Ayekah
    Another great story from Miranda. When Sara goes home to help look after her beloved Nonna who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimers, she joins her father in his medical practice, also working in the local ER. One of her first patients that night was none other than the man she felt ruined her future. Colton, now the town police chief (and uber hot) but then her fiancée's best men and the one who didn't stop him from sleeping with the party cak...
  • ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    ARC received via Netgalley for an honest reviewThis is the first Miranda Liasson book I have read, and what a sweet, pleasant surprise it was.I am a sucker for small town stories, a frenemies to lovers story, a second chance at love story, and Then There Was You had a little bit of it all.Sara and Colton's story is sweet, tender and a whole lotta adorable. They have been destined to come together, even if it has taken a lot of years, and oh my I ...
  • Linda Zagon
    IMG_2891.JPGMy Review of “Then There Was You” by Miranda Liasson Forever(Grand Central Publishing) Publishing Date May 29, 2018“Then There Was You” by Miranda Liaison is an enjoyable, heartwarming, and endearing story. The Genres for this novel are Women’s Fiction and Romance. The timeline of the story is mostly in the present year and goes to the past when it pertains to the characters or events.The author describes the characters as m...
  • Veronica
    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.Then There Was You is an enemies to lovers, small town romance between the Doctor (Sara) and a Cop (Colton), so for me the story had a lot going for it before it even began. As I read the book I liked the family aspects to the story and the small town setting where everyone knows everyone else and their business. I liked Sara’s struggle to gain her father’s respect in the...
  • Isha Coleman
    The quality that appeals to me most about a Miranda Liasson read is her ability to keep it real, without losing her adorable brand of charm. Then There Was You is a journey of life lessons and at times harsh truths, tempered by heartache and humor. In life and in love things happen for a reason. It's the knowledge gained from those experiences that shape us into who we are. Sara had a front row seat to heartache, perhaps happily ever after is rig...
  • Lisa
    A good enough premise, which was what caught my eye. However, in the end I found it to be lacking. The writing felt a little forced and the story, well, it wasn't as good as the summary portrayed it to be. Overall execution was a 2 star rating for me, because I was able to get through it, so it had to be just okay. Okay was not what I wanted. I barely managed to finish it and that was because I took breaks. If a book really grabs me then I barely...
  • Meaghan
    Colton was such a good guy during the entire story - from his past behavior that had been wildly misconstrued to his stand-up-ness (is that a word) to make up for his bad boy past. Sara and Colton were like oil and water at first, but eventually blended into something quite lovely and delightful to read.
  • Jennifer
    I just love the stories from this author!They are sweet and so well written, she writes such great scenes out of simple things. It's also amazing how the characters grow on you. I have to praise the cover of the book as well, very catchy. If you like easygoing, captivating stories, that's Calton and Sarah. I could have had a few more of these two.
  • Thássia Santos
    So cute!!!
  • Liz
    Cute and charming story!
  • Diane
    Give me a book with great characters, a well developed storyline and a small town setting reminiscent of my own small town and I’m a very happy bookaholic. Sara, our heroine, is filled with trepidation because returning to the scene of her humiliation puts her in close proximity to the man she holds responsible for ruining her life. Colton, her ex-fiancé’s best friend and the town’s police chief, is loved by one and all in Angel Falls, and...
  • Mary
    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. Sara wasn't sure she wanted to return her hometown but when her Nonna was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, she knew she had no choice. She left a year ago with her head down and shamed because her fiance' called off the wedding the day before.Colton has always thought highly of Sara and when she moves back to town, he wants to make a move. The only thing is that Sara blames him f...
  • Deb
    This is hands down my favorite book by Miranda Liasson. The characters are completely relatable and likable. Dr. Sara Langdon returns to her hometown a year after her fiancé cancels their wedding and leaves her for the woman who jumped out of the cake at his bachelor party. She comes home to partner with her father at his practice, but mostly to help care for her grandmother who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. Her big noisy family p...
  • Pat
    A second chance love story that made me cry, and want to shake Sara and Colton to get them to talk to each other. I especially loved the way the family surrounded Nonna with love, respect and protection. The last few years of my Mom’s life were lived under the terrible cloud of Dementia. Ms. Liasson captured the lost hope and sadness of this terrible disease. Full review on May 21st@
  • Brandy
    I'm a little behind from being both sick and in the hospital, so I apologize ahead of time. Ms. Liasson is one of my top favorite authors. An amazing author. One of those few who, just when you thought you couldn't love her previous release more, she comes out with her new release, which is even better, and you don't know how that's possible. One of those rare authors, who I don't think is capable of writing a bad story. I was first attracted to ...