Little Panic by Amanda Stern

Little Panic

In the vein of bestselling memoirs about mental illness like Andrew Solomon's Noonday Demon, Sarah Hepola's Blackout, and Daniel Smith's Monkey Mind comes a gorgeously immersive, immediately relatable, and brilliantly funny memoir about living life on the razor's edge of panic.The world never made any sense to Amanda Stern--how could she trust time to keep flowing, the sun to rise, gravity to hold her feet to the ground, or even her own body to w...

Details Little Panic

TitleLittle Panic
Release DateJun 19th, 2018
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Psychology, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Health, Biography Memoir

Reviews Little Panic

  • Hanna
    Wow, after finishing this book I feel like I need to take a deep breath. As someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder, I found much of what Amanda feels/thinks/experiences mimics my own life. Her story in many ways isn't my own, but so much resonated. Amanda spent years of her life in the depths of panic while doctors searched for the wrong answers. Finally, at the age of 25, she gains a name for what plagues her. It's not a cure, but there's ...
  • Nina
    Wow! Not a brilliant literary word, but the first word that flowed from my hand as I started to write this review. Little Panic is a brilliant, articulate, honest, and heartbreaking memoir about living with crippling anxiety. As detailed in her book, Stern exhibited symptoms of an anxiety disorder from a very young age, but was constantly tested and told she had a learning disability.Chapters in this book segue smoothly between her youth, and lif...
  • Tracy
    Stern does a fabulous job of putting the reader inside the head of someone who struggles with anxiety. I felt her confusion and pain and so wished I could tell those around her to pay more attention. How do you get to 25 without someone realizing that you have a condition that can be helped?
  • AnnMarie L.
    Little Panic is a memoir of panic and anxiety. I have generalized anxiety disorder and this book was like a therapy session. It’s always nice to know you’re not alone in the world of anxiety.
  • Emily Jordan
    A STUNNING, evocative story about the meaning of living with an undiagnosed panic disorder, LITTLE PANIC grips and discomfits in the best way. Stern's honesty is compelling, her humor always spot on. She is a consummate New Yorker from the last moments when New York was still gritty and still had that thing called a soul and kids ran around unfettered by adult supervision. At turns moving, sad, funny and always entertaining, the book shifts seaml...
  • Crystal Zavala
    Amanda's experiences of growing up with an undiagnosed anxiety disorder is tragically common. It is so impressive that Amanda remembers growing up with the disorder and how it made her think and feel. From the outside it seems obvious that she has a family history of anxiety, it is sad that therapists, teachers, and family didn't diagnose it sooner.I read this book very quickly and I loved her writing style and the flow of the book. I am a true c...
  • Susan Csoke
    Amanda suffered from a anxiety disorder due to growing up between divorced parents. One living in Greenwich Village, the other in uptown manhattan. At thirty nine>still single and childless she longed to have that close family that she never had growing up.