Ella (An Amish Fairytale #2) by Sarah Price

Ella (An Amish Fairytale #2)

In Sarah Price’s heartwarming Amish version of this best-loved fairytale, a hardworking, overlooked young woman is rewarded in unexpected ways . . . “Be kind and have faith.” Ella Troyer strives to abide by her mother’s final words, although life in the small Amish town of Echo Creek isn’t always easy. Her new stepmother, Linda, treats her coldly, and her two stepsisters, Drusilla and Anna, delight in gossip and laziness. After her fat...

Details Ella (An Amish Fairytale #2)

TitleElla (An Amish Fairytale #2)
Release DateMay 29th, 2018
GenreAmish, Romance, Retellings, Christian, Adult

Reviews Ella (An Amish Fairytale #2)

  • Deanne Patterson
    This is the second book in the Amish Fairytale series. I've read and enjoyed both a lot. This is such a fun read. Amish book readers will get a kick out of how this story mirrors the fairytale Cinderella. Ella is a young woman still unmarried and living at home with her father. Her mother has passed away and her father wants the companionship of a new wife. Just like in the Cinderella story it's a disaster from the start but gets so much worse af...
  • Patti
    Sarah Price has a gift of recapturing old fairy tales and making them new! Her second book in this series is Ella-an Amish adaptation of Cinderella. It has all the elements of the original but told uniquely Amish. Ella is an Amish woman living with her Amish stepmother and stepsisters. She does all the work she is given with a humble heart and strives to follow God's plan for her life, whatever it might be. It is truly a wonderful retelling with ...
  • Tina
    This is the second book of the Amish Fairytale series by Sarah price and I have to say that enjoyed just as much as Belle, the first book in the series if not more. We got see Ella's life and the sweet romance she got to have with a young Amish businessman while dealing with her awful step-mother and step-sisters. They are truly horrible people and they deserved what they got at the end of the book. We also got to hear a little bit more about Sad...
  • Joy
    I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Another modern day Cinderella tale with an Amish twist.Sarah Price is one author that I'm going to read more of. For a person who usually stays away from anything resembling Amish, I find myself captivated by Price's writing. It is in no way boring. This was a charming little tale of Ella, a girl who lives with her two stepsister and cruel stepmother and forced to do all the cho...
  • Kay Defreese
    When I read the last Amish retelling of a fairy tale by this author I knew I had to read all the books in the series. When Ella: An Amish Retelling of Cinderella became available on Netgalley I immediately requested. I was able to read in two sessions and stayed up after midnight finishing this book. The author did an excellent job of converting the classic tale of Cinderella into an Amish novel. She did an excellent job of portraying the step-mo...
  • Miranda Atchley
    If I were to use only one word to describe this book, it would be sweet. While I’m still pretty new to the Amish fiction genre, I love fairytale retellings, so when I heard about this book, it really jumped out at me. This novel did not disappoint me. I was impressed with how the author used Amish customs in place of certain instances in the original fairytale in ways I would have never thought of. Price was able to take those traditions and wo...
  • Amanda Mahaffey
    This is the first book I have read of Sarah Price I enjoyed this book. I love fairy tales in general but I enjoyed her Amish writing of this classic. The story between Hannes and Ella was super exciting I enjoyed the twist through out the book. The way Elle loved the Lord and kept her promise to her mother amazed me. She definitely was more forgiving to her family then most would be.
  • Dawn Wells
    So cute, so well written, a fantasy, a reality and more. This was a great read it was warm, and ful filling. Very true to the Amish life and culture as told. The main characters were well developed and sincere.
  • Lauren loves llamas
    I don’t usually read Amish romances, but I love fairy tale retellings and I loved the Ellie’s People books when I was a kid, so I decided to try this one out. I’m glad I did! While it’s somewhat simplistic, it’s also very sweet and fairy tale-like. Like most Amish romances, it’s also very Christian, so if that’s a deal-breaker for you, you probably won’t like it. While this is the second in a series, I read it as a standalone.“[...
  • Yvette
    Ella is a fun, quick read that transports the reader into an Amish tale that incorporates all of the expected components and characters of the Cinderella fairytale, though not always in an expected way.  Her stepmother is appropriately capriciously cruel and her step-sisters vain and lazy, and there just happen to be some mice in the cellar.Ella herself is a lovely version of Cinderella, putting up with the demands of her stepmother and step-sis...
  • Meghan Lloyd
    Fairytale retellings are a bit addicting for me - the minute I see the word "fairytale," I immediately pick up the book and start reading. And if it's an Amish retelling? Now my interest is peaked! Cinderella is a classic, and it's a fairly simple tale to mold into whatever subgenre you're focused on, whether it's contemporary, paranormal, Christian, etc. I loved how Sarah Price took the story and made it so original in an Amish setting, really d...
  • Becca-Rae
    What an adorable tale! Cinderella is one of my favorite fairytales, with Ever After being my favorite version (although it's movie form and not a book), because Without the magical pumpkins and mice turned into horses,  it was made to appear possible. I love this retelling for the same reason. It was able to stay true to the Cinderella tale without straying from the realm of possibility.I loved how well the characters were developed. In the clas...
  • Cecilia
    Ella, is the second book in Sarah Prices’ new series where she retails fairy tales in an everyday Amish setting. As an avid reader of novels that retail fairy tales, I can honestly say that this version is in my top two books, I just can’t decide which one I like better, so maybe it’s actually tied for first. We find Ella, an orphaned young woman, living in her childhood home with her step-mother and two lazy step-sisters. Ella is responsib...
  • Kelly Tyree
    I absolutely loved Ella! This is the second book in Price's, An Amish Fairytale series and both books have been so good. Price takes the well known Fairy tale, Cinderella, and remakes it into an Amish book, and she does it so well. Ella tells the story of Ella Troyer. Her father, a store owner, has died and Ella resides with her stepmother and her stepsisters. Ella ends up doing all of the chores. She is not treated kindly at all. She sits back a...
  • Angela Brocato-Skaggs
    Ella has not had it easy since her father died unexpectedly and left her alone with her stepmother and two stepsisters. She has had to do whatever her stepsisters did not want to do which is everything from cooking, cleaning and working in the family store. Her stepmother lets the girls get away with everything while making Ella look and feel as if she is worthless. An unfortunate event has plagued the family and something must be done to save th...
  • Beverly
    What a delightful story! After the death of Ella's mother, her father brought home a woman and her two daughters telling Ella he had decided to remarry. As is Cinderella, the stepmother and stepsisters were unkind to Ella. This increased tremendously after her father's passing. Ella, remembering her mother's final words to her to 'be good and kind, for the Lord has a plan for your life.' This is how Ella coped with her life. Ella is not allowed t...
  • Sarah
    I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kensington Books and Netgalley. I was under no obligation to post a review and have given my honest opinionElla Troyer is faced with losing her mom gaining a new family and then losing her dad. She is reminded of her mother's memory to always be kind and nice. As she faces helping her stepmom and siblings with everything, she catches a suitors eye can she do it all or will something have to give?E...
  • Sherry Greene
    Sarah Price brings us another book that is an Amish retelling of fairy tales. The does a great job following the Cinderella fairy tale, however, I read it with mixed emotions. I understand the Amish concept of forgiveness to others for their actions, however, I felt that Ella was too much of a “doormat” and perhaps should have been at least a little vocal towards her “wicked” stepmother and stepsisters’ abuse toward her. To me, she came...
  • Melissa
    Cinderella has always been one of my favorite fairytales. The thought of how people can treat others so bad and with little disregard makes me sad and angry. In this tale, Ella is unmarried and lives at home with her parents. When her mother passes, her father seeks the companionship of another wife. However, this just brings disaster and despair for Ella. After her father's death, things within the home become unbearable. Ella however, shows mor...
  • Lisa Phillips
    I really enjoyed this Amish tale of Cinderella. Ella having lost both parents is subjected to a lot. Her stepmother and stepsisters is are not nice at all. She is constantly responsible for everything , waiting on them hand and foot. Her mom had always told her to be kind and helpful. She does her best and it is not unnoticed the deacons wife has her eyes wide open. The store that her fathered owned went to her stepmother and she has run it into ...
  • Christina
    I know this is supposed to be a retelling is Cinderella, but I literally couldn’t handle how the stepsisters were written. It almost seemed unbelievable, especially in the Amish culture. The girls and their mother would have been in homemaking roles before they joined Ella’s family, yet the don’t seem to know how to do anything domestic . They would not have had a maid, so that didn’t really make sense to me. On the back of the book it li...
  • Carol
    Ella:An Amish Retelling Of Cinderella Whyat a unique way to retell Cinderella in an Amish CHRIST centered way - now isn't that fun? It is a colossal success. The author refined the story from its original version. It is no longer hollow it has a substanet message of trusting in the LORD and HE will take care of you. The stepmother and step sisters are still of obnoxious and repulsive as they should be. Ella is refined and thoughtful and full of F...
  • Cassy
    I really enjoyed Ella: An Amish Retelling of Cinderella. Ella is a young Amish woman who lost her mother at a young age. When her father remarries, Ella is treated poorly by her new stepmother and two stepsisters. I really admired Ella's character. She is kind and her faith is the central focus of her life. Even though this story is based on the fairytale of Cinderella, the author does an excellent job of making it interesting and unique. The pac...
  • Maureen Timerman
    I really enjoyed this take on Cinderella with an Amish flare, all except friending mice…nope not this girl.If you read Belle, she is here briefly, and now Sadie is missing, and hope found in the next book, but Ella is going to keep you page turning to the end. A great twist to an old fairy tale, there is even a mention of the brothers Grimm, love it! Of course, you are going into this story knowing of the evil step-mother and the wicked step-si...
  • Erin Cataldi
    I just can't hate this series. Try as I might to despise Amish fiction, this adorable, quirky, and wholesome little Amish fairy tale series has warmed my cold black heart. I just love it! Ella is the second in the series and is loosely based on the Cinderella fairy tale. Complete with the cruel stepmother, rude stepsisters, and playful mice it has a few interesting takes as well, instead of a glass slipper there is a pie contest, there is "magic,...
  • Terri Wangard
    This is a delightful book. The last words Ella’s mother gave her were to always be good and kind. Ella strives to follow her mom’s advice, but her stepmother and stepsisters take full advantage of her. Little happiness remains in her life until she meets HannesThe stepsisters are outrageous do-nothings whose prospects for succeeding in life are zilch, but they can’t see that. The stepmother totally lacks business sense regarding the general...
  • Melissa mckim
    once agine Sarah price has captured my attention in to her stories.. why in one sitting. you fall in love with Ella story. it such a clever way to tell. you can tell she put a lot of time in to it. plus the research. she's a talented author. I loved the character of Ella she indeed put every ones needs before her own..I really liked how she talked about the other characters like Belle in the book. hope you get your copy may 29th!!!
  • Jaymie
    A delight from start to finish! I loved how the author adapted the Cinderella story to the Amish setting. After watching Ella’s mistreatment at the hands of her step-family for most of the book, the ending made me sit up and cheer. Fantastic! This is a must-read series for me.I received an electronic review copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
  • Patricia Thompson
    Cinderella a different wayThis book patterns its plot after Cinderella. I was finding myself trying to predict how each part would be partrayed in an Amish style. Different, but good.
  • Linda Bennicoff
    Ella This was another great story by Sarah Price. This a great retelling of Cinderella set in an Amish environment. When you know the story of Cinderella you have to wonder how the “prince” will find Ella.