The Shadow Emperor by Alan Schom

The Shadow Emperor

A breakout biography of Louis-Napoleon III, whose controversial achievements have polarized historians.Considered one of the pre-eminent Napoleon Bonaparte experts, Pulitzer Prize-nominated historian Alan Strauss-Schom has turned his sights on another in that dynasty, Napoleon III (Louis-Napoleon) overshadowed for too long by his more romanticized forebear.In the first full biography of Napoleon III by an American historian, Strauss-Schom uses hi...

Details The Shadow Emperor

TitleThe Shadow Emperor
Release DateMay 29th, 2018
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreHistory, Biography, Nonfiction, Politics, European History, Literature, 19th Century

Reviews The Shadow Emperor

  • Brian Bridgeforth
    I have been waiting for a new book about Louis Napoleon to come out for a few years now and was pleased when I learned this book was to be published. It was worth the wait. Schom's style is clear and he takes time to explain the events surrounding Napoleon III in a manner that is easy to follow instead of just dropping them on the reader and expecting them to be well-read on the subject. This is a great book about a man who had more impact on the...
  • Amy
    The Shadow Emperor: A Biography of Napoleon III is an interesting and fascinating read. I give it 4 stars.