You. Forever. Always. (The Underdogs, #3) by K.A. Merikan

You. Forever. Always. (The Underdogs, #3)

---Years of loving in secret. Now the secret’s out.---Mage. Reasonable. Mature. In love with his best friend’s little brother.Dawn. Painfully shy. Crazy talented. An anxious cinnamon roll in need of protection.Mage has always been Dawn’s hero. He’s been there for him when Dawn was bullied, when Dawn came out, and when he joined The Underdogs. He’s also been Dawn’s first and only love—painfully unrequited, since Mage is straight. But...

Details You. Forever. Always. (The Underdogs, #3)

TitleYou. Forever. Always. (The Underdogs, #3)
Release DateDec 29th, 2018
PublisherAcerbi & Villani ltd
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Lgbt, Music, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Bisexual, Gay Romance, Gay For You

Reviews You. Forever. Always. (The Underdogs, #3)

  • Judith
    4.5 “I’ve been incomplete without you. You’re the only one I ever needed, and the only one I will ever need. No one else would do.” it's always quite sad reading the final book in a series,saying goodbye to characters you've come to love.This series has a variety of couples that work together and as a group....a bit dysfunction at times but always loveable.You get craziness with Dusk and Lolly,Kinkiness with Sid and Asher,And sweetness ...
  • Barbara➰
    So stinking sweet my teeth hurt. Not necessarily a bad thing, but be prepared. If you go into this expecting drama and angst you won't find it. I've only read one other book by these authors and this is nothing like it.Dawn suffers from severe anxiety. He's always been different..smaller, more delicate. One day he's rescued from bullies by Magnus, a tall older boy who's new and also becomes his brother's best friend. Not only is he off limits, he...
  • Virginia Books
    From Dusk... Doing a series from Dusk till Dawn is a genius thing to do. Really. Meaningful and fantastic, and I love the whole idea. (is it in my mind? I don’t think so, this has been written by K.A Merikan after all).So, we could say The Underdogs “tour” ends in the opposite way it started: we finish with little conflict, sweetness and pure love when our first glimpse was sex, laughs and lollipops. And with that I’m not saying that what...
  • Cadiva
    Well that was radically different than book two in this series!Dawn and Mage's romance is beautifully slow burn and tender and takes its time to develop mostly because of Dawn's overwhelming anxieties.The authors treat this with the seriousness it deserves and there's no magic cure because of love which was good to see, the relationship doesn't run smooth, even with all the years they've been friends.I do like a friends to lovers romance and that...
  • ~Mindy Lynn~
    3.5 Stars!I knew this one might be a harder read for me, and it was. I have similar issues as Dawn and it made it hard to read this at moments. I probably shouldn't have considering all the triggers this one carried for me. But it was an ARC I couldn't turn down because I more than not love anything these ladies put out. Dawn and Mage are very sweet together. Dawn is very sensitive and in need of someone who can handle his issues. Mage is a caret...
  • Chris
    4.5 stars for this sweet addition to the series. Mage & Dawn finally found their courage and joy. This was heartwarming and made me smile - Mages protectiveness of Dawn really was beautiful and Dawns love for Mage was so tender. This was definitely the softer book in the series, as it needed to be. My only issue was that it finished way too quickly... I wanted to keep basking in the sweetness !!!
  • .Lili.
    You. Forever. Always. by K.A. Merikan was precisely what I needed after the stress of the Holidays. This third installment of The Underdogs series was the sweetest and fluffiest of the three. It's the story of childhood best friends in love with one another and had never acted on their feelings. Some highlights:-Dawn and Mage. After them being mentioned in the previous stories I was glad that they matched whom I'd come to envision in my head. Daw...
  • Dia
    4,25 stars! Review to come.
  • Ele
    I honestly think that You. Forever. Always is one of the sweetest and most romantic books I have ever read. Probably the sweetest by these authors. It’s disconcerting considering that in one my recent K.A.Merikan reads the MCs reunited over a man’s dead body…*thinks back fondly*. Good times!This whole series might be on the fluffy side (for Merikan standards) but it includes a lot of stuff. Book one was about a hook up that turned out to be...
  • Ky
    Note to self: always take what these two ladies say very very seriously.From the moment K.A. Merikan first posted about the progress they were making while writing this story they emphasised how sweet everything about it was, but my thought was "surely it can't be that sweet". It turns out that it actually can and it is! The good news is that it wasn't over the top, it somehow wasn't corny or eye-roll inducing. It was indeed their sweetest story ...
  • David Alexander
    ~4.5 StarsDawn is Dusk's baby brother. He is quiet, writes great lyrics, hates crowds, and has been in love with Mage since they first met.Mage is The Underdogs band Manager, loves to protect Dawn, plays the bass, and has been gradually falling in love with Dawn.Unfortunately both guys are scared to make the first move for fear that they will both be rejected by each other. That all changes one night when a drunk Dawn kisses Mage... Then immediat...
  • Laura
    So very sweet and cute. No angst at all in this one, just softness. (Also can people stop labelling this book as 'Gay for You', Mage states multiple times in the book that he's bi & he's known for a while, it's not GFY.)
  • Amanda
    I love this series and I just wish every book is longer. In this Book 3, which I think might be the final book of the series, we have Mage and Dawn's story. Dawn is the little brother in the band and everyone treated him with kids glove. He is such a cinnamon roll ( I learned this term from reading BL webcomics ) and needs to be protected at all cost. Mage is the protector and at times seems even more perceptive than Dusk.The romance is freaking ...
  • Thea™
    ARC provided by the authors! THANK YOU ladies!!I absolutely LOVED Mage and Dawn's story! They are sooo swieeet together! Cannot think of any reason why this book wouldn't get my 5 stars! LOVED everything about it!(Illustration by Alexzappa)
  • Widya Vello
    Holy God!!! This book makes me weep. Like I expected from Mage and Dawn, their story shared lots of fluffy and sweet things, feels like I almost got toothache from reading it lol. Definitely my most fave couple from the series.I knew If I were Mage I'd also would keep Dawn inside my nest forever. Protected him from outside world. Well you just couldn't help it. Dawn is just too sweet and tender to ignored. There's something enchanting from a frag...
  • River
    Lovely closing for the series. I've been waiting for this story since the first book came out, Dawn was too cute and charming for his good and I needed to know more about him. I really liked the way they showed little moments from their childhoods to made us see how strong the bond between these two was. It was really nice to see Mage always having Dawn's back and how he always looked to make him happy and comfortable. At one point I was a bit fr...
  •  ♥ Rebecca ♥
    This was ok. Dawn is a sweetheart and I loved seeing Asher again, who I love, but this was just too drama free and vanilla. Too lovey-dovey gooey sweet. It was a bit dull for my tastes. K.A. Merikan occasionally have a vanilla book mixed in with all the rest of their kinky-fuckery, which is fine. I'll read it but then be waiting for the next release that is more my speed.
  • Stephanie GooglyEyes
    I'm not one to read a book about rockstars. For some reason they put me on edge and make me so nervous, so I've not read books 1&2. Reading the blurb and listening to the girls talk about Dawn and Mage in their group (and that gorgeous fucking cover) really peaked my interest. I decided to give this one a shot and I'm glad I did. Coming in on the 3rd book wasn't confusing at all, they did a great job giving a bit of info without overdoing it for ...
  • Mel Sparks
    Mage and Dawn were sickeningly sweet and the only reason I got through this book was because I have much love for K.A. Merikan and didn't want to DNF my ARC. It's not that the plot was terrible or even that the writing was bad it's just that this type of fluff oft times leaves me nauseous or spasming in disgust because it's so unbelievable. Dawn for much of this was a delicate flower, hyper sensitive and overly sweet. He cried, experienced severe...
  • Anna Rita
    Dawn, a shy guy full of insecurities created by a strong anxiety that has been afflicting him for a lifetime.Mage, a guy with a head on his shoulders, sure of himself and of what he wants in life. The only weak point, if we want to call it this, is Dawn, in fact, since they know each other he never managed to say no to the young guy, and he's always ready to protect him in all circumstances, like a knight ready to fight a dragon to save the princ...
  • Nicole
    3.5 stars.I may be the only one that didn't like it as much!Sure, it was cute and adorable. Dawn was so clueless, so innocent but there came a point that I was just done with that. It felt impossible to like Dawn after a while and then the rest of the characters kind of went meh to me of how they treated Dawn. Through it all though, Mage stayed solid by his side and that was really nice of him.The story continued about where the previous book sto...
  • Abdul
    3.5 StarsThis was a really sweet book. The moments between Dawn and Mage were really sweet but I felt something missing. Sometimes I felt the connection between Mage and Dawn and sometimes I did not. Also, it seemed weird to me as to how band members did not know what Dawn was going through. Anxiety and Panic attack should be a big thing that indicates you need help but that is me speaking personally. Some people take time realizing they need pro...
  • Angela
    Hmmmm, nothing really happens in this story. This is really just the story of how Dawn lost his virginity. It’s way too sweet and almost no conflict. It’s not bad it just lacks story telling i expect from the authors. I waited a long time for this couple’s story and there wasn’t much there.
  • Mercedes
    3.5 stars
  • BR11
    3 1/5 starsIt was good. Dawn was super needy, but that worked for Mage who was very sweet and patient with him.Not a very steamy book, but an enjoyable one.
  • Laura ~Passion flower
    A Beautifully Written Story of Love and Strength..      Having fairly recently come across the writing pair of K.A. Merikan, I have yet to fully comprehend how their writing style seems to always amaze me every-single-time I have read one of their books.  And, this time was no exception.  I absolutely loved You. Forever. Always., and am so glad to have had the opportunity to have read such a wonderfully touching and immensely heart-warming s...
  • Omiai
    So I've been excited for this book since it was announced. I adored the characters of Mage and Dawn from reading the previous books in the series, even though they weren't mentioned that much (since the previous books focused on Dusk/Lolly and Sid/Asher).It did not disappoint! It was full of the sweet, awkward, adorableness that i was expecting and really needed from this book.It focuses on Dawn, songwriter for the Underdogs, who is painfully shy...
  • Maria R.
    A struggleI love almost everything this duo writes...especially their softer quirkier reads...butttttt....this one was really lame. Okay, in all honesty, Mage is holy hotness. Nerdy Lenny Kravitz...yum! But the guy is strapped to Dawn who is extremely immature, needy, and fragile. C'mon....even awkward Gulliver who could probably get his freak on would have made a more interesting couple with Mage. Dawn....if that guy drank one more cup of hot ch...
  • Mazi
    The sweetestThis was exactly what I needed this holiday season, pure sweet covered fluff. Dawn is the cutest cinnamon roll to have ever cinnamon rolled and I am so here for it. My wish to the world is that everyone with anxiety finds their Mage.Also, #Dully are so extra and I love them for it.This was everything I had hoped for.