A Flicker in the Clarity by Amy McNamara

A Flicker in the Clarity

For as long as Evie can remember, she and Emma have been best friends. They’ve gone through everything together—only Evie understood what it was like for Emma to lose her older brother in a car accident. And though they couldn’t be more different—Emma is the life of the party while Evie is shy—the dynamic has always worked for them.But then Evie makes a careless mistake that ends up having serious consequences for Emma. They’ve had th...

Details A Flicker in the Clarity

TitleA Flicker in the Clarity
Release DateJun 12th, 2018
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Fiction

Reviews A Flicker in the Clarity

  • Camila Roy ••RoyIsReading••
    RATING: 4/5ARC provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewThis book mentally drained me.For as long as Evie can remember, she and Emma have been best friends. They’ve gone through everything together—only Evie understood what it was like for Emma to lose her older brother in a car accident. And though they couldn’t be more different—Emma is the life of the party while Evie is shy—the dynamic has always worked for them.But the...
  • Angela
    In all fairness this book is written for a young adult audience. With that clarified I didn't like it. So much teen angst. I don't know how Evie isn't medicated but it could probably help her out some. The character's felt flat and not fleshed out and as such it took away from what could've been a really good emotional stuff. Instead we get teen angst on practically every page and tears, lots and lots of tears. From what I can tell the main chara...
  • Tegan
    I struggled with this book a lot, especially at first, because I HATED Emma and couldn't stand the toxic, unhealthy friendship between her and Evie. However, I thought it was a very realistic portrayal of how unhealthy friendships can be, and how scenarios can play out given different factors, and how people can easily get stuck in negative patterns/mindsets - but there is hope and possibility to work through them and grow, even if it means letti...
  • Saegertown Yalibrarian
    LOVED this story of Evie and Emma! A Flicker in the Clarity is another beautiful read by one of my favorite YA authors, Amy McNamara. This is such an empowering contemplation for girls, truly anyone, to continue striving to LIVE no matter what seemingly insurmountable challenges face us in life. There is an extra treat within the pages of A Flicker in the Clarity for those already in love with Lovely Dark and Deep also by Amy McNamara. Do not mis...
  • Idle Stuff
    I cannot even find the words best to describe this book. I was taken on a wild ride, looking into everyone and understanding so much. I have connected so much with this book that moments where I wasn't reading it left my mind wondering what Evie, Emma, Theo and Jack were up to. But never Alice. Never the cabbage. The ending of course wrecked me. why did that have to happen? why did it end like that? I'm a blubbering mess because of it and I don't...
  • Corinne J
    Amy McNamara delves back into familiar territory six years after her debut, as A Flicker in the Clarity once again rattles with the aftershocks of death—the same death, apparently, that haunted the wintry world of 2012’s Lovely, Dark and Deep. Though the concept’s recycled, the emotions are not, as McNamara crafts a poignant new story with poetry and skill.When an impulsive decision lands her best friend in hot water, shrinking violet Evie ...
  • Fall-Out-Book-Nerd
    I was provided an ARC by Harper360 in an exchange for an honest review. This book is meant to be centered around grief and the strain it can have on different relationships, whether it is friendships, parent-child relationships or romantic relationships. However I don't feel like it was touched on properly until the final 30 pages of the book. It Every conversation seemed so forced and I still don't know if that is meant to be written that way be...
  • Esther (Chapter Adventures)
    You can also read this review on my blog :)A Flicker in the Clarity aims towards representing reality with all its imperfections: unresolved issues, toxic relationships, unexpected events, and the pain of heartbreak. For this, the novel gets its stars. However, I wish the novel had gone deeper. I was left wanting to know a lot more than what I got.As far as plot goes, there isn't one clearly mapped out. That's why I think the book represents real...
  • Theresa
    There was a point where I'd put this book down for a couple days, and when I came back to it I'd completely forgotten what it was about and everything I'd read so far. I didn't connect with this title the way I so easily do with almost everything I read, but it wasn't bad. I just definitely won't be coming back to it. (As for a review of the actual story...I honestly have nothing to say.)And this has been another unhelpful review by Theresa!~
  • Lindsay
    This is a wonderful story that shows how Evie's life truly begins after a fight with her best friend, including how she finally chooses to save herself. Thank you Edelweiss for the ARC.
  • Zoë Danielle
    A Flicker in the Clarity by Amy McNamara is a beautifully written, quiet contemporary young adult novel about Evie, who has been best friends with Emma for years. Emma was always the outgoing one, but after Evie makes a mistake and Emma shuts her out, Evie has to figure who she is on her own. There are a lot of books about friends or sisters where one outshines the other, but what makes Evie's story so special is McNamara's writing and the chara...
  • Dellybird
    *Minor spoilers*A Flicker in the Clarity was not the story of friendship that I expected or have found to be typical of the YA Contemporary genre. From being young, impressionable children through to adulthood we are told how important it is to be a good friend but at what point does the cost to ourselves become too great? In her second novel, Amy McNamara shines a light on the dangers of toxic relationships and provides her readers with moral d...
  • Teenage Reads
    Plot:Emma has always looked out for Evie. At their private competitive high school, Bly, Evie was going to get bullied because she was a scholarship kid. Yet, with Em at her side since day one, Evie has managed to get to junior year with no incidents. Em has given her everything Evie could want, her old iPhone when Em got a new one, a dress when they went to a dance together, even advise as Evie, instead of kissing the boy she liked back, ducked ...
  • Amy C
    "'It's impossible to run away from yourself. Believe me, I tried. Hiding from what scares you feels like a solution, but it really only deepens the fear.'"When I saw this book described in the Harper 360 newsletter, I knew I wanted to read it. Meaningful contemporaries have this tendency to pull me in and break my heart, but unfortunately this just didn't have the pulling power I'm used to.Maybe it was because this is linked to McNamara's first b...
  • Kimberley
    Thank you Edelweiss+ for this Advanced eGalley of A Flicker in the Clarity.After the death of her older brother, Emma begins to spiral out of control. Evie, her best friend and confidant, hopes to save Emma by shielding her from consequences. However, after Emma puts Evie in a questionable moral situation, yet again, Evie makes a decision that leads her to not only question her co-dependent relationship with Emma, but the demons of fear that plag...
  • Pam Styles
    Emma and Evie have been friends for as long as they can remember though they are as different as any two high schoolers can be. They balance each other in their best moments and repel each other in their worst. I spend a lot of time clucking my tongue and sighing at the lack of attention given to the nitty-gritty side of mental health in fiction. There is often an emphasis on normal-spiral-treatment-healed. A Flicker In the Clarity does no suc...
  • Larosenoire299
    2.75/5Emma is such a bitch, a worst friend ever I swear :/ Even Jack - the guy Evie had a crush on - is a bad guy, too. Being surrounded by those like that is a torture to anyone. That's why you should your pick friends carefully and keep people who have negative influences on you at arm's length. Every parts about Evie and Theo is cute and heartwarming, and the rest are awful and annoying. It's such a mess. Evie was carried away by her best frie...
  • Erin
    I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review. This one disappointed me a bit with how everything wrapped up in the end I was looking for something that was more tied together. I would have probably rated this one a 4 star read if the ending had been better because I was thoroughly enjoying it up to that point. This book follows Evie who is in a fight with her destructive best friend Emma after Emma's brother dies. Evie has to wo...
  • Jordyn
    So I have so many amazing feels for this book. 😊 It threw me back into my high school life and allowed me to revisit some of the friendships I had. This book helped me really understand how toxic those friendships were and how great of a thing it is that they are over. Evie truly was myself in high school and this book was something I really needed. Friendship is powerful in both good and bad ways and it is beautiful to go on Evie’s journey ...
  • Cha Jonas
    Honestly, I almost gave up at the first few chapters. It was kinda boring with much more narratives than the dialogue and I almost fell asleep all the time. But then I'm happy I didn't do that. Because it's good. Evie finally stand up for herself. I know as much as you love your best friend, you can't just sacrifice yourself to save them every single time. It's not her job to fix Emma' problems. Sometimes people need to try figuring it out by the...
  • Courtney
    This is really 2.5 stars for me. I wanted to really love this book and it was just ok. I didn’t like or connect to any of the characters. The friendships presented were all pretty toxic to be honest. The chapters were all very short, which made the story telling choppy.
  • Brenda Perez
    The book was about a friendship that is struggling to overcome problems. Evie is always trying to help Emma but Emma wants to do things her way. Evie then goes on to try and figure out her own problems as well.
  • Bailey Manor
    The beginning of the book was very slow, but the middle and ending got me hooked. For the book being fairly anticlimactic, it is a good story.
  • Ambereen
    Way too much teenage angst and cringey moments.I couldn't force myself to finish even though I rarely leave a book before its ending.
  • Dazzling Diamond
    What happened to Theo? Is there any sequels? I'd love to see how it goes