Artificial Condition (The Murderbot Diaries, #2) by Martha Wells

Artificial Condition (The Murderbot Diaries, #2)

It has a dark past – one in which a number of humans were killed. A past that caused it to christen itself “Murderbot”. But it has only vague memories of the massacre that spawned that title, and it wants to know more.Teaming up with a Research Transport vessel named ART (you don’t want to know what the “A” stands for), Murderbot heads to the mining facility where it went rogue.What it discovers will forever change the way it thinks...

Details Artificial Condition (The Murderbot Diaries, #2)

TitleArtificial Condition (The Murderbot Diaries, #2)
Release DateMay 8th, 2018 / Tom Doherty Associates
GenreScience Fiction, Novella, Fiction

Reviews Artificial Condition (The Murderbot Diaries, #2)

  • Elise (TheBookishActress)
    IN HONOR OF RELEASE DATE: I honestly am on the four-hundred-reviews-to-come portion of my evening and I really don’t have many thoughts that I didn’t have after volume one! So brief review. This volume offers a lot more worldbuilding. We see Murderbot go beyond just one singular arena and really see a lot more of the world. I also just liked Seeing everything! There’s a character introduced who uses gender neutral pronouns (!)Murderbot's fi...
  • Bradley
    These Murderbot Diaries are quickly becoming a go-to popcorn SF read for me. I love killer robots as much as the next bloke, but I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for this one.It's not just the hundreds of hours this mass-murder-capable robot pours into his/her SF soap opera binge-watching time. It's not the kinds of situations that make it need to pretend to be human among all the myriad prejudices AGAINST mass-murder-capable robots.It's ...
  • Gary
    When we first met the SecUnit Murderbot in Martha Wells’ “All System’s Red”, it had already hacked its governor module, which is ostensibly in place to prevent it from going on a kill-happy rampage. In truth, it had already (apparently) gone on said rampage when it was “under control”, and only hacked the module so it wouldn’t happen again (and so it could have unfettered access to the entertainment feeds). When “Artificial Condit...
  • Gavin
    Martha Wells's fantastic sci-fi novella Artificial Condition was a worthy sequel to the equally awesome All Systems Red. This series is everything an AI sci-fi story should be and then some! It was thought provoking but also entertaining and engaging.Wells's sci-fi world of corporations gone wild in a space faring future is both interesting and excellent but just like the first book Murderbot was the true star of the show. Our favourite grumpy, s...
  • Karl
    Murderbot is a security robot (aka Secbot or Secunit). Murderbot is a name it gave itself after being involved years ago in a massacre of the humans it was supposed to be guarding on a remote mining moon. Murderbot is part human material with a lot of augmented mechanization. Murderbot hacked it's own control governor module to allow Murderbot to not be programmatically controlled. Murderbot likes nothing more than download and stream hours of me...
  • TS Chan
    I received an advanced reading copy from in exchange for an honest review.4.5 stars.An awesome sequel to All Systems Red, Artifical Condition pumps up the fun and action.Before I continue, please note there may be minor spoilers from the first novella in my review below. I also maintain that our main protagonist sounded female in my mind and hence, I will refer to it as she. With her newfound autonomy, our sardonic SecUnit decided to retu...
  • Char
    ARTIFICIAL CONDITION is the second novella length installment of THE MURDERBOT DIARIES. This one worked better for me than the first. I'm not going to go into the plot as the synopsis and many other reviews already do that. I just wanted to say that the humor seemed more innate this time around, which I appreciated. Murderbot is leaRning more about the massacre that supposedly occurred, (that it partially remembers), and I am interested in learni...
  • Rachel (Kalanadi)
    Thrilled I got to read this a bit early - more thoughts closer to the publication date. I loved this just as much as the first one, though I did miss Murderbot's first crew. But I really enjoyed the new characters here... clearly Murderbot and ART are just the tip of the non-human iceberg... much more is going on with bots' and constructs' abilities than the average human in this world knows!
  • Evelina | AvalinahsBooks
    Murderbot finally returns, and I've been impatiently waiting for it ever since I read the first installment. It's by far the most exciting novella series I am following right now. I did not expect this direction! And I definitely approve. It was slow going at first and I wasn't sure what was happening, took a little while to take off so it made me skeptical, BUT... When it did, it was wonderful. So, if you're serious about reading this book, sto...
  • Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller
    Another fantastic 5-star read! RTC
  • Lee
    Another solid story by Martha Wells. The continuation of this story is certainly keeping me interested. I didn't think it was as strong as book one, but I think a lot of that was the first book had an original side to it, with us learning all about the personality side of the Murder Bot. In Book 2, that is not original and there is no where near as much human interaction and the early awkwardness of Murder Bots interactions was reduced. However, ...
  • Cathy (cathepsut)
    A quick read. Which annoys me even more considering the ridiculously high price of the ebook. I even considered docking a star of the rating for that, but it wouldn‘t be fair to the story. It was good, but not as good as the first installment. I found it a bit thinner on plot and suspense, although I liked the way our murderbot keeps exploring its non-humanity. The addition of ART was fun. The bad guy was not very bad or scary. Regardless, I re...
  • Hannah
    These books are so much fun!Review to come.
  • Justine
    4.5 stars I thought this was excellent. I absolutely love the voices Wells has created for her characters. They are all so distinctly individual and unique. ART was a definite favourite and I hope we see this character again in future instalments.In this one Murderbot continues to struggle with hir constantly evolving personhood. Ze is probably going to have to acquire a name at some point, which will likely be as difficult as every other step so...
  • The Captain
    Ahoy there me mateys! I received this sci-fi eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. So here be me honest musings. While I try to post no spoilers, if ye haven’t read the first book then ye might want to skip this post. If ye keep reading this log then ye have been forewarned and continue at yer own peril . . .I love the Murderbot! I thought the first novella was basically perfect and deserves its spot on the 2018 Best Novella Hug...
  • Veronique
    4.5*Like many, I absolutely loved the first Murderbot novella and couldn’t wait to see what Wells had in store for us.The plot is somewhat ‘simpler’ than in the first but this was not a problem for me, especially since the focus was on Murderbot’s sentience, and that of other types of ‘robots/AIs’ populating this universe. The voice is once again perfect, full of feelings, and showcases a complex and fascinating character. The additio...
  • Lena
    “...but the truth was I did look more human and now I knew why I hadn’t wanted to do this. It would make it harder for me to pretend not to be a person.” Oh murderbot I love your stories, your big metal heart, your humor, and the fact that you can kick ass! This was even better than the first book. Murderbot is growing as a person, though he’d take offense at that, and making new friends. It’s going to be hard waiting until August for ...
  • Mikhail
    I think it says something that a genderless rogue security robot in a fairly grim cyberpunk future that calls itself Murderbot is one of the most relatable characters I have read in recent fiction.More seriously, I love this. It's a great cyberpunk story, and it's also a great examination of a protagonist who has acute social anxiety, which I don't think I've ever seen in fiction before. At least, not in the SF/F novels I tend to read.
  • Sara Saif
    "I liked humans, I liked watching them on the entertainment feed, where they couldn't interact with me. Where it was safe. For me and for them." Took the words right outta my mouth which only proves what I've suspected for a couple of years, I am a robot. I've got to be if my thoughts match exactly to those of an android that is fond of humans from afar, is afraid of interacting with them but gets really protective of them when it manages to over...
  • Lindsay
    Murderbot returns for a mission on its own behalf: to find out about the incident that resulted in both its name for itself and its freedom from the governor module. As part of its plan to get to the planet it needs to go to, Murderbot takes a security consultant position and does what it does best: keeps humans alive in the face of overwhelming danger, this time with the help of a friendly AI aboard a spaceship.Murderbot continues to delight, bo...
  • Katharine (Ventureadlaxre)
    This is easily one of the books I was most excited for this year (others that come close are the next two in the series, also due out 2018!)Murderbot is a Security Unit calibrated and equipped to be the ultimate security guard, easily able to protect several people at a time. Usually called a SecUnit, our favourite calls itself Murderbot possibly because of an event that happened before the first novella, and the reason why it hacked its governan...
  • kartik narayanan
    Artificial Condition is an excellent follow up to All System Red. I loved the first Murderbot novella and I love this one too. Why? Look below....First off, this is the way one writes novellas. Both of them have a storyline with a fixed scope while sticking to the overall theme. The new characters that are introduced are different but are still interesting while there are callouts to the old ones. Artificial Condition introduces ART who is like a...
  • Robyn
    I love this character and enjoyed another foray into Murderbot’s world.
  • Lata
    The awesome Murderbot is back, and on a quest to understand what happened to it at the mining colony when Murderbot went rogue. On its way back to the colony, Murderbot interacts with a transport ship, dubbing this ship ART, who actually ends up being tremendously useful at getting Murderbot to the site of its traumatic experience. There is another example of an awful corporate executive and illegal activities, but the highlight of this novella i...
  • Trike
    Another terrific entry in the Murderbot series. This one sees Murderbot setting off by itself to try uncovering what really happened in its past, returning to the scene of the crime. Along the way it enters into an uneasy alliance with a sentient freighter and takes a job as a security adviser for some researchers whose work was stolen by an unscrupulous employer.Action and intrigue aplenty, with only some answers forthcoming. As with most things...
  • Lucille
    ALLTHESTARSi love this novella series so mUCHShould I be worried that Murderbot is very relatable to me? oh well If you liked All Systems Red and are worried this might not be as good let me rassure you, this was, and maybe even betterA review copy (eARC) of this book was provided by the publisher. Some things might change in the final copy.
  • Acqua
    Artificial Condition is the second novella in the sci-fi series The Murderbot Diaries. I really liked the first book, All Systems Red, and I loved this one even more.I think this series is an underrated gem. It's about what it means to be (or not to be) human, it's diverse, there's no romance, it has trans-inclusive worldbuilding (a non-binary character who uses te/ter pronouns is introduced in this book; there are mentions of space societies wit...