The Gunslinger's Vow (Runaway Brides, #1) by Amy Sandas

The Gunslinger's Vow (Runaway Brides, #1)

Three runaway bridesDetermined to escape their fatesFlee West to find freedom that can only be hadin a cowboy's arms...Alexandra Brighton has spent the last five years in Boston, with all evidence of the wild frontier girl she used to be erased. Before she settles down, she's determined to visit her childhood home. When she finds herself far from her destination, she has no choice but to have the rugged Malcolm Kincaid escort her to Montana.Now t...

Details The Gunslinger's Vow (Runaway Brides, #1)

TitleThe Gunslinger's Vow (Runaway Brides, #1)
Release DateJun 5th, 2018
PublisherSourcebooks Casablanca
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical

Reviews The Gunslinger's Vow (Runaway Brides, #1)

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    4.5 starsAlexandra has been trying to keep herself from going back home, returning to a life style that she was pushed away from. Learning to cover up her carefully crafted skills to attend balls and prove herself to be a good potential wife. Her past life has never been discussed or dealt with, causing Alex an extreme amount of discomfort and pain. Facing a new fear Alex decides to tackle her past and she does it very well. Life has harden Malco...
  • Dianne
    My Rating: 3.5 StarsHer father sent her east to Boston be refined, live the life of an elegant lady and for five years, Alexandra Brighton tried. It was the oh-so-proper marriage proposal that finally awoke Alex to the realization, she wasn’t sure who she was anymore and she needed to know that before she would carve her future in stone. She was far from the wilds of Montana, where she had felt alive and she needed to go home, just one more tim...
  • Jultri
    I have read two of this author's Regency novels, and enjoyed both, so it pains me to opine that this, her foray into Western Romance, just doesn'tt quite reach the same standard. Firstly, I can't pinpoint it, but I just feels her Western voice/language lacks authenticity compared to what I deem as gold standards in this genre - Kaki Warner, Jo Goodman, and Maggie Osborne. The novel starts off in Boston with Alexandra accepting the marriage propos...
  • Linda Broday
    Amazing talent! Amy Sandas has certainly established herself as a historical western romance author extraordinaire. Alexandra Brighton finds herself in a big pickle when she's robbed and left stranded in the middle of nowhere. Malcolm Kincaid wants nothing to do with a spoiled heiress. He'll take her to the nearest town and that would be that. Only........The chemistry between these two will shake you and leave you wanting more. This story seeped...
  • Becky Ingram
    Malcolm is the quintessential sexy, smoldering, strong, silent man. Alexandra may need some help getting through the Wyoming Territory but she is certainly no damsel in distress. They are truly well-matched. The plot was fast-paced and the dialog was great. There are very few modern romance authors who have that old school flare of awesome characters and really great writing. Add in that this is a Western, and it gave me all sorts of feels! It re...
  • AnnMarie
    The Gunslinger's Vow is the first book in the Runaway Brides series by Amy Sandas. After reading it I know that I will definitely be reading the future books as well.Alexandra Brighton was brought up in the West, but circumstances saw her father sending her East to Boston where her aunt taught her to hide her unladylike ways, and during 5 years made her into a lady that society would love. The problem was that Alex didn't know if she wanted to be...
  • Tracy Emro
    Alexandra Brighton has just accepted a marriage proposal from Peter Shaw, a member of one of the most prominent families in Boston. This proposal is everything her aunt has hoped for her since she came to live with her 5 years ago. But the instead of being overjoyed, she feels like she has made a horrible mistake and suddenly longs to go home to Montana. She askes her two dearest friends for help and sets out alone.Malcolm Kincaid is a bounty hun...
  • Teresa (Reads_Romance)
    I personally believe there isn't enough western historical romance being published right now. I miss the days of Johanna Lindsey characters exploring a young American west. Ms. Sandas is filling a huge void with her new series and I could not be happier with the results.The pros: Ms. Sandas is really good at writing truly heroic heroes. Allow me to explain. Malcom was a single man and a gunslinger at that but at his heart, he was a good man. In m...
  • Aila
    3.5 stars Freedom. Freedom to make mistakes, to go out in the world with the confidence that she would find her way and be all right in the end. That is all she wanted, and it was everything she had been missing in Boston, where life had been about carefully following the established rules and expectations.There was little risk in a life like that and no adventure. Overview: I really enjoyed this Western historical romance! It's about a society g...
  • Michelle
    Absolutely stinkin' AWESOME!! This is one of the best western historical romances I've read!! It has everything I crave in a HWR and delivers it with both barrels smokin'!You'll get a rough, scary, tough-guy hero whose heart and soul is battered and bruised, but there's still something deeper inside that makes him fully who he is.You'll get a delightful heroine who makes you struggle between wanting to be her best friend and along for the ride or...
  • Claire
    I actually really enjoyed this, historical western romance is a new genre for me and I wasn't at all sure what to expect. I loved the two main characters and the dynamics between them, how Alexandra grew and became true to who she was throughout the book and the changes in Malcolm caused by Alexandra. I enjoyed Alexandra's strength and stubbornness and her ability to make the most of her situation. The chemistry between the characters was delight...
  • Crystal ♥ RBtWBC
    4.5 Stars I really enjoyed this story! Review to come...
  • ShariB
    Amy Sandas has written a lively descriptive tale of hope, self-discovery, forgiveness and the most important ingredient is a happily ever after love. I love a well written action adventure western with a hot male lead and a woman strong enough to be by his side.I am in love with the characters in this story, their strengths, weaknesses and perseverance to achieve their goals. The chemistry between Alexandra and Malcolm throughout the tale is palp...
  • Sandy N
    I'm a massive fan of Amy Sandas. This was a good read. The pace was good. I found that the sexual tension between the two leads was dragged too long in the book before they even exchanged their first kiss and let alone any juicy actions between the sheets. But it was a good story of self discovery between Alexandra and Malcom. This is a change from her regency books and being also a massive fan of the western genre, I can't wait for the next book...
  • Jackie
    Book Info Mass Market Paperback, 384 pagesExpected publication: June 5th 2018 by Sourcebooks CasablancaISBN 1492651974 (ISBN13: 9781492651970)Edition Language EnglishSeries Runaway Brides #1Other Editions (1)Source:Netgalley EARCBuy book fromAmazonB&NBOOK BLURBThree runaway bridesDetermined to escape their fatesFlee West to find freedom that can only be hadin a cowboy's arms...Alexandra Brighton has spent the last five years in Boston, with all e...
  • Roses R Blue
    4.5 Stars as reviewed at Roses Are Blue: Brighton was raised in Montana, where she learned to hunt, shoot, and live off the land. Then at age fifteen, she was attacked, and her retaliation caused repercussions that forced her father to send her away to Boston to live with her aunt. For the last five years, she has learned to be a proper lady, and now she has received a proposal that should have her overjoyed.....o...
  • Kate
    This review was copied from my romance novel review blog: romanticallyinclinedreviews.blogspot.comI have never read a western that I enjoyed. I’m just not that into them, I suppose. So imagine my surprise when I found a novel that brings together everything I love about regency romance and the rugged good looks of a successful bounty hunter and it’s a western! My reaction was something like “oh shit, this is really good.” The Gunslinger...
  • Marsha Spohn
    Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfI have enjoyed Amy Sandas’ Regency Romance series, especially her Fallen Ladies series, so I was definitely excited to see that she is moving into another genre that I enjoy Western Historical Romance. And just as a note of interest, there is a short introduction to the series story entitled A Christmas Reunion in the 2017 Christmas Anthology Christmas in a Cowboy’s Arms… if like me, you enjoy knowing all the det...
  • Jan
    A traditional Boston engagement to an ambitious politician brings terror to Alexandra Brighton’s heart. She hasn’t seen her father in years, and she bolts to the west to see her father, rediscover herself, and gain some space to think about whether or not she wants to be married to Peter Shaw. Unfortunately, when she arrives in Colorado, she finds there is no simple way for a woman alone to get to Montana. She approaches a bounty hunter heade...
  • Pamela
    Alexandra Brighton suddenly finds herself living a life she isn't sure she wants. She is engaged to a man she does not have feelings for. Alexandra misses the father she left behind in Montana when she went to Boston. The solution to all her problems seems easy enough... surely once she returns home, Alexandra will regain some sense of herself there. First, she must find herself an escort. Malcolm does not need any distractions. He is closer to g...
  • Valerie Lynne
    THE GUNSLINGER’S VOWAuthor: Amy SandasPub Date: June 5, 2018Publisher: SOURCEBOOKS CasablancaRomance: Historical RomanceSynopsis:Alexandra Brighton is living a lie. Fearing for her life, her father sent her to live in Boston. Dissatisfied with her role as a proper lady, Alexandra yearned to return to her previous lifestyle in Montana. Newly engaged, she cannot commit to marriage without making peace with her past.Malcolm Kincaid has done quite ...
  • Ira
    This is definitely a book for all those out there who like their heroines tough and capable. Alexandra Brighton, a socialite from Boston...well, okay, let's go meet Alex, the former frontier girl who rediscovers the life that she loved and who may even find someone to love along the way. Right, we don't talk about her fiancé, this perfect specimen of a member of Boston's high society but rather about the rough and tough guy that she meets out th...
  • Donna
    Alexandra Brighton had to get home to Montana. She left Boston knowing that she could never actually marry the stiff, perfectly-mannered Peter. She had to get away from her fiance and to her father but knew that she could never do it alone. Meeting Malcolm was a risk but he was only hope to find her father. His arrogant, rude demeanor didn't hide his handsome, rugged exterior! Alex knew that she never would have anything to do with a gunslinger l...
  • Amy Alvis
    I really enjoyed Alexandra and Malcolm's story!I loved that Alexandra had an unconventional upbringing. Malcolm was pleasantly surprised when she proved that she was not a spoiled, city girl from Boston and that she could hold her own out in the wild west. It also made her that much more irresistible to him. But he was on a mission and would not be deterred from it even if he was falling for the woman he was traveling with.I also loved watching A...
  • Angela
    I really enjoy branching out into new worlds with historicals and The Gunslinger’s Vow is a great read. I know there are lots of wild west stories but I rarely read them. I really liked that Ms. Sandas did not use the corny language of some western historicals. The story moved along well and the two main characters were really likeable. Yes, even Malcolm. He is adorable. It was fun to see how he was shocked to learn that Alexandra really could ...
  • Brittany
    I received this in exchange for an honest review. This is book one in a series from a new author for me. I really enjoyed this story a great deal. I honestly couldn’t put it down. In this series we have a young woman that is wanting to figure out who she is and a man searching for revenge. This sparks fly in such a good story.
  • Heather
    I have been waiting for Mrs. Sandas to publish another book and this was SO worth waiting for. Malcolm is so dark, brooding and protective while Alex is stubborn, willful and unrelenting. I like the ease in which the adventure, longing, and triumph are woven together in story you don’t want to put down. I can’t wait for the next book!
  • nikkia neil
    Thanks SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca and netgalley for this ARC.This was a totally new and cool setting for Sandas- loved that.. Danger, resistant man, and amazonian lady. This HEA is fun to read and leaves you wanting more from the series.
  • Tina
    Really loved this book. I love a good western historical. The rest of the series is not complete but this was a complete stand alone. I’m liking this author. I read her Fallen Ladies series and that was great as well. This was told in third person with dual perspectives.
  • Prairie Lover
    Yippee! Another regency romance author has started writing historical western romances. Loved the story - strong heroine, protective loner hero - guns, horses and sensuality... now comes the hard part, waiting for the next installment in the series!