A Very Merry Princess by Susan Mallery

A Very Merry Princess

Celebrate the season with this warmhearted charmer from #1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery...When Princess Bethany’s father, the king, sells one of his best stallions, she insists the animal get the royal treatment. Disguised as Beth Archer, a mere stable hand, she takes him to Happily Inc, California, a quaint wedding destination that’s especially sparkly over the holidays.Rich women have no place on Cade Saunders’s ranch. ...

Details A Very Merry Princess

TitleA Very Merry Princess
Release DateNov 1st, 2017
PublisherHQN Books
GenreHoliday, Christmas, Romance, Novella, Contemporary

Reviews A Very Merry Princess

  • Aly
    I'm not a fan of royal people as protagonist. It probably have to do with the lack of freedom who comes with the title and the out-dated rules. But this novella didn't come with the clichés of the monarchy and I liked the modern aspect. Bethany Archer was born in California. She became the adoptive daughter of the Prince Crown Malik at 9 years old. He became King a couple of years ago and she's the Princess of El Bahar. Malik just sold a preciou...
  • marieno
    A Very Merry Princess mixed two families from two different books from Susan Mallery. I didn't read the book that first featured Bethany but I met Cade, Pallas' brother, in the first Happily Inc.Cade bought a prize stallion from Princess Bethany's father. She came to California to helped the horse get settled and introduced herself as Beth Smith. She loves her family but she never completly assimilated herself to the life of a princess. She likes...
  • Hsu Lee
    This was such a heartwarming story.Bethany wanted to know what it was like not to be treated as royalty.When she had a chance to visit California, she did not hesitate.Here, she would be Beth Smith instead of Princess Bethany of El Bahar.Cade had been hurt before by some snob socialite.He did not want to get involved w/ those kinds of women again.One time was too many!When he meets Beth Smith, he is instantly attracted.And an added bonus, she is ...
  • Kathy
    DelightfulA great extra peek into Susan Mallery's Happily Inc world. It was fun to see familiar characters while watching Cade and Bethany fall in love. Issues from their pasts caused a big bump in the road but all comes right in the end. Enjoyable read that leaves you with a satisfied sigh at the end.
  • Kristy
    I had trouble starring this book. I loved it, but it was just TOO SHORT! Beth was such a sweetie, not against hard work or roughing it to take care of the horses. And Cade, being burned before, was extremely leery of starting something. It's obvious that the King set the whole thing up, but it was really sweet nonetheless.
  • Lynne Evans
    I love Susan Mallery Christmas stories and this one didn't disappoint me. Beth (or Princess Bethany) and Cade had great chemistry and a fun story. Cade's mom Libby was up to her old self and decided a stable girl wasn't good enough for Cade. Wonder how she'll feel getting a princess as a DIL?
  • Leann McKay
    Our first Christmas in Happily IncCade and Beth have both had bad relationships in the past. Their road to a HEA is a bit rocky because of that. Loved being back in Happily Inc visiting friends!!!
  • Diana Gable
    Happily Horse-winkedClearly, King Malik chose Cade for his daughter. A very happy story. I love Happily, Inc. I look forward to more stories.
  • Cathy Kirby
    To Love SomeoneIt was a cute story about finding love and not being afraid to love who you are. I love the story
  • Shelly
    Great bookBethany and Cade's story is a sweet and short story about a princess and a regular guy from California falling in love. Great book to read.
  • Anna Beason
    Enjoyable Susan you out did yourself on this book. I enjoyed it a lot. Didn't stop reading it until I was done. 2 hours. Thank you for your excellent writing skills.
  • Kamaleah Lazit
    It's great to be back at El Bahar, and we finally able to read on Princess Bethany's story. Love, love, love!!!
  • Mary
    Loved itI am so glad Susan wrote Cade and Bethany's story. A true fairy tale. I love all of Happily Inc. books and to me they are as good as all the Fool Gold's ones.
  • Katie Chapman
    Wonderful NovellaI love the Happily Inc. series and A Very Merry Princess is a great addition to it! Susan Mallery is a master at romance!