Her Last Word by Mary Burton

Her Last Word

An unsolved crime pits a desperate woman against a relentless killer in New York Times bestselling author Mary Burton’s heart-stopping novel of psychological suspense…Fourteen years ago, Kaitlin Roe was the lone witness to the abduction of her cousin Gina. She still remembers that lonely Virginia road. She can still see the masked stranger and hear Gina’s screams. And she still suffers the guilt of running away in fear and resents being int...

Details Her Last Word

TitleHer Last Word
Release DateMay 8th, 2018
PublisherMontlake Romance
GenreRomance, Romantic Suspense, Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Contemporary

Reviews Her Last Word

  • Carrie
    Mary Burton has become one of those authors that when I see a new title by her I just have to read it so of course I was excited to pick up Her Last Word. When finished though this wasn’t one of my favorites simply due to the style of this romantic suspense novel.The story is one that brings a cold case from fourteen years before to the forefront with crimes happening in the present. Kaitlin Roe had been a witness all those years ago when her c...
  • Zoe
    4.5 Stars!Suspenseful, sinister, and exceptionally gripping!Her Last Word is a fast-paced, intense police procedural that not only delves into a 14-year-old cold case involving a missing teen but takes you on a hunt for an obsessed serial killer consumed with revenge.The writing is sharp and crisp. The characters are flawed, scarred, and tenacious. And the complex plot told through a mixture of narration and interview-style musings interweaves in...
  • Sabrina
    NOW LIVE!Amazon US * Amazon UKHoly hell was this book good. Her Last Word was just as suspenseful and captivating as I knew it would be. Mary Burton is one of my favorite romantic suspense writers and she has yet to fail me. She always delivers a story so intriguing that I can't put it down, not even for a dinner break, and this book was no different. I honestly didn't have a clue what was going on the majority of the book, even though I had my s...
  • Linda Strong
    4.5 StarsKaitlin Roe's cousin, Gina, was abducted 14 years ago ... Kaitlin was the only witness. She still feels guilt every day of her life .... the abductor told her to run ... and she did. At the time, police suspected she knew more than she was telling but she was scared to death .. and drunk. She doesn't remember much.After all these years, she decides that she will put together a podcast and re-interviewing everyone who knew Gina at that ti...
  • *Avonna
    Check out all of my reviews at: https://www.avonnalovesgenres.comMary Burton is one of those authors that when I see she has a new book out, I have to grab it right away because I know I will be able to disappear for hours into a solid, intriguing plot with realistic, interesting characters for the length of the book. She never disappoints.Fourteen years ago, Kaitlin Roe witnessed the abduction of her cousin, Gina Mason. There were four girls par...
  • Anita
    Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.I am always excited to read a Mary Burton book. The are very different from the standard Romantic-Suspense works that abound. She blends a really interesting plot with an intelligent romance to create books that are totally unique. This one drew me in and kept me engaged throughout.Kaitlin Roe is a woman on a mission and that mi...
  • Chloe
    Fourteen years ago Kaitlin’s cousin Gina was abducted in front of her and Kaitlin could not do anything to stop it. Ridden with guilt Kaitlin is back in town, creating a podcast so as to find what exactly happened to Gina all those years ago.Meanwhile Detective Adler is investigating a case of a local woman found dead and when it leads back to Kaitlin’s interrogation he knows that killer will stop at nothing to keep the truth from coming out....
  • Melanie
    4.5 Stars!Her Last Word was an exciting and fast-paced read with a gripping suspense plot and an interesting mix of characters.Fourteen years ago Kaitlin Roe's cousin Gina was abducted in front of her eyes and Kaitlin was unable to stop it. After the police were unable to find a suspect, they turned their sights on Kaitlin and blamed her for Gina's disappearance. Kaitlin fled town and tried to put the entire ordeal behind her, but she's never bee...
  • ♥ WishfulMiss ♥
    ~ 4.5 Stars After fourteen long years, Kaitlin is ready to confront her past and find justice for her cousin Gina.The guilt and resentment over the events that changed her life more than a decade ago are still fresh and Kaitlin needs closure, for herself and for Gina. But soon after she comes back, the very people she'd interviewed in hopes of uncovering new leads, start turning up dead. And the killer seems to have it out for Kaitlin as well. De...
  • CD {Boulder Blvd}
    This story had a really solid plot and interesting characters but the style of writing really reduced my enjoyment. The current investigation of a murdered woman is in 3rd POV and past tense. This is my preferred writing format. But then the interview tapes where Kaitlin is gathering information on the disappearance of her cousin 14 years ago is written in 1st POV present tense. But sometimes it was 1st POV past tense. And sometimes the intersper...
  • Giedre
    Interesting premise, bland execution. The equivalent of fries without salt—consumable, but doesn't really hit the spot.
  • Erin *Help I’m Reading and I Can’t Get Up*
    3 stars. A bit jumbled-- too many similar characters with too many similar agendas. And (view spoiler)[ the relationships between the gang of guys would have been soooo interesting to get into (hide spoiler)] but overall it's engaging.
  • Caz
    I've given this a C+ at AAR, so that's 3.5 starsI’ve read and enjoyed a number of Mary Burton’s romantic suspense novels and have generally found them to contain complex, intriguing mysteries with a reasonably-sized helping of romance that is enough to satisfy my shippy little heart.  Unfortunately however, Ms. Burton’s latest standalone title, Her Last Word is a bit of a mixed bag.  The mystery element is once again based on a cold-cas...
  • Petra
    Interesting storyline but the perpetrator of the current crimes was too obvious, the romance aspect felt like a forced add-on, and while the interspersed podcast interviews were a nice idea, they made the story somewhat disjointed, but nevertheless quite an enjoyable audiobook. 3.5 stars.
  • Hannah
    ARC REVIEW Her Last Word is a standalone romantic suspense and psychological thriller. Different from Burton’s other Romantic Suspense Her Last Word follows a slightly different formula. You have the main present day storyline interceded with short “Interview Files” that fills in the blanks further on what happened fourteen years ago. I loved how she did this, the interview files at times has a foreshadowing quality sometimes not as ominous...
  • BleuBelle
    The story was intriguing, interesting and quick paced. I liked the writing style, there was no unnecessary and overlong descriptions. It's as a good crime book.I wouldn’t call this book a romance. The Hero and Heroine don’t get close until 90% into the book. And then they just sleep together because they just can’t deny their attraction to one another. There were no romantic gestures or scenes or flowery declarations of feelings. It was ver...
  • Cindy ~ SnS Reviews
    A unsolved disappearance of young woman 14 years ago has one person finally seeking answers and another seeking revenge on those that were with her in her final moments. Kaitlin Roe made many mistakes in her youth. After losing her brother to suicide at a young age to ease the pain she turned to drugs. Her mom in a desperate plea to save her daughter sent to her live with her Aunt and cousin in Virginia. She was only there for a year but that yea...
  • Trish R.
    Another great read from Mary Burton. This one was about a girl who was kidnapped 14 years prior and her friend came back to town to find out who did it and where Gina Mason was. And it was about 2 more murders of friends of Gina’s and the killer wanting to kill our heroine, Kaitlin, along with as many cops as he could. It was exciting from beginning to the end.There was graphic sex in this but as usual I skipped it because nothing ever leads up...
  • Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews
    This was good, a cold case that has relevant crimes happening in the now. Kaitlin had ben a witness 14 years ago to an abduction...With so many years gone by, she re looks into the case, that hasn't ever been solved. A detective has been called to a murder to investigate, but the thing is that same murder is a young girl Kat had just interviewed...I enjoyed this, and will look into the authors other work.
  • Bea Charmed
    Review to come
  • Pelusa Rivera
    Rcvd an ARC at no cost to author. (netgalley) Kaitlin Roe is has decided that she is going to find out who had kidnapped her cousin Gina 14 years ago. She feels guilty for running as the abducter had told her to do. She didn't have many answers for police and she was drunk on top of it all so she was on their radar. Now as she is asking questions someone wants to shut it up and she finally gets the attention of the police who had no real interest...
  • Caitlyn Lynch
    This is a whodunit murder mystery where cases from the present and past collide and the police detectives on the case must solve both to prevent more deaths.Fourteen years ago, four girls went out to party. Gina never came home again and her cousin Kaitlin, who witnessed her abduction, is digging into the case again, determined to bring Gina home. Now Jennifer is dead too, symbols left at the murder scene linking back to the cold case. When Erika...
  • Cathy Geha
    Her Last Word by Mary BurtonCold Case vs Current Case…can stirring up the past bring out a killer…and…if it does…is it the old killer, a serial killer or a new one who will become a serial killer? This was a tidily plotted story with 30 visits to the past interspersed with happenings in the present that explored murder(s) over a decade ago along with current murders. Kaitlin, cousin to Gina, has a bee in her bonnet to find her cousin – ...
  • Jo
    Rock solid pace and plot. I skipped over the romance parts, but I enjoyed the rest of the book.
  • Marj Ward
    Excellent book! I am privileged to be part of this Author's Reviewer Circle. This book is so good I read it in 24 hours. When Kaitlin Roe was a teenager, her cousin Gina was abducted on a lonely country road. The girls were drunk. The abductor tells Kaitlin to run and she does. Still haunted by this event, 14 years later, Kaitlin returns to make a podcast in an attempt to bring Gina's abduction to everyone's attention once more. She also attracts...
  • Jae
    The romance part - bleh4Stars for the suspense. Though it got confusing with the back and forth of the flashbacks.
  • Bernie
    Her Last Word is a fast-paced, exciting and fantastic suspense book written by author Mary Burton. Her books are always great. Thanks to NetGalley and Montlake Romance for the advance copy.
  • Book Him Danno
    I couldn't put this book down. Late into the night as my eyes were starting to cross I had to read every last word worried something might happen to Kaitlin while I was sleeping.Her Last Words is a gritty thriller that will stick with readers long after they close the book. The characters are raw, strong willing to write the wrongs of their past. The story and the different characters are entwined in ways readers will be excited to see what happe...
  • Anne - Books of My Heart
    This review was originally posted on Books of My HeartReview copy was received from Publisher. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.This is the kind of romantic suspense I enjoy. It's a murder mystery with elements of romance.  In this world, law enforcement is more realistic, organized, smart, and follows some procedures. The main character is a woman, Kaitlin, whose cousin was abducted 14 years ago. She has v...
  • Sarah
    I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. This is another terrifying tale from Mary Burton. When Virginia police detective John Adler discovers the connections between a recent gruesome murder and a fourteen year old cold case, he must solve both murders before more of the victims’ friends die. As always with Mary Burton’s books, the characters are well crafted, the murder scenes are graphic and the relationships be...