Where the Heart Is (The One, #2) by Jasinda Wilder

Where the Heart Is (The One, #2)

shouldn’t be in love, but baby I am I know it’s crazy, but I don’t give a damn shouldn’t want you near me but you’re inside me, can you hear me I’m praying you need me, baby say you do I’m laying in bed, dreaming of you cuz I remember you moving, gliding can’t get over you, baby I’m trying why can’t I have you, why’s it have to be so complicated the love I feel hasn’t faded I wrote those lyrics for Jonny after he walked aw...

Details Where the Heart Is (The One, #2)

TitleWhere the Heart Is (The One, #2)
Release DateSep 14th, 2017
GenreMusic, Musicians

Reviews Where the Heart Is (The One, #2)

  • Jennifer Kyle
    3.5 STARSTo be honest, I spent the entirety of this book waiting to find out about the status of Christian, our hero from the first book. I had a hard time caring about Ava’s sister Delta Martin as she is the heroine of this book and Christian’s friend Jonny is the hero. Delta is a single mom who’s music career takes off in this book and sailor Jonny gives up the sea for a future with her and her son. Que in a bunch of musical lyrics, and M...
  • Jan
    **** 4 Stars ****This is going to be short.It's not a secret that I avoid insta-love stories like the plague. I have convincing issues and so it's not my trope.Where The Heart Is, was basically an insta-love tale, yet it didn't feel like a insta-love tale. Not for a single moment did the lack of realism come to my mind whilst reading it. I was totally engrossed in Delta and Jonny's story and most importantly, convinced that they were made for eac...
  • Jo - *✽*•.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•*✽*
    kay so, at the end of The Long Way Home I was left feeling all frustrated and cliff hangered by the way it ended. I thought all of those feelings were going to be soothed when I opened this book. They were, but not in the way I assumed. Confused? That’s because this is Delta and Jonny’s story. Delta is Ava’s sister and is helping in the after care of sister after a hurricane struck her sister’s home, nearly killing her. Jonny, Christian...
  • Stephanie Phillips (Stephanie's Book Reports)
    I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. I have to say - I devoured this book. Delta and Jonny were shown to us in the first book of this series The Long Way Home. I've been looking forward to reading their story to see what would transpire. Her whole life Delta has felt unloved and unworthy. She's never made a whole lot of her life except to be a fabulous mother to her son, Alex. She always had dreams of making it as ...
  • Konny
    Where The Heart Is by Jasinda Wilder is the second book in The One Series and can easily be read as a standalone.Where the Heart is picks up where book one, The Long Way Home ends. The Long Way Home is Ava and Christians story. And Where The Heart Is features Delta and Jonny.Delta Martin is Avas older sister, shes a single mom and works hard to make ends meet.Jonny Nunéz is a world traveler and Christian St.Pierres best friend.Both meet in the a...
  • sunshine
    i'm so excited to this story because i knew it was the continuation of Christian and Ava's story, yes it was the continuation but focus on Jonny and Delta. it was still good. and I want to listen to the songs.
  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    "Maybe it's time to stop running and start staying." I wasn't sure what to expect from this second installment of The One series. I was left hanging, worrying, and hoping at the end of book one. I started this book without having seen the synopsis, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it focused mainly on Johnny & Delta. I had met these two previously, and I knew just enough to be very intrigued, wanting more.Book one is about Ava & Christ...
  • Ginny Rose
    Where The Heart Is a love story best described as a lovers lullaby. An emotional and poetic connection between a dreamer and a vagabond. Delta Martin and Jonny Nuñez are first introduced in The Long Way Home as Ava's sister and Christian best friend. They come together when a natural disaster hits Florida and they work as team to help save a city. But as they help, they see in one another something they had once lost. Something they thought it w...
  • Sharon Kallenberger Marzola
    Love Delta and Jonny. This is a good love story and the book works as a standalone. Disappointed that we didn't get Ava and Christian's conclusion and, now have another Ava and Christian cliffhanger to add to the first Ava and Christian cliffhanger. Oh well!Full review on Badass Bloggettes:
  • Tiffany
    I love this series! Delta and Jonny rocked my socks off! They had amazing chemistry and I loved their love story. I am ready to find out where Ava and Christian's story goes!"When a man's lost his woman, he's lost his way."
    Review to follow.
  • Tara
    Sometimes you go through something tragic and it shapes your life, your soul and jades you but then you meet that one person that pulls you out of it. I loved reading Delta & Johnny's story and can't wait for more!!
  • Badass Bloggettes
    I’m late posting this review and others because Hurricane Irma has impacted our power for more than a week after it hit and now we seem to go up and down with the slightest rain for some unknown reason. Where The Heart Is , is the second novel in The One series. I like this story better than the first one because it doesn’t hit my pet peeves like The Long Way Home. Where The Heart Is picks up where The Long Way Home ends. Jonny Nunez, Ch...
  • Lisa Sylva (The Book Bistro)
    ...and it just keeps evolving into even more excellence! 4.5 Love Stars!This book continues this compelling journey that we began from the first book, in which we met all four main characters, Christian - Ava - Delta - Jonny.In "The Long Way Home", we learn about the relationship between Ava and Christian. We learn all the ups and downs and then we experience the very compelling climax of the story - enter: Delta & Jonny. When I was reading the f...
  • Julie
    Sometimes life doesn’t always turn out like we planned. For Delta - a string of endless relationships leads her to a one night stand that she will never forget. As a single mother, Delta knows the strains of trying to keep a roof over your head and food on the table. An endless cycle that brings despair and loneliness in her life. The bright spot in her darkness is being a mother to the sweetest little boy! Alex makes all of the trials and trib...
  • Nishi Jindal
    Where the Heart is book two of the The One series by Jasinda Wilder.This book picks right where the first book ended where Jonny and Delta meet for the first time. It is their story which progresses in this installment of The One series.Jonny is a sailor and ocean is his home. It's all he has known as his skill and as his life. He considers himself to be a nomad and lives with the dark reality of running from his past. Delta is Ava's older sister...
  • Terra Drynan-Werder
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book for an honest review. I really am really enjoying this series and how different it is to things that I have read in the past. Book one contained emails and letters, while book 2 was song lyrics and memories written as a story. Book 2 focuses mostly on the interactions of Jonny and Delta, but Christian and Ava are present and the underlying story of all that happens. It was another emotion...
  • Witchy Richey's Booktastic Reviews
    Struggling to clean up after Mother's Nature's destruction these two characters form a bond but two different lives make it impossible.Delta is a single mom whose dream was lost a long time ago. Jonny is a drifter who lives on the sea to escape. A great read about staying afloat even when life is tossing you among its waves, trying to drown you. I devoured these words of second chances and life. Learning that anything is possible, great things ca...
  • Jen
    Perfect!Of course another awesome book by one of my faves!! What a great story for Jonny and Delta. It was emotional and quick! Of course I thought it could have been a little longer, so I can only hope that we get to revisit them in a future book. And can't wait to see how Christian and Ava fair in the next book!!
  • Nicole
    I was so glad to start reading book 2 in The One series. The ending of book 1 left me hanging. Luckily I did not have to wait long. While book 1 focused on the story of Ava and Chris, book 2 focused primarily on Ava's sister Delta and Chris' friend Jonny. I really enjoyed the new couple's story, but found myself wondering when I would find out more about the cliffhanger from the first book. Jasinda did not disappoint me at all. This series is so ...