Beg (God of Rock, #2) by Eden Butler

Beg (God of Rock, #2)

I am a liar. My words were poison and everything I touched got filthy. Except Iris. She was the best part of who I was. The only bright spark in my dull, gray world. But denial made me stupid and a cruel insult destroyed everything I hoped to have with the girl of my dreams. Now I will crawl on my knees and grovel because sometimes, even rock Gods have to beg.This is an erotic romance novel not suitable for young audiences... or people with heart...

Details Beg (God of Rock, #2)

TitleBeg (God of Rock, #2)
Release DateFeb 3rd, 2018
PublisherEden Butler
GenreRomance, Music

Reviews Beg (God of Rock, #2)

  • Jennifer Kyle
    4.5 'Florecita' Stars Eden Butler delivers a fantastic conclusion to this duet by not only unmasking our rock star but redeeming him as well. "If saying sorry was enough, it'd be the first thing I'd utter every time I opened my mouth." I truly settled into reading this story and tried not to rush to finish. I savored the feeling of being with these unique characters every step of the way!
  • Paige
    4 “Let Go” StarsThis conclusion was a journey and I am so excited that the author did it justice. I was one of those wondering how in the world the author would make the end of book 1 okay and I’m glad to say she didn’t. Now that doesn’t mean there wasn’t resolution because there most certainly was. But what Ms. Butler did was tell a story about forgiveness and redemption. Life isn’t a fairytale and neither was this romance. The beg...
  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    4 ★'s“The only magic I ever really made was the love I had with you.”I was sooo looking forward to this book especially with how the first one ended so it really kills me to say that the first third (approximately) of the book really dragged for me. But...there is a reason. Jamie's Dad is in the picture and the two of them really needed a chance to get to know each other. And since this book is ALL from Jamie's POV, we get to find out a lot...
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    I enjoyed Beg, the continuation of Kneel (Gods of Rock). While the first book focused on Jamie and Iris's past and their damaged present, Beg focused on Jamie. As readers we're given a look into his past. It's evident that Jamie has issues with his mother and father. He had a troubled upbringing and because of this he's struggling in adulthood. He's learned to depend to alcohol and being a douche. He definitely hits rock bottom and know must beg ...
  • Libby Harrison
    Me waiting for the begging to happen...
  • Wit & Wonder Books
    ** ARC provided by the author for an honest review **Will a groveling Rockstar be able to earn forgiveness? Beg by Eden Butler is the conclusion to Iris and Dash’s story and what an emotional ride this was.You need to read the first book Kneel before diving into this book. Beg takes off from where we were left hanging and questioning at the end of book one.Dash realizes his mistakes and actions are what caused Iris to vanish. He is desperate to...
  • Kathleen R.
    I read Kneel by Eden Butler before i got my hands on Beg. I even got my author's completely mixed up and thought that Eden Butler was someone else. But what i haven't forgotten since reading Kneel, was Iris and Jamie's story. It was impactful - how one single decision can severely alter your life. Sometimes for the best and sometimes for the worst. For Jamie, his decision to embarrass Iris in front of his fans was a little bit of both. This was t...
  • Carmen Aquino
    2.5 starsDurante la lettura ma anche alla fine ho riletto il finale di Kneel e la trama di Beg e posso confermare che questo non era il romanzo che mi aspettavo. Beg totalmente raccontato dal POV di Jamie è la sua storia, di come si pente e dice di voler fare ammenda per gli sbagli commessi. La sua vita non è mai stata semplice con la quella famiglia disastrata e in questo libro i vari rapporti incasinati della sua vita vengono riparati. Iris e...
  • Ruthie Taylor
    ~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~4.5*s of revelation, re-evaluation and romanceThis is the second book of the series, and you absolutely need to read Kneel to understand what is happening here. We were left on a terrible ending, with Jamie (as Dash) having shared a video in a concert, mirroring the nightmare at the beginning of Kneel. He really does need to air his grievances in private! This book revolv...
  • Tracy *To the point Reviews*
    Meh!And whats the deal with the cover? Looks like dude is trying to muffle her mouth and nose... Creepy!The cover is one thing, the inside is another. This concluding part of the 2 part series is from the hero's POV. And if you know what asshole did in the first part, you were dying to see how he would redeem himself. I wanted a grovelfest,but what I got is the hero's journey to becoming a better man who makes better choices. It was boring... Nuf...
  • Rose
    What a perfect conclusion to this duet! I loved everything about it. I loved that Jamie was finally coming to terms with who and what he had become. There were some really big, "Come to Jesus" moments in this book that blew me away, and some things that totally shredded me. I could go on and on, explaining the different things I love about this book, but that would ruin it for all those readers who haven't read it and I won't do that! Kneel and B...
  • Sarah
    Dear Eden, I love a book that can tear me apart, spin me around and around, and put me back together again. Thank you for giving me a hot rocker full of angst and a badass leading lady that won't take any shit. You delivered another hit! You are the queen of redemption and second chance romance. Your bad boys are some of my favorite characters I've ever read. Keep em comin!!
  • Liz
    Another addictive page turner. Jamie emerges from behind the Dash persona and reassesses his life. An excellent sequel to Kneel.
  • Dana Hoffman
    3.5 starsI have to say that part two of Iris and Jaime’s story left me just as confused as part one, if not more... This is a very talented writer, no doubt. I just had a hard time getting into the plot of the story. The entire story is being told from Jaime/Dash’s point of view. He feels terrible about how he reacted to Iris in part one and is working hard on winning her back. Only she doesn’t care for it and stays away. This was basically...
  • Kris
    I received a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsGod of Rock #1 was my favorite read of 2017 so you can imagine i was very excited when Beg was finally available!! Jamie and his florecita, Iris, are broken up after Dash tries to ruin Iris with the sex tape at his last concert. Now Jamie is drifting. He's left his band and he's hiding out in his hometown which is the place where everything started including his love for Iris. This...
  • Konny
    Beg by Eden Butler is the second book in the God of Rock Duet by Eden Butler. Beg is not a standalone, I highly recommend to read book one, Kneel , first.Beg picks up where Kneel was left off.Iris Daine and Jamie Vega aka Dash Justice were a couple. Only Dash didnt only destroy Iris, he broke her in million little pieces and then stomped on it. His actions were inexcusable.Now Iris is gone, vanished and Dash sees the error of his actions. Only it...
  • A Book Lover's Emporium Book Blog
    The wait for the sequel to Kneel was definitely worth it and I certainly was not disappointed. This book was everything I hoped it to be and more. Beg is the continuation of the story of two soulmates who make so many mistakes trying to hurt each other.I thoroughly enjoyed the POV of Jamie in this well-written sequel. In this story, we get to see more of Jamie’s personality and the demons that drive him to become Dash Justice, and how he redisc...
  • Maria
    This book was on my mind a lot after reading Kneel ( God Of Rock #1) I wondered what it would take to forgive Dash/Jamie for doing the unforgivable, I honestly didn't think he could ever redeem himself in my eyes.But guess what, I think he sort of did. Beg, is Jamie`s point of view, and thankfully its not him crying or whining that life handed him a bad hand. He didn't make excuses for what he did, he owned every mistake he made and felt the guil...
  • Melissa B
    This read was a perfect conclusion to kneel with so much emotion...... you'll have all the feels when you're done! I LOVED every page I read from beginning to end and with every bit of frustration, tears and laughs I just couldn't put it down. You will fall in love with Jamie and Iris's story because they will show you know matter the ups and downs that your once in a lifetime love is worth fighting for. How do you know when you have found your "...
  • Donna ~ The Romance Cover
    Eden Butler doesn't disappoint with the conclusion of this duet, she doesn't make excuses for past behaviour, she doesn't ignore what went before but she does bring redemption and that was the most I could hope for.Dash was as stubborn as they come but he does see the light and maybe this as not one sided as he first thought. I love second chance romance and add into that a rock star and you have a perfect combination. Great series. “Words are...
  • Dawn Edwards
    * I received a free copy to read and review for wicked reads review team* This is the second book in the series and you really have to read book one, kneel before diving into this one.Beg is told from Jamie/Dash's POV it's surrounds the fallout from book one and how he deals with that. I enjoyed watching Jamie come to terms with the issues in his life as well as dealing with the fallout from his actions. This was a great conclusion to the story.
  • Nicole Collins
    Love, love, love this story. The emotional roller coaster of these characters had me laughing and crying. There is one point in the story I wanted to actually smack a character, but I won't spoil the story for others. I love how this was kind of 2 stories in one, romantic love and familial love. I highly recommend this story.
  • Tanya
    to be honest i had NO idea how the author was gonna be able to redeem Jamie. releasing a sex tape of your lover as revenge is the ultimate betrayal.Eden mastered the redemption. to see the character grow, learn and deal with his past was an amzing conclusion to this duet!!
  • Amy Dally
    WOW! This was a fantastic conclusion to Jamie and iris’s story.I loved that we got to see inside the mind of dash/Jamie while he moved through the motions of finding himself while trying to repair the relationships with his family, band mates and of course iris.
  • Irina
    This is not Jamie and Iris’ story.It's only Jamie’s story.
  • Read.Review.Repeat Blog
    I just had to see how this story ended. After Kneel left me hanging, wanting more I couldn't devour this book fast enough. I loved how it was from Jamie's POV and showed him trying to repair his relationships with everyone around him and making himself a better person along the way. This was a great conclusion to Jamie and Iris's love story!
  • BookLovin
    Way better than book 1.
  • Daisy
    I was really excited for the conclusion of this duet, but sadly it didn’t live up to Kneel. This one felt like a totally different story and only Jamie’s. Very little interaction between H/h IMO.
  • April Symes
    Beg by Eden Butler is the conclusion to Iris and Dash’s story and what an emotional rollercoaster ride it was. I was one wondering how the author would handle Iris and Dash’s emotional story and let me say the author did it justice. When we last were left at the end of Book 1 Kneel where Jamie (as Dash) having a personal video up in concert, which now mirrors the nightmare at the beginning of Kneel. His grievances with Iris caused him to act ...