The Restless Wave by John McCain

The Restless Wave

In this candid new political memoir from Senator John McCain, an American hero reflects on his life—and what matters most.I don’t know how much longer I’ll be here. Maybe I’ll have another five years. Maybe, with the advances in oncology, they’ll find new treatments for my cancer that will extend my life. Maybe I’ll be gone before you read this. My predicament is, well, rather unpredictable. But I’m prepared for either contingency, ...

Details The Restless Wave

TitleThe Restless Wave
Release DateMay 22nd, 2018
PublisherSimon & Schuster
GenrePolitics, Nonfiction, Biography, Autobiography, Memoir, History, Audiobook

Reviews The Restless Wave

  • Diane S ☔
    I didn't grow up in a political household, politics, world views were rarely discussed. At least not in front of us children. Remember my mom swooning over the Kennedy's like many parents. That may be why I don't really affiliate with any political party. I tend to vote the issues and the person, their characters, their experience. In this way over the years I have come to admire John McCain. I didn't agree with all his views, all his stances, bu...
  • Cheryl
    It was a memoir. He didn't shit on anyone and he didn't do a tell all. He wrote about his experiences around the world, he had nice things to say about Sarah Palin, he had not very nice things to say about Obama's decisions (understandable), and not very much to say about Trump (surprising). If you were a fan of John McCain then you will enjoy this book. I was a Republican since the 1970's until 2000 (then I became a Democrat) and I loved McCain ...
  • Jean
    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book. The book covers his campaign for presidency to the current time. I found some of his observations and comments about people such as Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Obama, both Bushes and high military command most interesting. Toward the end of the book he also had some comments about Trump. In this book what came through to me loud and clear was that McCain’s priority is the country and all else is seco...
  • Marc Gerstein
    I love political memoirs, whether from people I agree with or disagree with, like or don’t like, voted for or voted against. Considering the arc of his life, with much to be revered even by those with differing views, I thought this would be a winner.It is a powerful historic resource given the incredible quantity of valuable information it presents based on the first-hand experiences McCain had with so many issues of global importance. And it ...
  • Donald Powell
    John McCain is truly a great man and a true American Hero in many realms. I thoroughly enjoyed reading his thoughts, his approach and his urgent plea for principles above personalities. His vision of governance is amazingly aligned with the founders and other great political thinkers. As a student governance in my sixth decade I can unequivocally say John McCain has the voice we should all hear. Politicians and citizens need to read this book and...
  • Book
    The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, and Other Appreciations by John McCain and Mark Salter“The Restless Wave” is a candid yet surprisingly understated political memoir from John McCain. No matter what side you are on the political spectrum, McCain’s love of country is undeniable and shines through in what is most likely his last swan song. This frank 416-page book includes the following ten chapters: 1. No Surrender, 2...
  • Yaaresse
    I'm mostly neutral about John McCain. I'm neither part of the fan club that acts like he's a saint nor the haters who act like he's the Anti-Christ. (That's most likely be the guy in the Oval office right now.) I probably would not have voted for him had he run again -- and I refused to vote for him when he had that imbecilic Palin on his ticket -- but I think he would have made a decent President. So I came at this book willing to see what he ha...
  • Sherry Sharpnack
    “Here he lies where he longs to be; Home is the sailor, home from sea, And the hunter home from the hill.” “Requiem” Robert L. StevensonI assume this verse will be on John McCain’s tombstone, b/c it is so apt. Senator McCain served Arizona in the US Senate for 30 years, in the House for one term before that, and served his country in the US Navy for 25 years, over five of it as a “guest” in North Vietnam’s torture house, the Hanoi...
  • Zulfiya
    Let me start with this blunt confession aka disclaimer - I am a Russian immigrant, an agnostic, and a progressive, so hopefully, I am not biased too much with my four star review, but the book is not about me - it is about John McCain by John McCain, who is a very rare breed among Republicans. He is a true patriot of his country ( as he sees it) and the one who is always willing to shake hands across the political aisle for the betterment of his ...
  • Deb Jones
    Politically speaking, John McCain and I have often been on opposite sides of the fence. That has not kept me from appreciating what an intelligent and dedicated man he is. Having read The Restless Wave, I feel solid in that conviction in addition to realizing his great love for the United States and all her people.McCain has penned a biography that brings a back story to selected periods/ventures from his run for the presidency in 2008 to his str...
  • Amy
    This book has been on my “To Read” list since I first found out it was going to be published. Last week, when I saw that McCain was stopping his cancer treatment, I knew it was time to borrow a copy, because he was not going to be long for this world. I’ve known a lot of people with this type of cancer, and it doesn’t matter who you are, the odds of surviving this longer than about 18 months, are very slim.As you begin to read McCain’s ...
  • Susan
    I really enjoyed reading his personal thoughts and statements and reading about his experiences. However, it was way too much detailed information for me on each battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Amber Spencer
    I have so much respect for this man after reading this book. It was so good and he gave so many years to living what he believed.
  • Karen
    I didn't always agree with McCain's politics, but have always respected his service to the U.S. Interesting read.
  • Ronald Aylward
    I stopped at page 75. This is one of the most poorly written books that I have started to read. It is very ego centric as evidenced by the use of the personal pronoun “I”. It is a steam of conscious type of writing that John may enjoy, but it is not worth reading. I am glad I rented from the library. Did not cost me anything.
  • Lisa-Michele
    McCain really grabbed me and drew me in with his passion and his patriotism. I didn’t agree with all his positions, but I respect him tremendously for the courage of his convictions. I read the book before he passed away and his death hit me harder as a result. The book was more philosophical than I expected, less good-ol-boy and more good causes. McCain was an indefatigable champion of human rights around the world. I learned so much as he led...
  • Linda
    Probably more like 3.5 stars.Strange that I started this book the day that John McCain died. He WAS optimistic while he wrote this book, admitting he didn't know if he would still be alive when the book was published, but he did expect to go back to the Senate.A pastiche of events that McCain took part in involving, Lindsay Graham, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and others.Unfortunately, he did not stick to a chronology which, when listening rath...
  • Marilyn
    Holy cow, did he ever travel. I can understand why he needed fact checkers to help him with dates and places. This is a compendium of Senator McCains time in the Senate. He obviously relished and enjoyed the experience. Apropos of the Presidents visit to Finland, Senator McCain makes no bones about mistrusting Vladimir Putin and his goals. He also mistrusts the President and his America First agenda.This book could have made stronger with some ju...
  • Audrey Mckay
    I can’t express how wonderful and heartbreaking it was to read this.
  • Matt Heavner
    An interesting life - a good, broad look at the world from the view of McCain. A lot of explanation, but not an apologia. No regrets over Sara Palin. No love for Putin. Confusion about wtf is up with Trump. Interesting reflections on the Senate - with Kennedy, Udall, and others.
  • Pam Cipkowski
    I always like to hear what John McCain has to say, and this book is no different. A lot of political war stories here, and a heavy dose of foreign policy (which made me yawn in a few spots), all injected with his usual sarcastic wit and bravado. Conversations about the 2008 campaign are almost quaint, with tales of old-fashioned politicking. He’s a bit hard on Obama, but also shows his respect for him as well.I don’t have the head or the mind...
  • JerryDeanHalleck
    The Louder he talked of honor, the faster we counted our spoons. This isn't a good book. Its boring and prose style is mediocre. You'll have to be a BIG McCain fan to enjoy reading it. First, if you're looking for great insights into the 2008 campaign, the US Senate, or McCain's political associates - you're out of luck. McCain mostly writes about McCain. How he felt, what he thought, were he went, and his views on politics and foreign policy. Hi...
  • Ash Wilson
    “I don’t know how much longer I’ll be here. Maybe I’ll have another 5 years. Maybe, with the advances in oncology, they’ll find new treatments for my cancer that will extend my life. Maybe I’ll be gone before you read this. My predicament is, well, rather unpredictable. But I’m prepared for either contingency, or at least I’m getting prepared. I have some things I’d like to take care of first, some work that needs finishing, and...
  • skip thurnauer
    In the introduction too The Restless Wave, "Accumulated Memories", McCain states that "We live in a land made from ideals, not blood and soil. We are custodians of those ideals at home, and their champions abroad." He goes on to say that America has done good in the world because we believe our ideals inspire all mankind and that the international order we've overseen would improve peace, security, and prosperity for all. If you were to read no f...
  • Ryan
    I'd been meaning to read this book, but like others, I thought I had more time. I was on vacation sitting around a campfire when I heard the news that John McCain had passed and fortunately always bring a kindle to a campfire.I have two other McCain books on my bookshelf, still unread, and for some reason I thought he was a more prolific author. Apparently these were his only three books, with this one intended to go into great detail on the 2008...
  • Wendy Lynn
    I listened to the Audible version of this book which was read by Beau Bridges with an opening and closing by John McCain. Full disclosure, I am a political centrist with left leaning tendencies. I started reading Mr. McCain’s book shortly prior to his death in 2018. He has intrigued me ever since his presidential run in 2000. I liked the fact that he was a “maverick” and seemed to embrace people from both sides of the aisle. I thought his b...
  • Eric
    John McCain implies throughout this book that he is not a gifted orator like Ted Kennedy, Barack Obama or other colleagues. If this is so, the talent must lie with his co-author, Mark Salter, because every chapter soars with passionate, evocative, eye-wetting prose. One small caveat is that it appears several turns of phrase were just too good, as variations of the same pull-quote appear repeatedly, becoming more embellished with each re-telling....
  • David Anthony Sam
    Best to use John McCain’s own words and Hemingway’s:Before I leave I'd like to see our politics begin to return to the pur poses and practices that distinguish our history from the history of Other nations. I would like to see us recover our sense that we are more alike than different. We are citizens of a republic made of shared ideals forged in a new world to replace the tribal enmities that tormented the Old one. Even in times of political...