Elmet by Fiona Mozley


Fresh and distinctive writing from an exciting new voice in fiction, Elmet is an unforgettable novel about family, as well as a beautiful meditation on landscape. Daniel is heading north. He is looking for someone. The simplicity of his early life with Daddy and Cathy has turned sour and fearful. They lived apart in the house that Daddy built for them with his bare hands. They foraged and hunted. When they were younger, Daniel and Cathy had gone ...

Details Elmet

Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherAlgonquin Books
GenreFiction, Literary Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews Elmet

  • Angela M
    4.5 stars. The writing is beautiful. I found myself rereading many passages because I wanted to see or feel what is described again. The writing is lyrical with amazingly visual descriptions of this rural area in the woods in the north of England. There's such a sense of place and I always hesitate to call a book atmospheric not wanting to overuse the term, but it is the best description I can come up. Yet, if I didn't know I was reading a novel ...
  • Paromjit
    This is a beautiful and lyrically written piece of Gothic Noir, drawing on the ancient area of Celtic Elmet, comprising West Riding in Yorkshire, Ted Hughes's 'badlands' providing sanctuary to those on the run, and the folklore surrounding Robin Hood. The narrative is from the point of view of a 14 year old Daniel. Daniel, his sister, Cathy and their larger than life father, John, referred to as Daddy, relocate to a rustic area that their mother ...
  • Hugh
    This book was the only genuine surprise on this year's Booker longlist, a first novel by a young British writer. I would be very happy to see this book make the shortlist - there may be at least six better books on the longlist but none of them would benefit as much from the exposure, and this is a promising debut by a talented writer. This was the most unexpectedly welcome inclusion on the shortlist. Very disappointed to lose Reservoir 13, Home ...
  • Larry H
    Fiona Mozley's Elmet is one of the most lyrical, atmospheric books I've read in some time. The descriptions of this area of rural Yorkshire, and the environment that surrounds the main characters, are tremendously poetic and vivid, yet Mozley doesn't use more words than necessary to get the mood or her story across. It's almost as if she strove for a simple, no-nonsense tone befitting her salt-of-the-earth characters.In the book's epigraph from...
  • Hannah Greendale
    Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend.
  • Diane S ☔
    Elmet, a place of sanctuary, and for Cathy, Danny and their father, for a short while it was. They built on land their mother had once owned, but did no longer, near a copse and woods. They hunted,fished and used whatever the land provided. They didn't have much but they were happy, basically content. The descriptions of this natural setting are glorious, beautifully done,the changing seasons,"Spring that came with a rush of color, a blanket of l...
  • Cheri
    4.5 Stars ”We arrived in summer when the landscape was in full bloom and the days were long and hot and the light was soft. I roamed shirtless and sweated cleanly and enjoyed the hug of the thick air. In those months I picked up freckles on my bony shoulders and the sun set slowly and the evenings were pewter before they were black, before the mornings seeped through again. Rabbits gamboled in the fields and when we were lucky, when the wind w...
  • Mercedes
    4.5 stars
  • Rebecca Foster
    (4.5) Shortlisted for the Booker Prize!The dark horse in this year’s Man Booker Prize race is a brilliant, twisted fable about the clash of the land-owning and serf classes in contemporary England. I’d love to see it win, though George Saunders seems like a shoo-in. You’d hardly believe it’s a debut novel, or that it’s by a 29-year-old PhD candidate in medieval history. The epigraph from Ted Hughes defines “Elmet” as an ancient Celt...
  • Peter Boyle
    One of the things I like most about the Booker Prize is the way it can shine a light on unknown writers. Elmet was a surprise entry on this year's longlist, and it caused further upset by making the final six at the expense of much acclaimed novels such as The Underground Railroad and Solar Bones. So is this brooding debut deserving of its shortlist status, and can it go on and win the whole thing?The story is set in rural Yorkshire. Daniel Olive...