Bang (Hard Rock Harlots, #5) by Kendall Grey

Bang (Hard Rock Harlots, #5)

Book 5 in the Hard Rock Harlots SeriesSome people think touring with a bunch of hardcore rockers would be a dream come true.It isn't.Most days, life on the bus is more like a nightmare made flesh. Stressful, tense, and claustrophobic as crap.Keeping the band members from suffocating each other with pillows has been a full-time job since we first hit the road. One day I'm playing referee between longtime friends fighting over the drummer girl. The...

Details Bang (Hard Rock Harlots, #5)

TitleBang (Hard Rock Harlots, #5)
Release DateOct 17th, 2017
PublisherHowling Mad Press
GenreMusic, Romance

Reviews Bang (Hard Rock Harlots, #5)

  • Angie
    F/F isn't my thing but I was excited for another Hard Rock Harlots book featuring Jillian, Killer Buzz Float's high strung manager. But I should have realized F/F would be the tamest part of this book. LOL. I just love Letty's hijinks. The timeline of this book parallels the entire series with most of its emphasis on Rock. I thought it was clever how Grey added in a story for Jillian. I felt bad for her for lousy introduction to the BDSM lifestyl...
  • Archer
    Fun and Light right.
  • Jenn's Book Obsession
    4.5 StarsI love this series and I'm beyond thrilled that we are not saying goodbye to these characters just quite yet. Kendall Grey does it again! She writes and delivers a story that will have you completely consumed from the very beginning. I love the way Kendall Grey writes. It's just so unapologetic. It's raw. It's dirty. And it's downright delectable. I absolutely love Jillian. She is independent, fierce and loyal to the band. What she's end...
  • Renee
    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie's Book Reports. Bang is the fifth book in the Hard Rock Harlots series from Kendall Grey. I imagine you could read this book as a standalone but it is so much fun the read Strings, Beats and Nocturne. You don't want to miss that book along with the other two stories Kendall Grey added to this series. Jillian Frost is the manager of Killer Buzz Float. You would thing tou...
  • MJ
    Bang is yet another spectacular addition to the Hard Rock Harlots series. This time around Kendall Grey finally gives us Jillian Frost's story. The manager of Killer Buzz Float could not have a more perfect last name. All business all the time, or so it seems, this woman has to rule her band with an iron fist while adoring every member as if they were her own.What is so great about this book is that we get what I liken to a backstory to events th...
  • Nikki
    Bang is Jillian's side of the story from the last book, Rock, Book 4 in the HRH series. Having already read Rock, I was excited to find out what was going on, literally behind the scenes [and between the sheets] with Jillian (Killer Buzz Float's manager) and Lizzie (Banging Betties lead linger). Let's just say this was a story worth the wait!I won't give away the plot points or any spoilers but I will say that I think this is the first book that ...
  • Rose Maniscalco
    Loved, loved, loved this book. It was awesome to see the band from Jillian's POV instead of seeing her from their POV. We really get some insight into how much she does for all of them and how she really feels. And Toombs was already by far my favorite character in the series, but after this book, I love him even harder!!!! I loved their little coffee "dates" and how supportive and smart he is. I loved how Jillian's view of him changed so much! I...
  • Rachael Orman
    4.5 StarsI haven't read any of the other books in this series, but I thought it was interesting seeing as it was about the manager of the band. It bothered me that she was given such an awkward intro into BDSM followed by an ungrateful lover. I love that even though she was dead set on it not being her thing, she still gave S & M a try... and she found maybe it wasn't so bad after all. The emotional twists in this story had my stomach turning rig...
  • Jamie Ellis
    Jillian's POV!!!!OK huge fan of this series.....I will start off with that firstly. My thing is that most of the book was a recap of the previous books with some new thrown in, with it being Jillian's Point of View!! And the new that was added was freaking hot AF, and you even learn more about the elusive band manager and what she goes through for the band. I honestly hope we get more from this amazing series. I got to have more of my all time fa...
  • Landra Graf
    The Hard Rock Harlot series so far has been one of the filthiest erotic romance series I've read. With the fifth book, Grey stepped out of the box further and went total Lesbian Erotica. You read that right. There's no HEA, which is something she readily admits to. My little secret, I finished the book and learned from the experience that no HEA is not for me. That doesn't mean this book was bad, it meant I had to keep reminding myself this wasn'...