The Lady Travelers Guide to Deception with an Unlikely Earl (The Lady Travelers Society, #3) by Victoria Alexander

The Lady Travelers Guide to Deception with an Unlikely Earl (The Lady Travelers Society, #3)

Set sail for love in this sparkling new adventure in #1 New York Times bestselling author Victoria Alexander’s Lady Travelers Society series.Harry Armstrong has spent years in Egypt, recovering relics and disregarding rules. Now he’s back in England with a new title and a new purpose: penning his exploits. But his efforts are overshadowed by London’s favorite writer about Egypt—a woman they call The Queen of the Desert, of all things. Wor...

Details The Lady Travelers Guide to Deception with an Unlikely Earl (The Lady Travelers Society, #3)

TitleThe Lady Travelers Guide to Deception with an Unlikely Earl (The Lady Travelers Society, #3)
Release DateNov 20th, 2018
PublisherHQN Books
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Regency, Historical Fiction

Reviews The Lady Travelers Guide to Deception with an Unlikely Earl (The Lady Travelers Society, #3)

  • DJ Sakata
    Favorite Quotes:She had insisted on accompanying Sidney for the sake of propriety although they both knew propriety was the last thing on the older woman’s mind. She simply didn’t want to miss what happened next and no doubt had orders from Poppy and the lady travelers guide to Gwen to report back every detail.The next elderly lady, with graying dark hair, a hat just as ridiculous as the first woman’s and the overbearing manner of a dragon ...
  • Ezinwanyi
    This audiobook was a grand adventure and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. It was like following a female Indiana Jones except the lady was an author not an archeologist. The plot was similar to the prior books in this series. It was more of a historical romantic suspense story because the romance was secondary to the main characters drive to find some historical artifacts. Miss Sidney Honeywall has been writing under the pseudonym Mrs. Gordon, garn...
  • Becca
    I have been reading and enjoying Victoria Alexander's books for years. However, for some reason, I got way behind on her Lady Traveler's Society books and only read the prequel novella for the series. When I read that this book was returning to Egypt (some of Alexander's early books, including my personal favorite, The Perfect Wife, also take place there), I knew now was the time to dive in.Alexander's writing is smart. There is something about i...
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    The Lady Travelers Guide to Deception with an Unlikely Earl is a grand adventure for two individuals who has something to prove to themselves and one another. Sidney Honeywell didn’t mean to deceive her audience when it came to her articles about Egypt. They assumed and now her career and livelihood are in jeopardy. To make matters worse, the Earl of Brenton has called her a fraud and challenged her to go to Egypt and prove him right. Harry Arm...
  • Monique
    Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!Have you ever read a book that you cannot wait to tell everyone about how amazing it is? THE LADY TRAVELERS GUIDE TO DECEPTION WITH AN UNLIKELY EARL is one of those. Miss Sidney Honeywell is the authoress of the Tales of a Lady Adventurer in Egypt under the name of Mrs. Gordon. Everyone raves about her articles and her book, but Sidney is not a widow and has never set foot in Egypt. “Mrs. Gordon” and the Earl of Brenton...
  • Marlene
    Originally published at Reading RealityI kept expecting Amelia Peabody Emerson to walk through the lobby of Shepheard’s Hotel at any moment. Not that this is her story, but she and her entourage would have fit right into the adventures of Harry Armstrong, Sidney Honeywell and the gaggle of elderly ladies who are alternately chaperoning and matchmaking the couple – when they’re not aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise or two.And there...
  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    The Lady Travelers Guide to Deception with an Unlikely Earl by Victoria Alexander is book Three in The Lady Travelers Society Series. This is the story of Sidney Honeywell and Harry Armstrong. I haven't yet read the previous books, so for me this was a standalone book. Harry is returning from his adventures from Egypt thinking to document them. But he also has a new title the Earl of Brenton. When he decides to show Sidney as a fake for her artic...
  • Mara Pemberton
    I love this series. The main characters that are great and well written. But my favorite characters are the 3 older ladies who started THE LADY TRAVELERS GUIDE Travelers club, having never set a foot out of England are the best part of the books and a hoot. I thank Ms. Alexander in writing this series. She's come with a wonderful lighthearted series just right for getting one's perspective back after reading several serious books over a holiday.
  • Tracy Emro
    4.5 stars rounded up.Sidney Gordon Honeywell is the author of the wildly successful series "Tales of a Lady Adventurer in Egypt", a fictional depiction of her grandmother's adventures. Sidney never claimed the stories were true or that she was the heroine - but somehow that is what everyone believes and her publisher believed it was best to continue the ruse. But now the Earl of Brenton has been sending letters to the Times denouncing her as a fr...
  • Carrie
    I received an ARC through Netgalley.Miss Sidney Honeywell, aka Mrs. Gordon and Queen of the Desert, has gained quite a fan base with her tales of Egypt. Problem is, she’s never actually been there; her stories are based on the journals of her grandmother, Althea Gordon, and years of research.One person who isn’t a fan of Sidney’s stories is Harry Armstrong, newly appointed Earl of Brenton and aspiring writer. He has spent many years in Egyp...
  • eyes.2c
    Irresistible Egyptian hi jinks!With a throwaway hint to Sherlock Holmes, Miss Sidney Honeywell and Harry Armstrong (who unknown to Sidney is her protagonist, the Earl of Brenton) begin their challenge.“Then the game is afoot, Mrs. Gordon."What game is that? To prove that Sidney is author Mrs Gordon, a well travelled Egyptologist from her side of the fence, and from Harry's, to prove that Mrs Gordon has never at foot in Egypt, let alone done the...
  • Niki
    This is the story of spinster Sidney, an untraveled author of stories on Egypt and Harry, a very well-traveled expert on Egypt who calls Sidney out as a fraud. This leads to the both of them traveling to Egypt with three charming older ladies and one nosy reporter in tow.This book was quite different from what I was expecting and from what I've been reading lately, but I really enjoyed it. Parts of it moved a bit slowly, but thanks to the banter ...
  • viktoria
    This had a delightful screwball romantic comedy kind of vibe, which was not what I expected going in, but it worked! It was not unlike a tasty piece of fluffy pie. Pros: The tone was light and seriously funny, the dialogue, the meddlesome "old ladies," the banter, neither the hero nor the heroine were very angsty* or full of themselves.* Don't get me wrong, I love angst and turmoil a stupid amount, but I loved that Alexander framed this in such a...
  • Milena
    The Lady Travelers Guide to Deception with an Unlikely Earl was an OK read for me. I liked the hero and heroine's verbal sparring, I loved the meddlesome old ladies of the Lady Travelers Society, and there were quite a few funny moments that made me laugh, but, overall, I found the book to be too long and quite boring at times. I would have enjoyed it more if it was around a hundred pages shorter and more fast-paced.
  • Tahyun
    This story was somehow an exciting slow burn. It took its time but I was still flipping pages (figuratively; it was a digital copy) as fast as I possibly could!Oh, la, do I love historical romances set abroad! Don't get me wrong, ballrooms and Hyde Park are wonderful - but it's nice to get out and about every now and again. The author truly paints the scenes in the most marvelous ways. I have never been to Egypt (and certainly not Egypt of the 19...
  • Amy A
    4.5Harry Armstrong spent years in Egypt at first relishing the adventure of the exotic locale, then later, realizing the sanctity of preserving and protecting the history and art of the relics he was uncovering from those who would sell such artifacts for personal gain. If anything, Harry knows how unforgiving the deserts of Egypt can be, that's why, after the death of a friend about a year ago, Harry left Egypt with no intention of ever going ba...
  • Annette
    Sidney is a woman who writes of adventures in Egypt. She has been writing fiction based on her grandmother's diaries. The newspaper which publishes her stories has encouraged the idea that all the stories are true and are based on the adventures of a fictitious woman.When her stories are described as poppycock by an unknown earl, a challenge is born. Sidney and the nephew of the earl will both go to Egypt and she will prove her abilities to be an...
  • Suey_Library
    ***Received an Advanced Readers Copy during a blog tour with TLCBookTours in exchange for an honest Review***Oh my lanta do I love me some historical romance? I know, I a mush for sappy, and I cannot help it! Sometimes you just need that swoon worthy, historical setting to get your goats going! Seriously, I love it. And honestly, I really liked Victoria Alexander's writing style, it was light, entertainingly delicious, definitely one author to sc...
  • Olivia Farr
    "The Lady Travelers Guide to Deception with an Unlikely Earl" follows Miss Sidney Honeywell, a famous author known for her stories of adventures in Egypt. She based them on her grandmother's journals and writes as Mrs. Gordon, a widow, for more repute. The world has come to believe that they were her own adventures and true stories, despite their outlandish nature. The paper who publishes them is not eager to let the truth out. However, now, an E...
  • Kate
    This review was copied from my romance novel review blog: romanticallyinclinedreviews.comThis book was provided for free in exchange for an honest review.I love a battle of wits and wills between my hero and heroine. There's nothing more entertaining than watching two people try to outsmart one another. And what a strange situation our hero and heroine find them in; traipsing around Egypt trying to keep their secrets secret.Usually our heroines a...
  • Andrea
    Book #3 in the series The Lady Travelers Society, The Lady Travelers Guide to Deception with an Unlikely Earl can be read without knowledge of the previous books, Miss Sidney Honeywell is known as The Queen of the Desert because she writes books about adventures in Egypt. She has never wanted to deceive anyone, but her large audience believes she writes about her experience on Egyptian lands, whereas she has never been to the African country hers...
  • Perrin Larton
    What FUN! I've been a fan of The Lady Travelers book since the first one! This one is probably my favorite.What happens when you've studied all things Egypt for your whole life, but have never actually been there? You begin to write about it! Your editor doesn't believe an unmarried young woman would know as much as the writing shows you do, AND somehow, everyone assumes that you're an old widow, well you become Mrs. Gordon and the Queen of the D...
  • Janet
    Harry Armstrong has spent years in Egypt, recovering relics and disregarding rules. Now he's back in England with a new title and a new purpose: penning his exploits. But his efforts are overshadowed by London's favourite writer about Egypt--a woman they call The Queen of the Desert, of all things. Worse, her stories are serialised in newspapers and reprinted in books & are complete rubbish. Miss Sidney Honeywell didn't set out to deceive anyone....
  • Linda
    Given a publisher galley in exchange for an honest reviewThe wait is over and The Lady Travelers Guide to Deception with an Unlikely Earl will not disappoint any who love and enjoy the Lady Travelers Society series. Once again, the feisty older ladies of the Lady Travelers Society have taken a young woman under their wing. Sidney Gordon Honeywell known by her fans as The Queen of the Desert has published in newspapers about her travels in Egypt. ...
  • Quinn Fforde
    I loved the latest novel in the Lady Travelers series. This time we get to go to Egypt in 1892, a less common setting for historical romance. There were lots of interesting locations to read about and experience which is one feature that I enjoy about this series.Another unusual feature of this book is that Sidney is 32 instead of 22 or younger. She is an experienced writer and a level-headed adult. This means that she is not constantly flying of...
  • Kimia Safavi
    A delightful romantic comedy!The Lady Travelers Guide to Deception with an Unlikely Earl is the third book in the fabulous series of The Lady Travelers Society.Victoria Alexander is a talented, smart and brilliant author that just by reading one of her books, you will become her fan. Her stories make you smile, laugh and happy.I love Lady Travelers Society series (of course I love every single book by Victoria Alexander).The three matchmaking fou...
  • Amy Alvis
    I really enjoyed Harry and Sidney's story!!An author out to prove that the books she has written are accurate depictions of her travels when she hasn't actually left the country just opens up so many possibilities. Add in 3 meddling women, a journalist out to make a name for himself and an Earl determined to prove her wrong and you have all kinds of opportunities for misadventure!!I loved watching Harry and Sidney interacting with each other. Sid...
  • Kathy Martin
    This historical romance was really entertaining. Harry Armstrong has spent years exploring in England. After he unexpectedly inherits and Earldom, he finds himself back in England, trying to fill his new role, and penning his memoirs in order to honor a friend who was lost in Egypt. Unfortunately, Miss Sydney Honeywell is already using her grandmother's memoirs to write entertaining and engaging stories about life in Egypt. She didn't expect anyo...
  • Molly
    This was an amazing book. I loved it and I hope there will be more in the future. This book is about Harry Armstrong, who has been in Egypt recovering relics. Currently his is back in London writing about his exploits. But none of his efforts have been great since London's favorite writer about Egypt is some women they call The Queen of the Desert. Miss Sidney Honeywell didn’t want to deceive anyone and that her readers assumed that her stories...