The Art of Harry Potter by Marc Sumerak

The Art of Harry Potter

Since the debut of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, the Harry Potter film franchise has become one of the most popular and successful in the world. Beautifully crafted and presented in a deluxe, large-format with lavish production values, these pages present a visual chronicle of the work by artists and filmmakers to bring the wizarding world to life onscreen. Bursting with hundreds of rare and unpublished works of art, including production...

Details The Art of Harry Potter

TitleThe Art of Harry Potter
Release DateNov 1st, 2017
PublisherTitan Books Ltd
GenreArt, Nonfiction

Reviews The Art of Harry Potter

  • LaDonna
    4.5 STARS It is hard to find the words that will do this book justice. The Art of Harry Potter: The Definitive Art Collection of the Magical Film Franchise is beyond anything that I have seen before. In the words of its author, Marc Sumerak, "The style of these movies is: Although there's magic all over the place...Hogwarts is a very physical, very real, very solid place". The talent and skill it takes to create this world, these characters, th...
  • Andrew
    This is a massive book - honestly its impressive in almost every aspect - including cutting off circulation to parts of your body while reading it in bed. So what we have here is a huge (and did I say heavy) book on the art of the Harry Potter movies, this covers the concept art and production art of all the films. That pretty much sums up the book but boy if that is all you can say about it then you are missing so much.The books size (and yes we...
  • Rikke
    A beautiful guide through the art of the Harry Potter movies. Not much text, but such stunning pictures, drawings and concept art of everything from logos and props to costumes, scenes and even Quidditch fields.
  • Zulekha Saqib
    it is a gorgeous behemoth of a book.. it includes the concept art that went into the making of the Harry Potter movies, even some that didn't make it into the movies and I am so stoked to have them altogether in one fabulous edition.. it is truly magical seeing how J.K.Rowling's words paved their way for the big screen!⚡ it is a gorgeous behemoth of a book.. it includes the concept art that went into the making of the Harry Potter movies, eve...
  • Butterfly2507
    OMG ICH LIEBE ES! Es ist so wunderschön! Ich liebe eigentlich alles in und an dem Buch. Es macht meine Harry Potter Sammlung komplett
  • Sharni
    This book is so gorgeous that you’ll be likely to forget all about that lovely cup of tea you just made as you fall completely back into the wizarding world :)
  • Kirsty Potter
    Me, counting picture books towards my goodreads challenge? You're damn right I am.This was an exhaustive collection of art from the Harry Potter films, containing everything from blueprints of Gringotts to copies of Mrs Weasley's homemade jam labels. It was wonderful to see the amount of detail that went into creating the series, and really makes you appreciate the unsung heroes of film - art directors, costume and prop designers deserve a lot mo...
  • Erwin
    JK Rowling painted the world of Harry Potter with her words. In "The Art Of Harry Potter" we get a chance to see that world in pictures created by the artistic team responsible for putting the 'painted' words to the movie screen.This is a beautiful oversize book full of illustrations that capture the sets that were used, the characters, the creatures and the unique detail of the props. Because the book consists of 95% pictures vs. words the reade...
  • Ashley Beery
    Don't hate me for this people! Here's the thing, the artwork is BEAUTIFUL, don't get me wrong, BUT if you've read the movie books, aka artifacts, locations, creatures, characters, etc, where they show you the behind the scene stuff...we've seen the majority of these photos before. Therefore, for the price, it's hard to justify buying this book..again. And the worst part is, they sealed the book so you don't realize this until AFTER you buy it. Gr...
  • Glenn
    The art is just so uninspiring. I thought I'd love this book seeing how much I love Harry Potter and how much I love 'art of' books (Art of Over the Garden Wall is one of my fave books to look through) but there's no story / commentary in this book other than a few intro pages. It's just page after page of really uninspiring, mostly digital paintings (they're not uninspiring *because* they're digital, but there's absolutely no life to the images ...
  • Nick Goodsell
    A collection of concept art on what seems like all aspects of the Harry Potter films: characters, settings, costumes, artifacts, creatures, etc and IT. IS. AMAZING!! It takes you so much more in depth into all the thought and detail that went into objects and buildings and costumes and characters and visual storytelling with storyboards, and is yet another way to appreciate the magical world created by Rowling. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, at ...
  • Shannon Knight
    This book is gorgeous and fascinating from cover to cover. Absolutely worth every penny I spent on it. It's so rare that I even read my big fancy "coffee table" books, but this one, I couldn't put down, and I'll return to it again and again. If you're a Harry Potter fan and you want to treat yourself or splurge on a great book, get this one.
  • Megan Redlawsk
    Being an art book, there is little commentary outside of captions, but every chapter had a one page introduction. I think someone should have edited those intros better due to the redundancy of phrasing and overuse of "from ABC to xyz." It was present in just about every intro, some multiple times. Other than that teensy bit of nitpicking, this book is BEAUTIFUL.
  • Carrie
    This book is beautiful! I love illustrated companions for movies and this one is stunning. It includes almost all the aspects of the movies so it’s definitely worth looking into if you’re a Harry Potter fan.
  • Ainhoa
    Un libro indispensable para todo fan de Harry Potter.Sin embargo, si buscas un "Cómo se hizo", este no es tu libro. El único texto que encontrarás aquí será al inicio de cada capítulo y al pie de página de las ilustraciones. Conceptos y bocetos es lo único que encontrarás.
  • Panda
    IT'S SO GORGEOUS! There's basically no text, just pictures of everything art related from the Harry Potter movies, but I didn't really need the text. I'll be looking through this book a lot so I definitely think it was worth the money.
  • Katy Morrical
    Best Christmas Gift Ever!!! As someone who LOVES little details, graphic arts, and HARRY POTTER, this was literally the most wonderful, enchanting read!!
  • Simply_Tyquail
    This book is huge and it’s so heavy!! But the illustrations are amazing!!
  • Melissa Riley
    Unsurprisingly stunning. I think my favourite part was the graphic art in the last chapter. The letters from Hogwarts and the posters make it all feel so real.
  • Nicole
  • Ashley Shamoon
    It’s just so beautiful. I will be pouring over these pages for years to come. Stunning artwork.
  • Jen Appell
  • Em
    beautiful and immersiveinformative and conciseinspirational and magical
  • Madeline
    Beautiful. My breath was taken away by each page.
  • Denise
    Beautiful Book
  • Tamara
    Quel livre magnifique !! Vraiment splendide !
  • Bri Wedge
    A smile for every page and every piece shown!
  • Kirsty
    Awesome art, and a good refresher when you haven't read / watched this series lately.
  • Ayah Istambouli
    Best Christmas present ever!!
  • Melanie
    Stunning. A lovely way to revisit the wizarding world we love.