My Lady's Choosing by Kitty Curran

My Lady's Choosing

This scandalous chooseable-path romance novel demands you determine your own romantic adventure-and satisfy all your earthly desires along the way!Endless scenarios of high romance, deep desire, and quivering...comedy await your tender caress in this chooseable path romance novel. You are the plucky but penniless heroine in the center of 19th-century society, the courtship season has begun, and your future is at hand...  *  Will you flip forw...

Details My Lady's Choosing

TitleMy Lady's Choosing
Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
PublisherQuirk Books
GenreRomance, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Historical Romance, Humor, Adult

Reviews My Lady's Choosing

  • Danika at The Lesbrary
    This was super fun! A choose-your-own-adventure romance with a lady love interest option? Yes, please. I expected to just go the queer route, but I ended up exploring pretty much all of the options, because they all had their own plots/mysteries, which were intriguing.
  • Jen
    Who, of a certain age, doesn't look at a "choose-your-own-adventure" book with a certain wistful nostalgia? Who is now into historical romances? Who didn't know that one could combine the two and come up with literary (or humorous at least) gold?I didn't know that, but this book has taught me something. That bosoms heaving and Scots who perpetually manage to lose their shirts can be delivered in a down-right hysterical fashion. I love Regency era...
  • Monica
    I read through a couple timeline options and had fun with that experience and the novelty of it even if the writing wasn’t my fave. I’ll definitely be coming back to try out other plot options in the future.
  • Stephanie
    I received a copy of this title via NetGalley. It does not impact my review.I love the concept of this book so much. I have very fond memories of the Choose Your Own Adventure books from childhood and I love the idea of it for adults.If you are unfamiliar with the choose your own adventure concept, it is set up so that at the end of every scene you are given a choice of how you would like to proceed (which potential suitor you’d like to meet, w...
  • CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian
    WOW. This choose-your-own-adventure historical romance novel was awesome. From witty banter with a Darcy-esque aristocrat to pirate adventures in Egypt with your lesbian lover to do-gooding with a rogue Scotsman to paranormal intrigue with Lord Craven aka Rochester, all the plotlines were creative and most of all side-splittingly funny. This book had me laughing out loud many times. It hits the perfect spot between a genuine homage to and affecti...
  • Olivia (The Candid Cover)
    3.5 StarsIt has been a long time since I have read a “choose-your-own-adventure” book. My Lady’s Choosing by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris is an historical romance that is a humorous and engaging book of stories that allows the reader to decide the path of the book. There is a plethora of interesting characters to meet in this unique novel, however the sexual innuendos become a little bit too much.Full review on The Candid Cover
  • Lauren James
    Super, super cute. Love that one of the storylines is f/f! Its very silly good fun and an outrageous historical romp.
  • Annie
    Lol. What to say about this one.The writing itself . . . uhhhhhhh . . . left something to be desired. But let’s face it: this is a choose-your-own adventure romance novel. It’s the potato chips of literature. Were we expecting the leafy greens of Dickens when we bit into it? It aggressively makes fun of terrible romance novels, and sometimes it was funny, othertimes just cringeworthily awkward. Some highlights (or, rather, lowlights): —-Th...
  • Dina
    Worth the purchase price for the metaphors alone.
  • Eileen (BookCatPin)
    I've never read an interactive story before so it was really refreshing to try to picture myself as the main character in a book. My Lady's Choosing is a hilarious love story with no shortage of swoons and eye rolls.The book starts off introducing you to yourself and a couple other leading figures. Maybe because of my love for historical settings I found I was able to comfortably settle myself into the role. The instructions were easy to follow a...
  • Casey
    It's difficult to say when you're really done with a choose your own adventure book, but after flailing through several if not most of the endings (quite difficult while trying to find *anything* to serve as yet another bookmark while packed in on a rush hour train), I think I've gotten the most out of this book. Adventures were had, lovers taken and lost, and drama was encountered along the way.This book does a great job at drawing in various tr...
  • Sara (A Gingerly Review)
    4.5 stars!What an absolute joy to read! I will not stop singing the praises of this book... choose your own adventure for the adults! I spent so much time wondering who would be better for me... the rugged Scott or the witty Lord? So many choices! Masterfully done and full of wonderful laugh inducing snark. I want to read more from these authors.**Thank you to the publisher for sending me a Finished Copy to review!**
  • evie
    this book made me so soft.This gave me a lesbian adventure-loving girlfriend to explore the world with a bunch of lady pirates, I'm so soft
  • Ambur
    I went through MY LADY'S CHOOSING and ried out three different versions of the story, and I absolutely loved every single one! I've always been a fan of "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories, and I love, love, LOVE romance, so this was right up my alley! I loved that it didn't take itself seriously and that the authors had so much fun with the genre and with various tropes/stories that they were inspired by. It was a blast to read and you could tel...
  • Rebecca Lyman
    I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.I used to LOVE those choose your own adventure novels from when I was a kid, so when I saw this book being offered that was a choose your won adventure ROMANCE novel I was shocked. Who even knew such amazing things existed! Not me, well until now. I do have to say that I tried to read it on my Kindle Paper-white at first and I don’t know if its just because I had ...
  • Scarlett
    I was hoping this book would be a lot better than it was. I read interactive choose-your-story books like this as a kid, and was excited to find one for adults. On the positive side, I did LOVE the format. It truly had to take a creative and intelligent couple of people to come up with SO many scenarios. It was very clever how sometimes a choice would lead you down the same path another would have taken, and sometimes would lead you down just thi...
  • Flavia
    This book was so much fun! I had seen these choose your own adventure type books around for a few years now, but always felt too intimidated to pick any of them up. I’m not sure why? Maybe I thought that I would get confused or frustrated by the formatting. But I’m so glad that I decided to read and review My Lady’s Choosing, because not only was the formatting fun to follow, but the writing was also funny and satirical! I burst out laughin...
  • Lexie
    At this point I've gotten I think most of the endings that involve Benedict (my fav bachelor), so I feel competent to comment on it.This is mad fun. It's ridiculous and bawdy at times, silly and charming at others. As a long time fan and reader of romances from the Regency era I found a lot to be familiar tropes - the dragon dowager, marriages of convenience, seedy theatre type folk, secluded corners and potted plants large enough to hide you fro...
  • Megan Lyons
    This was silly, but so much fun. It is a choose your own adventure, but it's basically a parody of romance novels. However, I think it is the kind of parody that most romance lovers will enjoy. It is particularly a parody of historical romances, and it definitely references some of the classics. The three main male love interests reminded me of 1. Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, 2. Mr Rochester from Jane Eyre and 3. Jamie Fraser from Outlande...
  • Rebecca
    This was so good! It was weird and wonderful and I am so happy I got to read. It was nothing like I expected but at the same time everything I wanted. It doesn't take itself too seriously, this isn't a serious romance. But it is as well and it's so much fun. You can tell the authors love romance as much as I do and that's why they've written this jokey book which demonstrates how brilliant romance is and still pokes fun at it. I recommend it if y...
  • Letizia Loi
    Non amo i romance, ma questo mi ha incuriosita per il modo in cui è strutturato e merita quattro stelline solo per questa idea originale. È un libro che non si può mai definire concluso, perché in qualunque momento puoi tornare indietro, far prendere alla protagonista un'altra strada e seguirla in una storia completamente diversa.A una prima lettura, ho deciso di infischiarmene dei drammi della società vittoriana e di bei bambocci da conquis...
  • Erin Cataldi
    This was a fun freaking read. This is an adult choose your own adventure for women. You get to play as a penniless heroine who must choose between a sexy kilted Scotsman, a sultry brooding widower, and an infuriatingly handsome noble; trouble and adventure are around every corner. Where will your path take you? It's laugh out loud funny and full of super steamy scenes (if you play it right you can sleep with all the eligible men!). Inventive and ...
  • Larissa
    A plus, Number one, unbiased review.
  • Guiltless Delights
    My lady's choosing is a splendid mix of comedy and romance.Working a new twist on an old concept and being incredibly tongue in cheek about it too boot! Fans of the historical romance genre will get a kick out of the many tropes on offer in this book.I had a ball rummaging through the pages to find out what happened in the next part of my hilarious journey. Where did I end up first you ask?Happy and in the highlands of course. 😉Thank you to ...
  • The Blonde Bookworm
    I was the BIGGEST fan of choose your own adventure books when I was growing up, so I was super excited about reading My Lady's Choosing! It was so much fun to be able to choose which character to fall in love with and how to handle each task at hand. The writing was fun an quirky and the characters were likable. The plot was a little short and to the point, but I think I expected that because of the nature of the book. I highly recommend this boo...
  • Ellie
    I think I read nearly all the storylines in this, so I'm going to call it read.This was a funny choose-your-own-adventure book set back in time. There are multiple very different adventures "you" can go on in this book, some that you won't see coming! It had portions of graphic sex acts, as well as so many cheeky humorous parts. I do recommend that this be read as a physical copy, as maneuvering through the ebook was not too easy.Original, fun, a...
  • Sha
    Okay so this book is hilarious. It's a bare bones pastiche of all the common tropes in historical romance; regency, egyptian, gothic, scotsman and paranormal. And there are so many variations and endings and each of them is ridiculous and I am MASSIVELY entertained. Here's where all I have ended up so far;(view spoiler)[Welcome to the wild Scottish Moors! 1. Met childhood love interest believed to have been dead in the fight against that most hor...
  • Rachael
    Update 10/16/2017Actual Rating: 3.5If there isn’t a day where the phrase “Jane Austen-inspired Choose Your Own Adventure” doesn’t excite me, then your best bet is probably to murder me because I most likely have been replaced by a changeling. I mean, honestly. There is literally nothing more fun-sounding than this. However, the super-fun concept makes this a very difficult review to write, because while I did have a lot of fun reading My ...