When all the days have gone by Lars Boye Jerlach

When all the days have gone

When he is handed a collection of letters written by his predecessor, a gravedigger is rapidly immersed in a strange indeterminate narrative, that seems to overflow with mysterious characters and enigmatic apparitions.The most ordinary of lives suddenly accelerates in stream of enticing illusions and surreal visions in which he inevitably comes to face his own deeply hidden secrets.

Details When all the days have gone

TitleWhen all the days have gone
Release DateNov 1st, 2017
PublisherAngry Owl Publishing
GenreHorror, Mystery, Paranormal, Ghosts

Reviews When all the days have gone

  • Elyse
    .....A cat that reads minds.........A gravedigger.... .....a man who prefers to eat alone....who while usually a lot on his mind....tries not to think too much while he is eating. And why would a man who lives alone - spends most of his time alone - need to empty his thoughts while eating? Was he simply reflecting/ meditating? Perhaps he has silly or naughty thoughts that he feels won’t digest well with his cooking? .....A mysterious enchanting...
  • Jeffrey Keeten
    ”All you know and everything you will come to know will inevitably become part of your internal fabric. No matter what decisions you make; good, bad or insouciant, will shape your life much like a river cuts into the landscape. One thought is a fraction of all thoughts and one action is a fraction of all actions. The river broadens and narrows, curves and straightens, flattens and deepens but it’s always coming and always going. It deposits a...