Strength (Curse of the Gods #4) by Jane Washington

Strength (Curse of the Gods #4)

Willa Knight: Dead? Alive? Damned to a state of eternal bad luck?Willa and the Abcurse brothers are back, and more determined than ever to stick by each other. Unfortunately, Staviti has other plans, plans that threaten to change the natural order of the worlds—though nobody really understands why. His agenda may very well affect all beings on Minatsol, even those that thought themselves safe in Topia. Even Willa-invincible-Knight. Unsure with ...

Details Strength (Curse of the Gods #4)

TitleStrength (Curse of the Gods #4)
Release DateJul 20th, 2018
PublisherAmazon Digital Services LLC
GenreNew Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Fiction, Young Adult, Coming Of Age, Fantasy Romance, Teen

Reviews Strength (Curse of the Gods #4)

  • Kai P
    Update as of 7/17/18Okay, that’s it. Waiting another ten days is driving me nuts. Seriously, I miss my abcurse harem and Willa’s klutziness. Ppppppllllleeeeaaaaase, I’m begging! Come on out!I never read a book twice, but this series broke my sanity. Now, every single day, I go to goodreads just to see if it’s released or at least when. I feel like having withdrawal symptoms from addiction. I, so, totally need this. As in ASAFP. Crap, my p...
  • Anna
    Willa Knight is back! She's not sure what she is or why it happened but she is back. She just needs to stay hidden in Cyrus' little hidey hole until they figure things out. Is she dead, undead, a God, something else? Life couldn't possibly be that easy though right? Staviti has to throw a kink in their plans. It's not just them that Staviti is messing with though. He's taken his whole creator role to a new level. Introducing, Champion's Peak. The...
  • Jennifer G
    Willa and her Abcurses return in Strength, the 4th book of the Curse of the Gods series. They are hiding in Topia at Cyrus, the Neutral god's home after he killed Willa (to save her, obviously). They are trying to figure out the mystery that is Willa. Is she alive, dead, reborn? They are also determined to stick close together. Willa's death made it very clear how important she is to the brothers. Unfortunately, their time hiding away from the wo...
  • Laveda Kasch
    Willa, she might just be my spirit animal. I'm sure I say this a lot about Jaymin and Jane's characters but THEY ARE SO WELL WRITTEN! Willa is a force to be reckoned with but at the same time she is a goof ball and an undercover comedian. I swear, the things that come out of her mouth could be a book all to itself. From now on I will always ask myself, WWWD? (What would Willa do) I'm sure my life would be full of strange looks and an abundance of...
  • Michelle Fritz PA
    Another Amusing, Amazing & Fierce Edition To The Curse Of The Gods Series!! How does each book surpass the one before it?! Willa and her boys just keep you entertained and begging for more. The drama keeps on rolling along taking Willa with it and of course the Abcurse guys are not letting Willa stray too far away. Donald is back as are all of your favorites making this book even more memorable. How are Willa's musings both so hilarious and capti...
  • Sara Oxton
    Strength by Jane Washington and Jaymin Eve a five-star read that you will find strength in. This is the forth book in the Curse of the Gods series and what a series, it really does go from strength to strength, I would recommend that you read them all in order as you will get the most out of it that way. Willa Knight you are my hero, she somehow manages to have a five Abcurse brothers at her beck and call, they would gladly throw their lives down...
  • Olga
    This installment of Curse of the Gods was definitely my favorite so far. I love Willa's growth and her strength in this one. There was so many laugh out loud moments as well. The new "complication" for the Neutral was also very clever, I totally enjoyed it. Jaymin and Jane really make some magic together. I cannot wait to read Pain.
  • Paige
    **Mild Spoilers**I really , really love falling back into the world of Willa and her boys...and Strength just fanned the flames to a whole new level.I gobbled this up the second it hit my kindle ... a little like Willa gobbled... oh wait Spoiler, better let you find that out for yourselves .Strength picks up where Seduction left us hanging, Willa getting a knife in the chest certainly hasn't dimmed her shining special personality in any way, thou...
  • Yvonne Leslie
    OH MY WORD! This book is just awesome! I love how the authors just pick the story straight up from where book 3 finished and suddenly you're immersed in Willaville like you never left it! Willa is as awkward, lovable, caring and hysterically funny as always. I fall in love with this character more every time I read a new chapter and 'Strength' just cements that love. Don't worry Abcurse fans, the guys don't disappoint either, as this story evolve...
  • Melissa
    Gawd! These books get better and better. I love each one more than the last. This one was so good. I loved it! The romance was amazing and there are some hot hot hot scenes. Strength is my favorite book in this series so far. (Though to be fair I have probably said that every time a new one comes out.) This has also got to be by far the most hilarious book in this series. Willa and her” accidents” I laughed so hard I might have peed a little....
  • Courtney Brown
    This story had me laughing out loud until my sides hurt! I don't know where Jaymin and Jane get these ideas but I am so very glad that they do!! If I'm ever in a book slump, I know I can pull out Willa and her boys and I'll be laughing the whole way through. Willa's thoughts alone are just comical. This book finds Willa in some trouble (what's new, right?), but I love that she's got her guys to help her through. There were a few twists in this on...
  • Vicky
    Can you name a book or series that has you gigglesnorting within five minutes? I can: Curse of the Gods. Honestly, this series is pure genius. So, Strength is now now longer within the YA bracket and Willa starts finding out more about Staviti, Topia and its link with Minatsol, and (possibly) more about her. I say possibly as the book ends with hints rather than full on explanations. If you are having a bad day/week, do yourself a favour and pick...