The Gunners by Rebecca Kauffman

The Gunners

Achieving bold emotional complexity, The Gunners explores just how much one moment, one decision, or one person can change us Following on her wonderfully received first novel, Another Place You’ve Never Been, called "mesmerizing," "powerful," and "gorgeous," by critics all over the country, Rebecca Kauffman returns with Mikey Callahan, a thirty-year-old who is suffering from the clouded vision of macular degeneration. He struggles to establish...

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TitleThe Gunners
Release DateMar 20th, 2018
GenreFiction, Contemporary

Reviews The Gunners

  • Amy Morgan
    Thank you Edelweiss for my review copy of this book. Wow this book! I was enthralled from start to finish which was only about a total of 3 hours because I could not put this down! The gunners started out as a group of ragtag kids that basically had no other friends. They spent all their time together until one day Sally defects from the group their junior year of high school and no one knows why. As the rest of the group moves away from their lo...
  • Doreen Ashbrook
    Thank you Goodreads Giveaways. For me this book was the literary version of The Big Chill. Well written, with engaging characters, whom we encounter first when they are 10-11 year olds and again when they re-connect as adults two decades later. This is a well-woven story - old truths and new revelations. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Elissa
    The Gunners is a story about friendship, family and loss told from the perspective of a group of childhood best friends who reunite in their early 30s after one of their own commits suicide. The novel, which weaves the group's present-day reunion with moments from their childhood, paints a nuanced, beautiful and often funny portrait of each character that kept me absorbed until the final page. The novel never spells out the exact reasons for Sall...
  • Shannon Williamson
    I won this book from a Goodreads giveaway and I finished it in less than a day. I wanted to figure out the mystery of Sally so badly, but by the end of the novel was left with more questions than answers, just like the characters in the book. We never get a straight answer as to why Sally abruptly left the group, or why she decided to kill herself years later. All we know is that each member thinks they had something to do with it due to interact...
  • Edwin Howard
    THE GUNNERS by Rebecca Kauffman follows Mikey and his childhood friends (Alice, Jimmy, Sam and Lynn), called the Gunners, as they come together as adults because one of their own has died (Sally). After the funeral, secrets truths and hidden emotions are revealed within the group as each friend struggles with Sally's death and whether each of them contributed to why Sally committed suicide. Using introspection and recollection as tools, each memb...
  • Ora
    "Mikey had asked his father about this feeling once, years earlier, when he was very small and before he had learned that it was foolish to talk plainly about feelings. Mikey had said, 'I have a bad, sad, feeling in me sometimes.' His father said, 'Me too.' And knowing that his father shared this had been such a great comfort to Mikey that over time he began to cherish that shadowy feeling which proved to be as sure as the tides, as persistent an...
  • Stephany
    ***I won this through a goodreads giveaway***This book weaves back and forth through time. It is a story about childhood friendship and how those relationships change as you grow into adulthood. The story is told through Mikey, the main character, as he reflects on his childhood with The Gunners and then, as adults, discovers the long-held secrets they each carried though life. This book was well-written with a lot of depth. There were several mo...
  • Leslie
    After years apart, childhood friends reunite for the funeral of one of the group who has committed suicide. Secrets and revelations surface during their reunion and shed light on some of the unexplained events of their early years. Mikey, going blind from early macular degeneration, begins to see the things he doesn't understand. Lackawanna, NY is neither a common nor a glamorous location for a novel, but the working class setting is perfect for ...
  • Hazel
    This book is about loss, family and friend friendship it shows how our life's change at any given moment to r decision. I recommend this book to you. This author s truly an excellent Book. Thanks to the author for giving me a ARC.
  • Raven Wiley
    lose interest sometimes but the meaning behind everything is wonderful
  • Jess cole Mink
    This book will pull at heartstrings and I think anyone would enjoy reading it!