The Oyster Thief by Sonia Faruqi

The Oyster Thief

“It took her a journey across the ocean to learn what she knew of love and fear and hate, but the essence of it came to her in an instant, as she succumbed to the churning black depths of the deep sea.”Coralline is a shy mermaid in the Atlantic Ocean whose idyllic life is ruined by an oil spill that gravely sickens her little brother. Desperate to save him, she embarks on a quest to find a legendary elixir.She encounters a human man, Izar, wh...

Details The Oyster Thief

TitleThe Oyster Thief
Release DateOct 16th, 2018
PublisherPegasus Books
GenreFantasy, Mythology, Mermaids, Fiction, Science Fiction Fantasy, Romance, Adult

Reviews The Oyster Thief

  • Sonia Schnee
    The Oyster Thief is so beautifully written! I love how seamlessly the action intertwines with gorgeous descriptions, such as, "with emerald vines that met and separated over a glistening bronze fabric that precisely matched the bronze scales of Coralline’s tail.” The narrative flows easily and effortlessly, I felt like I was riding a wave, going wherever the story took me. Also, I loved the names of characters — Coralline, Izar, Ecklon — ...
  • Jess
    I came across this book when I read a great review of it in The Globe and Mail, which described the book as one of the most anticipated fall reads. The review said: “Mermaids were a thing in the beauty world recently and it seems that these creatures of myth have swum over to the literary landscape as well. A stand-out in the current crop of books about merfolk is The Oyster Thief, the fiction debut of Sonia Faruqi……..The charm of this begu...
  • Salman Hasan
    Great read. Think the length is just perfect and the contrasting characters really makes the story engaging. The best part is the focus on underwater life and really the creation of a whole new world that is hard to imagine and even harder to describe in the depth the author has done. Highly recommend.
  • Kristyn
    What a story! I was enthralled with it from the very beginning, from the first scene in which Coralline must decide whether she will accept the proposal of her suitor, Ecklon.I loved the love triangle element of the story - I find Ecklon to be a more sympathetic and relatable character than Izar, but Izar is more intriguing. It was tough for me to decide who I was vouching for as I was reading. Another element that I really liked and that made th...
  • Muhammad
    As an avid fantasy lover and reader really enjoyed this book, imagery/details are phenomenal and writing is top notch.
  • Cynthia Saxena
    I adored the Oyster Thief! I have always been a fan of mermaids and underwater stories however except for Disney’s Ariel, there is not much content available. In that sense, The Oyster Thief has really filled that void! Faruqi built her underwater world with so much attention to detail that I felt like I was in the ocean with all the characters. She’s tackled on this unexplored area of fiction with such strong imagery that you actually end up...
  • Suefree22gmail.Com
    The Oyster Thief was a captivating fantasy with real world themes. The language and character development were superb and kept me reading for hours. The undersea events seemed to inhabit my mind long after I was finished reading. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy with an excellent plot and thoroughly engaging characters.
  • Jamie Brackell
    Full Review appears at Pop Culture BanditSet deep within the Atlantic Ocean and focusing on the complicated relationship between a mermaid and a human, The Oyster Thief naturally invites comparison to The Little Mermaid. Tonally, the novel fits between Han Christian Andersen's dark original incarnation of the fairy tale and Walt Disney's animated musical as our hero character sets off on a quest to rescue her brother from slow, agonising death at...
  • Cara Ashton
    All I can say is ... WOW!! I am a scuba diver who has been to many places around the world, and in the course of reading The Oyster Thief, I felt like I was back underwater. Faruqi has skillfully created a world that matches what I have seen in the course of my tropical dives… colorful corals, lots of animals, different currents. The main difference being that Faruqi’s world has people in it. Merpeople, to be precise. I don’t want to give a...
  • Andrew
    I loved The Oyster Thief. Throughout the time that I was reading it, I felt like I was underwater in a beautiful world full of colors and light. I loved the development of the world of merpeople—the nuances of their language, the way they live, their values. The author put a lot of time into developing a civilization that feels very believable, from the way that merpeople live and dress to their use of currency.I loved the characters in the boo...
  • Irshad Ahmed
    My sister received a copy of this book since she is a blogger. I like the blue and gold cover (reminded me of The Nightingale) and borrowed it. I am not a fan of fantasy so I wasn’t expecting to get into this book, but after the two chapters, I wanted to continue. I liked Izar’s character and his struggles with his father and brother. I also identified with his drive to succeed at all costs. It is a version of the rat race so many of us are s...
  • J.B. Stone
    I got a galley of The Oyster Thief in exchange for an honest review.I found this book utterly enchanting. It was such a fast-paced story with lots of unpredictable turns (nothing about it was formulaic). It made me remember how much I enjoyed reading The Harry Potter books. It's been quite a while since I've found a story that pulls me in nearly from the start and keeps me hooked until the end. For the sheer enjoyment factor alone, I definitely f...
  • A
    I tend to read books for the characters; when I like certain characters, I will follow them to the ends of the earth. And that's how I felt about the characters in The Oyster Thief, Coralline and Izar. They were so likable and real that I kept imagining them as friends in my life. I felt as though I was swimming alongside Coralline and, at other times, was standing next to Izar on an Ocean Dominion ship. All in all, the book is full of lovely peo...
  • Maha
    Faruqi paints a beautiful and relatable world under water. Her in-depth description of the merpeople and the under water world, makes it ever so real! This book had me deeply engrossed right from the beginning. The plot builds at the perfect pace, giving the readers enough time to get acclimatized to the world she is creating as well as to start falling in love with the characters. The back in forth in perspective between Caroline and Izaar, kept...
  • Dawn Muller
    There's something irresistible about a love triangle. Let's face it, Bridget Jones, Twilight, Great Gatsby... none of them would have been the same without the love triangle. It's usually one woman who is choosing between two suitors, and it's no different in this book. But it is unusual in a love triangle to like both contenders equally. That's how I felt here. Ecklon with his thoughtfulness and loyalty is just as appealing as Izar with his roug...
  • Erik Dewitt
    I've always loved a good travel adventure story and this is one of the best since the underwater setting is so different from other books. Following Coralline and Izar's journey through various parts of the ocean settlements was a real thrill. There's also a lot of animal characters in this book, which is great. Faruqi has exercised her imagination in giving each a unique voice and personality. I can see why Dr. Sylvia Earle, the world's top ocea...
  • Laurenjf
    The Oyster Thief is imaginative, engaging, and suspenseful. Life and intrigue in the underwater world were perfectly developed. I immediately became invested in the characters’ thoughts and actions and their relationships to one another. Sonia Faruqi created an alternate world where the reader becomes fully immersed in the plot. I cared so much about the characters that I am truly hoping for a sequel.
  • charlotte
    Galley provided by publisherCWs: sexual assaultI had - if not high, then at least some - hopes for this book. The synopsis sounded intriguing, and I thought there was some good potential for enemies to lovers. A bit like To Kill a Kingdom, maybe. And the cover was lovely, so there was that too.Unfortunately, it didn't work out - to say the least.To start off with, the writing was fairly poor. I know that's something completely subjective and ever...
  • Iryna
    The author has masterfully constructed an immersive fantasy world, making it easy to get lost in the deep ocean setting. I am a big fan of the fantasy genre and I loved the book’s exploration of environmental themes alongside captivating storytelling. The focus on a mermaid-human relationship between Corraline and Izar is quite unique as well - a new kind of mythology for the adult fantasy and environmental fiction genres. The Oyster Thief is a...
  • Rob
    As someone who loves the ocean and has spent a lot of time under the waves,. I found it to be a very enjoyable read. This environmental non-function does a great job of marrying a story full of twists and turns with a setting that we don’t think much about on a day to day basis: the ocean. The Oyster Thief is also very relevant to the present-day world in its themes. In the book, Izar invents a way to mine diamonds from the ocean; in reality, t...
  • Andrienne
    Coralline is a budding apothecary and she’s also a mermaid. Izar is a brilliant inventor and heir to a powerful corporation that wants to mine the ocean of all its resources. A devastating accident connects them and they embark on a quest to find a mysterious elixir that can lead to redemption or death. Great mermaid world-building and science-building. Thanks to the publisher for access to the review copy.
  • Michelle
    My review is on my blog here: https://booksonthebookshelf.wordpress...This book was a beautifully written story of an under water adventure. I found it to be like a modern day tale of The Little Mermaid. Faruqi takes you on a beautiful journey in the sea as a young mermaid takes on the journey of finding an elixir in the hopes of saving her brother who has become ill.Along the way we are introduced to many likable characters and I loved learning ...
  • Lara Marshall
    I am in love with mermaid fiction and will read anything I can get my hands on to do with mermaids, so this was right up my street!The cover is beautiful and I was very excited by the premise of a mermaid on a mission that doesn't start with her wanting or ending up being human.Once I delved into the book the major stand-out factor was the world building. Wow! Faruqi has created a world that is tangible and beautiful. I've always thought that thi...
  • Debra Teachout
    I loved this book. It offered highly relatable characters and mission, yet beautiful and imaginative fantasy at the same time. The story itself kept me reading and wanting to know more; meanwhile, I loved the process of being guided through an amazingly enchanting ocean underworld. The author’s attention to detail had my own imagination pushing boundaries – previously the flora and fauna of my mind’s ocean were those featured in nature prog...
  • Tapas Easwar
    As someone who is an avid fan of the fantasy genre, I thoroughly enjoyed how well-written and paced The Oyster Thief was. The world-building that Sonia was able to achieve was incredible - think Harry Potter meets Game of Thrones meets The Little Mermaid. While that might sound strange at first, it absolutely works. The characters are rich, complex, and multi-faceted, and the story focuses on the unique and complicated nature of human-mermaid rel...
  • Joseph
    I learned a lot about the ocean through this book. For example, that sharks don't sleep (they are always partly conscious and awake). I learned that the ocean is divided into three zones bases on depth (sunlight, twilight, and midnight). It was quite fascinating to learn that there are three kinds of algae: red, green and yellow. I double checked a lot of the facts that I came across in the book and they are all very well-researched. I am now int...
  • Marina Chisholm
    What a beautifully written book! The way that the author describes the characters and the scenery is vibrant with life and colour. This imagery truly captured my interest and brought this underwater world to life beneath my fingertips. The landscape itself was highly unusual being entirely underwater, but as a lover of fantasy books, it was wonderful to experience such an interesting new world. The names within the book were also an interesting e...
  • Deborah
    I loved the underwater world in The Oyster Thief. It was so vivid that I could visualize the characters and setting in my mind in bright color. I loved how each of the beginning chapters featured one of the two protagonists and showcased the two distinct worlds - human versus merpeople, before the worlds collided later on in the novel. Of the the three parts of the novel, Sunlight, Twilight, Midnight, it's tough for me to decide which I liked mos...