Yes We (Still) Can by Dan Pfeiffer

Yes We (Still) Can

From Obama's former communications director and current co-host of Pod Save America comes a colorful account of how politics, the media, and the Internet changed during the Obama presidency and how Democrats can fight back in the Trump era.On November 9th, 2016, Dan Pfeiffer woke up like most of the world wondering WTF just happened. How had Donald Trump won the White House? How was it that a decent and thoughtful president had been succeeded by ...

Details Yes We (Still) Can

TitleYes We (Still) Can
Release DateJun 19th, 2018
GenreNonfiction, Politics, Autobiography, Memoir, Audiobook, History

Reviews Yes We (Still) Can

  • Agatha Donkar
    I miss President Obama.
  • Jamie
    Solid and substantive. It's really interesting to see how someone got to such a high level at such a young age, and Pfeiffer's work ethic and intellect certainly comes through. My only criticism is that it's more of a prescriptive politics and campaigning book than a book of anecdotes about life at the White House and as a top level Obama staffer. I think there's a lot of value in laying out what went right with Obama, what has gone wrong to get ...
  • Michael
    If you listen to the pod, you're already getting this book and you know what to expect. I really can't say what this book would be like to read if you aren't already a Friend of the Pod. It's good. Not great, but good. There are some funny anecdotes. It doesn't get into the weeds, it's not that kind of book. It was interesting hearing his back story a little bit, but it's not really too gossipy either. It's more of an extended tweet of his. Which...
  • Joe
    I love Dan Pfeiffer and I'm definitely a friend of the pod "Pod Save America." This book was enjoyable as long as you know what you're in for.It's not:- an Obama biography.- a complete rehash of the 2016 election.- a hatchet job on Clinton and/or Sanders.It is:- A memoir of Dan Pfeiffer's time in politics.- Snapshot's of Obama's White House.- A prescription (in broad strokes) for how to proceed politically in these dark Trumpian days.- An honest,...
  • Sean Tenaglia
    “If we play their game, we lose. We have to change the game.”- BarackPeople like Dan give me hope that there’s so much that (still) can be done to move our nation toward a more equitable and democratic society.
  • Ian
    I am an avid Pod Save America fan, and I am always happy to invest in safe advice from the funniest political commentators around. This book had some really good advice for Dems moving into 2018 and 2020 that I hope is heeded, and some even better stories of life in Obama's White House. I think this book struggles some in knowing whether it wants to be a memoir or a manifesto and so never quite pulls off either. I'm also not sure if 12 is a new p...
  • Leslie
    Really enjoyed reading this one by Pod Save America host, Dan Pfeiffer. He writes just like he talks on the podcast, so I could "hear" everything the way he says it. I liked how he told stories about his time in the Obama White House, including his own missteps, and I also liked how he could talk about the pros and cons and the way forward for communication in the Twitter/Facebook age.
  • Grace
    This probably wasn’t the right book for me to read right now, but it was both easily accessible and a book I could at least get myself through. I enjoyed Dan’s voice a lot, as always, and I gave this book some extra credit for the stellar event at the 92nd Street Y.Hey, I finished a book. At this point, I’ll take anything.
  • Jess
    I have a hard time putting a rating on this, because Dan is my favorite and this is really good, but this was absolutely the wrong time for me to read this book. Three stars it is.
  • John
    Since the election it has been hard to be positive about the state of our country. I read as much as I can stomach and listen to as many podcasts as my ears will tolerate and have been to more marches in my life, but this book does offer a sense of hope and lays out some steps on how to regain our country.Dan Pfeiffer has always been a fave of mine, he always states some straight forward advice without sugar coating the bad parts and I have alway...
  • Jen
    This one is hard for me to review. I love Pfeiffer (Friend of the Pod) and was happy that this is not another Obama White House memoir but it was a bit too polemical for me. It’s a really nice deconstruction of WTF just happened and what can we do going forward.
  • Beth
    Why? Why do I torture myself by reading books written by President Obama's staff? I actually burst into tears when I read the last lines of this book. Because I never realized how much I could miss a President. I read them because it reminds me of what we are capable of. I read them because I have hope (which never dies!) that we can and will elect another smart President who staffs his or her administration with smart people. I read them because...
  • Cathy
    I’m a fan of Pod Save America, so I’m familiar with Dan’s delivery of information. I like a book that, when I’m reading, I can hear the author speaking - and that’s what this does. I needed to read this; a nice bit of looking back on the Obama years, and some great advice for moving forward now. I especially liked the parts of discussion about the changing media and its effect on politics, distributing a candidate’s message, and influ...
  • Gail
    There’s been a glut of Obama WH memoirs hitting publishing lately and I’m here for them. A few weeks back, I blazed through Dan Pfeiffer’s “Yes We Still Can” enthralled with his recounting of his years as Obama’s communications director. If you’re a friend of Pod Save America, you already know Dan’s style—sarcastic and entertaining, scathing and super intelligent. Dan didn’t set out to write this book … until Trump won. So i...
  • Ryan Humphris
    Just the book I needed. Part therapeutic reminiscing of the good old Obama days and part a focused approach for the way forward, Yes We (Still) Can will give you a brief escape from the current insanity but also provide hope that we actually might survive. Will probably need to read again before the midterms...
  • Sarah
    I listened to this book because I listen to Dan on Pod Save America. It was everything I hoped for! I loved hearing about Dan's experiences working on the campaign and in the White House, and hearing personal stories about Barack Obama. I love hearing that he's really every bit as good of a man as he seems!
  • Soesja Schelling
    I love politics, particularly American politics. I study political science, I follow the news regarding all things Trump religiously, and almost all the podcasts I listen to are about politics (Pod Save America is, of course, one of them). However, there was always one thing that I just could not seem to get into and that is reading actual politics-themed books. I don't know why, maybe because they always feel too much like reading for my studies...
  • Jessica
    I LOVE DAN. Review to come
  • Liz
    This was a really excellent deconstruction of how we went from Obama to Trump, focusing on messaging and communication both from the White House and the media. I felt like this book, more than any of the political memoirs I've read, really dove into what happened, what the larger societal forces were, and how things went down. It also has an unabashed liberal bias (Pfieffer was Obama's communications director & senior advisor, so he's going to be...
  • Nic
    Great book! The perfect blend of entertainment, insightfulness, and nostalgia. I learned a lot about the ins and out of how election and White House communications’ teams function, and also how we can use their best strategies to carve a path forward. I miss President Obama every day.
  • Susan
    Thoughtful analysis of politics and where we go from here sprinkled in with anecdotes about the Obama campaign and presidency. I was provided an advanced copy of this book by the publisher via Edelweiss.
  • Kristen
    I'm a friend of the pod. I love Pod Save America and most of the Crooked Media stuff in general. I really love hearing the inside stories and thoughts about how things really are or what they think is important. They're obviously really intelligent guys and they care about the country. This book was like an extended pod but also had a lot of insight and behind the scenes info. I particularly enjoyed the anecdotes about Dan's interactions with Oba...
  • Blake
    One quick note: I am a huge fan of Pod Save America and alot of the Crooked Media podcast so there might be alittle bias.Yes We (Still) Can: Politics in the Age of Obama, Twitter and Trump by Dan Pfeiffer is a phenomenal read. Pfeiffer's tales of working on the Obama campaigns and working in the White House are fascinating, while his analysis on the 2016 elections and the state of politics now is intelligent and thought provoking. The book jumps ...
  • Christopher
    There have been quite a few books that deal with the fallout of the 2016 election and how Democrats can come back stronger than ever. This book, written by one of Pres. Obama’s closest advisors, has some of the most salient messaging advice for his fellow Democrats in the age of Twitter, but it is also one of the most entertaining books of its type. It is also a very readable, encouraging, and atypical political memoir. Mr. Pfeiffer draws upon ...
  • Kandi
    It's not surprising to me that I loved Dan's book as I look forward to his insights on Pod Save America every week. (Make no mistake: this book is unapologetically partisan.) I especially liked the anecdotes of his time in the Obama White House and his perspective of events that happened while he was there even if they infuriated me once again. (Looking at you birthers.) I think he does a good job of examining how the Democratic Party got to wher...
  • Lindi
    Based on the title, I thought this would be a hopeful callout to Democrats about what we can do to move on from 2016. Yes We (Still) Can is not that. I was pleasantly surprised to find this is more of a memoir; filled with funny anecdotes, thoughtful introspection on Pfeiffer’s time in the White House, and more than one Obama-era fuck up story. I listen to Dan on Pod Save America every week, and I hear plenty of his thoughts on Trump’s presid...
  • MaryElmore DeMott
    If you’re an Obama fan and you haven’t read this book then you’re picking the wrong books!! This book manages to be both hilarious and optimistic while explaining the harsh realities of our current political scene. Dan Pfeiffer’s voice is unique and captivating and this book is absolutely fantastic. I could read it many times over and never be bored!!
  • Stephanie
    What can I say? I love the Crooked Media gang. Good reading if you are feeling like things are hopeless based on the current administration...there were some good guys working in the White House, and if we work at it, there will be again.
  • Mandy Bopp
    Brilliant.A great and thoughtful read from an author who poured his life into helping shape the Obama years. I appreciated his candor and perspective. It was a welcome read knowing there are many others who feel exactly the same way about the current state of US politics in 2018.
  • Brendan M.
    I am Dan Pfeiffer in the Buzzfeed "Which Crooked Media co-host are you?" quiz. Very enjoyable, and at 8 hours, feels like an extended version of the pod. A good mixture of policy, analysis, and memoir.