Pluto Is Peeved by Jacqueline Jules

Pluto Is Peeved

Pluto is peeved. And who can blame him? He was once considered one of the Solar System’s nine planets but was unceremoniously demoted. “Why do scientists think it is all right to change things?” Is just one question Pluto asks as he roams the science museum in search of answers.Pluto Is Peeved!, a comic-book-style picture book, takes you on a scientific journey side-by-side with Pluto, who speaks with other museum inhabitants -- such as a d...

Details Pluto Is Peeved

TitlePluto Is Peeved
Release DateJun 5th, 2018
PublisherSeagrass Press
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Nonfiction, Sequential Art, Graphic Novels, Science

Reviews Pluto Is Peeved

  • Jen Solak
    Pluto is Peeved! but I'm not! Jacqueline Jules brings science to life in a nerdier version of Night at the Museum. Planets and other exhibits roam the library learning about how scientist are always changing their views based on new research. Some of the exhibits benefit while others, like Pluto, feel slighted. This book is in a graphic novel format and we follow Pluto through the museum. Dave Roman's illustrations are simple but effective and we...
  • Mel (Epic Reading)
    I cannot figure out what the target age is for Pluto is Peeved! My five-year-old niece didn't really follow the story very well as she has always known Pluto as a 'non-planet'. So she couldn't connect with the idea that he was once a planet and my friends nine-year-old thought it was a bit too childish for him. Comic Book StyleI'm all for comic books. I own (a lot) of them myself and most have been acquired recently (long after I was a child). So...
  • Connie
    4/5 starsI received a free copy of this book on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This is an adorable and informative look at Pluto, dwarf planet and, most recently, kicked out of the solar system. No longer classified as the ninth planet in our solar system, let me tell you, it caused a lot of controversy in my life. I still refuse to accept Pluto's demotion, so this book was perfect for me. 'Pluto is Peeved!' follows Pluto as he travel...
  • Natalia
    A comic book that follows Pluto through a science museum as he tries to find out why he is no longer a planet, and ultimately answer the question "why do scientists change things?" The graphic illustrations are simple and the dialogue explains complicated concepts effectively. My outer space obsessed 4 year old loved looking at this book but I definitely see it useful as he gets older as well.Thank you Netgalley and Seagrass Press for an advanced...
  • Teresa
    Pluto is Peeved is a cute comic book style picture book. Pluto used to be the 9th Planet in our Solar System but has been demoted and he wants to know why. Pluto takes a trip through the museum to find out why he was demoted. On his journey he meets other exhibits from the largest to the smallest to find out why he was demoted. What he does learn is what all Scientists are interested in and learns that he himself is just one of those things. Cute...
  • Jo
    This is a cute and informative little book. I work with kids who often think Pluto "no longer exists". I hope this book can help kids understand the situation.
  • Adrienne
    Pluto is upset that he is no longer a planet. He has questions, and he sets out to explore the science museum in an attempt to get answers. Along the way, he encounters planets, dinosaur bones, germs, and more, and as he learns more about what scientists study, he also finds that no longer being a planet doesn't mean he's not still being studied.This book was a lot of fun. My five-year-old twins really love learning about space, and they are fasc...
  • Dilettante Reviews
    I received a free copy of this book on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.'The universe is full of mysteries.'If you were born before August 2006, then you most likely grew up with Pluto being one of the nine planets in our solar system, before it was demoted to the status of a dwarf planet. Jacqueline Jules' Pluto is Peeved is a great informative picture book that provides factual information, whilst in a comic format. The reader goes on...
  • Jo
    This is an excellent introduction to planets for young children. The illustration are colorful and the explanations are impressively easy for a such complicate subject. Even, the book mention the International astronomy union and the scientific characteristic that define planet. Excellent work!
  • Ben Truong
    Pluto Is Peeved: An Ex-Planet Searches For Answers is a children's picture book in comic form written by Jacqueline Jules and illustrated by Dave Roman, which focus on tiny ex-planet Pluto looking for answers as to why he was demoted to dwarf-planet status as he wonders throughout the museum.Full Disclosure: I love Pluto and was disheartened when it was reclassified as a dwarf planet – I didn't go out a protest like my fellow Pluto lovers, but ...
  • J Aislynn d'Merricksson
    Pluto is Peeved is a delightful look at learning to accept oneself just as they are, and about why humans study the things they do. Pluto has been kicked out of the planet pantheon. Despite Charon trying to cheer Pluto up, the little planet(oid) is inconsolable, and sets off through the museum, trying to learn why he was no longer 'special’. Visiting with a deceased dino, a bevy of bacteria, and a recumbent rock teaches Pluto that everyone is i...
  • Cassandra
    An educational yet entertaining book, in graphic novel/comic book style. This graphic novel follows Pluto on his adventure to find out why he's been demoted from being a planet to not being a planet. Pluto assumes its all about his size, but he soon finds out he's wrong. I found this book to a perfect intro to the graphic novel style of reading for children. The story was humorous enough to keep me interested, and I feel like middle grade childre...
  • Jennifer Margeson
    Graphic novels are all the rage, and I thought it was a clever twist to write a nonfiction story in this format. The content will appeal to both adults and younger learners. Readers will appreciate the connections to dinosaurs and germs, too! Thanks to #NetGalley for the opportunity to preview #PlutoIsPeeved by @jacquelinejules
  • Wayne McCoy
    'Pluto Is Peeved: An ex-planet searches for answers' by Jacqueline Jules with art by Dave Roman is a graphic novel about a disgruntled astronomical object.Pluto is no longer a planet and he goes in search of answers. Along the way, he finds a dinosaur that has been renamed. He finds super small bacteria. He discovers that he have have relatives in the Kuiper Belt where he lives. He also learns that even though he is no longer a planet, there is s...
  • Ryan
    This book was pure awesome! It’s a graphic novel about Pluto. He is all sad and feels unimportant after no longer being a planet. But with some understanding and some lessons at the museum he learns that he too is important and has a place in the universe. I really like how this book was done. It’s short enough to read as a bedtime story, but in a graphic novel format with tons of cute illustrations. A perfect read.
  • Marjolein
    Read all my reviews on One of the most stupid decisions of all time is was of course to demote Pluto from planet to dwarf planet. Cixin Liu’s SF series even suggests it will still be spoken of in 200 years! I for one, strongly feel for Pluto, so when I came across this little booklet in which Pluto searches for answers and struggles with the anxiety caused by the sudden change, I just had to read it. It was a...
  • Lee Peckover
    This is a nice enough little book for children with an interest in science and more specifically space and the solar system. The illustrations are bright and colourful enough to draw young readers in and I can see this appealing to a specific audience who might be interested in the topic.My main concern with this title is that it veers from bright and simplistic enough for the youngest of readers to being too difficult at random points. It would ...
  • Jessica McAllister
    I think the format of this book (comic book layout) could be a good options for those kids that are having trouble understanding scientific topics. Overall, it was an interesting take on science especially our solar system. I received an ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
  • Andréa
    Note: I received a digital review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.
  • Moriah Conant
    Pluto's whining was a tad bit annoying, but otherwise, this was a cute and informative book.Thanks, NetGalley for the read.
  • Emily
    Pluto was a little too whiney and the rest of the planets were a little too mean for me. The information was too few and far between, too. There was a lot of opportunity here, and unfortunately, I didn’t like it so I didn’t finish it. Kids will probably find it humorous though!
  • Magy
    In this comic-book-style picture book, Pluto isn't just peeved. He's kind of wallowing in self-pity. Pluto doesn't understand why he was demoted from his former status as a planet, so he sets out around the museum to find out. He runs into other exhibits like the Dinosaur Hall, Our Microscopic World, and the Geology Hall where he learns a lot about how science works and what caused his demotion. In the end, he learns that scientists are always ad...