Idiot Genius (Idiot Genius, #1) by Richard Due

Idiot Genius (Idiot Genius, #1)

"From its engaging drawings to its powerful message, Idiot Genius will leave readers musing about Willa Snap's adventures long after the winding story concludes." -D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book ReviewIdiot Genius: Willa Snap and the Clockwerk Boy is the first book in a new sci-fi polypunk series by Richard Due, author of the award-winning Moon Realm series. What’s it about? Here’s Willa (she's eleven):Ever wonder why some crazy sc...

Details Idiot Genius (Idiot Genius, #1)

TitleIdiot Genius (Idiot Genius, #1)
Release DateDec 22nd, 2017
PublisherGibbering Gnome Press, A Division of Ingenious Inventions Run Amok, Ink
GenreGraphic Novels Comics

Reviews Idiot Genius (Idiot Genius, #1)

  • Daniel Paul
    I was a Beta-reader for this book. I was supposed to be writing notes and comments in the margins but the book sucked me in so quickly and the pace was so fluid I was suddenly there at the end satisfied - with the edit pen still uncapped. Mr. Due's writing reminds me of a series of paintings where the artist uses the brightest colors and contrast available - just as those paintings please the eye his style and word choice please the reader. What ...
  • Abbie Coon
    Willamina Snap is an eleven year old girl who lived in Cambridge Massachusetts. One day, her and her family got taken to Grandeur, a city in a bubble that’s full of crazy things like “brewed” animal human hybrids, and sentient “clockwerks” or robots. In Grandeur, there are three main types of people: Idiots, people with an IQ lower than 160, Genesises, people with an IQ at or above 160, and Idiot Geniuses. These are special because Idio...