A Case of Serendipity by K.J. Farnham

A Case of Serendipity

Ruth Bateman is at her wit’s end. If Bucky’s Beans doesn’t stop spamming her phone with discount codes for frou-frou java concoctions, she’s going to flip. After multiple failed attempts to unsubscribe, Ruth takes to the company’s Facebook page to vent her frustration over the never-ending texts.When attorney, Henry Mancuso, stumbles upon Ruth’s complaint, he has no idea that a simple Facebook scroll is going to change his life. Now, ...

Details A Case of Serendipity

TitleA Case of Serendipity
Release DateMar 1st, 2018
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Contemporary Romance

Reviews A Case of Serendipity

  • Sarah King
    In short, I absolutely adored this book and found it very difficult to put it down once I started reading. A Case of Serendipity is a contemporary light romance novel which focuses on Ruth, a quirky divorcee and Henry, a workaholic lawyer, who are thrown together by fate after Ruth becomes the lead plaintiff in a case against Bucky’s Beans Coffeehouse.The novel is a first person narrative and each chapter alternates between either Ruth or Henry...
  • S
    Loved this light contemporary romance. It was just too darn cute and adorable. Both Ruth and Henry's characters were so relatable and honestly I was rooting for these two. Couldn't decide who I liked better between these two, the jovial Ruth or the uptight Henry. The author has beautifully sketched the characters and narrated the story and kept the flow of the story so grasping that my fingers keeping turning the page until I was done with the st...
  • $20 Kitten
    What a fun and quick read! I thoroughly enjoyed this book: the characters are so relatable and real people, and the details of Milwaukee brought me home as well as painted such a clear picture. KJ’s storytelling is brilliant, the dual point of view gives you a glance at what each character is thinking and feeling, keeping you rooting them on. Another aspect that I love about this book is that it is a clean read. It is easy to write and read a b...
  • Alicalynn
    Ruth and Henry are the type of couple that you want to root for. Ruth is super sweet and quirky and has taken some knocks. Henry is the buttoned up lawyer who needs a little fun in his monotonous duty-filled life. They are perfect for each other and this book is perfect for those who just want a good old fashioned love story. Boy meets girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after. Perfect.
  • Jennifer Hanson
    A Case of Serendipity is exactly what I would expect from K.J. It's an easy read, nothing too deep and not at all dark, also what I would call an all around make you feel good sweet type of romance that is pretty clean. I prefer to read romances without descriptive/detailed sex scenes...which to me aren't necessary in the least. If you prefer those, this is probably not the book for you. K.J. is an amazing writer and writes another easy read that...
  • Polly Barreto
    This story is told in dual POV (which I happen to love)!For me, this is another 5 star story written by Ms. Farnham. A light read that will sweep you off your feet and have you cheering for Ruth Bateman and Henry Mancuso! These two characters are so darn funny, odd (in their own way), lovable, likable – I just want to be their friend and hang out with them. Maybe even grab a cup of coffee with them, but perhaps not at Bucky’s Beans Coffeehous...