Map of Shadows (Mapwalker, #1) by J.F. Penn

Map of Shadows (Mapwalker, #1)

A map of skin etched in blood.A world under threat from the Borderlands.A young woman who must risk the shadows to save her family.When her Grandfather is murdered under mysterious circumstances, Sienna Farren inherits his map shop in the ancient city of Bath, England. Once there, she discovers that her family is bound up with the Ministry of Maps, a mysterious agency who maintain the borders between this world and the Uncharted.With the help of ...

Details Map of Shadows (Mapwalker, #1)

TitleMap of Shadows (Mapwalker, #1)
Release DateDec 12th, 2017
PublisherCurl Up Press
GenreFantasy, Magic, Thriller

Reviews Map of Shadows (Mapwalker, #1)

  • Michael Chrobak
    When I received a copy of this book to review, I was really looking forward to it. I hadn’t read anything by this author, and after reading through some of the reviews, I thought this would be a book I could really fall in love with.Sadly, I was wrong.First of all, let me say, I did love the storyline and the concepts of this fantasy novel. The author definitely has some wicked creative skills. What crushed it for me was the quality of the writ...
  • Michaelbrent Collings
    Here is the litmus test for a great story: when you are in bed at night, reading, and your spouse elbows you in the side and says, "Shut UP.""What?" you answer, confused about what's happening, half of you still trapped in the story you've fallen into."You were SHOUTING," she says. Then she rolls over, laughing because she knows what this means: that SHE has found a new story, too, because when I'm done with it, it's her turn.***The above is rare...
  • Melleny
    3.25 Stars If you would like to see all my thoughts on this book, be sure to check out the review on my here is a snippet and overview of what I thought:Overall, I think that this story has potential. The author's writing is definitely in the beginning stages but I think that with time they will figure some things out. The wiring will become a whole lot better with both time and practice. The plot was in...
  • Toni Osborne
    Book # 1 in the Mapwalkers seriesThis new series is a dark fantasy and a pretty weird story, not to mention gory to no end. A map of skin etched in blood and a world under threat…..Those of us fans of this author already knows how creative she is and how richly and cleverly written her stories are. Well no exception here. Vividly said Bath comes to life with creepy characters and supernatural happenings. This intriguing story based on maps and ...
  • HornFan2 (Mike)
    I was given an advance copy, by J.F. Penn for my honest review. 'Map of Shadows' falls in genre's that I don't typically read, but with J.F. Penn writing it, plus since I really like her Arkane Series and just figured I would miss out if I didn't read it. Just like with Stephen King, Penn has the gift, to give her readers a heart pounding hellacious read, one that's well researched, puts you right in the pages, full of heart pounding twist and tu...
  • Holly
    It's a joy to see how far Penn has come since her first book. I've had the pleasure of following her journey to this point, and this wonderful book. Map of Shadows has exquisite worldbuilding and interesting characters that race through a quick-paced and engaging plot. It was a thrilling ride and I can't wait to read the next book.
  • Shannon (Mrsreadsbooks)
    This is the first book I have read by the author and I very much enjoyed it. This is definitely a unique fantasy book and also adds in a bit of magic. Sienna Farren inherits her grandfather's map shop in Bath, England after he is mysteriously murdered. After arriving in Bath, she finds her family is caught up with the Ministry of Maps, a mysterious organization who maintains the borders between this world and the Uncharter. Sienna soon discovers ...
  • Michele Perry
    Loved being immersed into this fabulous story and the wonderfully imaginative world Penn created. This book has all of my favourite aspects of good story-telling - dimensional life-like characters, descriptive scene-setting, historical aspects interspersed throughout, well-paced and imaginative plot threads. If you are after an adventurous, magical, thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable read, this one is perfect for you! Can't wait of the next book ...
  • E. Slabbert
    What an extremely enjoyable and exhilarating story!I received an advance reader copy from the author, yet this review is entirely based on my own feelings and experience.The premise of this book already had me intrigued, and I'm glad to report it does not disappoint. Although I would have liked to spend more time in this world, I am sure the sequels will be coming soon enough.Fast-paced and high-stakes, this is yet another superb work from the pe...
  • Sharon Rouquette
    I loved this book! The author sent me an advance copy to read and review because I'm a fan of her work, and I received it this morning and couldn't stop reading until the end. The central idea seems to me to be a clever one-- that people called Cartographers with magic in their bloodlines can travel through maps, or bring the fanciful animals decorating old maps to life, or several other interesting magical skills. They work together to defend ou...
  • Ilana
    J.F.Penn, whose writings I often review on my blog because I love her writing, has a special art of creating characters and worlds that do stay for you long after finishing your book. Map of Shadows, newly released, is the first in a new series aimed at exploring the mysterious meanings of maps and borders. Sienna Farren - 'aimless and wandering for too long to choose a path forward' - was having just another uneventful day at the Oxford Library ...
  • Pete
    I have been a fan of J.F. Penn for quite a while now and I really enjoy everything that she produces, so I was very excited to hear that she was writing a new series about maps, but I have to admit that she took me completely by surprise with this first book, and how she manages to expand that simple subject into a magical (literally) story about the borders between the earth as we know it and the dark mysterious Borderlands, which are always try...
  • Denise
    I really liked the world building of this book. I can't wait to read more of this series and see what happens in the Borderlands with the Mapwalkers of both worlds.Sienna has been left a map shop in her grandfather's will. She had not really known the man, but a visit to the city of Bath was just what she needed. She finds herself drawn into a society of Mapwalkers whose job is to protect this reality from the creatures of the Borderland. The sto...
  • Veselina
    This book was given to me by Netgalley to read for my honest review. Imagine you can change the borders of the current world or even delete place from the world. The only thing you have to do is to change a map. What if there is places that are not on the maps we have, they are push from it just because we forgot about them. Sienna is a girl that just have found she can do those think also her father and grandfather were able to do them. Refreshi...
  • Peter Ralston
    Well crafted, well researched, well written, when I found this book my first thought was how good could a fantasy novel about maps be? But the story idea sounded interesting, so I gave it a shot. And boy oh boy, am I glad I did , The story pulls you right in and makes it hard to put down. Splitting the map magic into four distinct groups is a stroke of genius, giving each hero a personality that made you want to pick a map magic you would love to...
  • Rebeca
    3.5 Stars! When I first read the synopsis of this book I thought it sounded amazing and I just loved the idea of it. It sounded intriguing, there was magic, romance and suspense throughout the story! However I found it both slow and a bit rushed at times. It was a short read and I read in a day!
  • Kayla Bergeson
    Thank you to J.F. Penn for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!Trigger Warning: Blood, Gore, Allusions to rape and forced pregnancy, human (particularly child) scarifies, Use of human skin as maps (I don't know if that's a "real" trigger but just in case)As you can see, this book has a lot of possible triggers nested in there so just be careful when you start it! It can be kind of gory. Besides that thought, this book ...
  • Sharon Vargas
    Boy, this was a ride.When I first started reading I felt the story had some cliché elements, but as a Fantasy lover I was okay with that. I went ahead.While there were more than a few clichés, I can say this was overall a really fun journey, with a hidden world within our own that incorporated some great elements of magical realism. There were some ups and downs that I'll list below: The characters: while some of them had a nice development (li...
  • Ashley Wilkinson
    *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*This book had a lot of great elements! It has a very interesting premise. I thought the world and magic system in the book were creative and original. I like the idea of being able to work magic with maps, or of maps having a type of power over the world. The idea of certain people's blood can also be used to strengthen the borders is slightly creepy but creative and really wor...
  • Rene Sears
    I enjoyed this a lot. I love the concept of Mapwalkers and the Borderlands, and there was a lot of great stuff here. I ended up reading it quickly, and it was quite an enjoyable experience. Sienna and Mila in particular was very relatable, fun characters, and the premise was great. I loved the concept of forgotten/ neglected places moving off maps and into the Shadowlands. I do wish there had been a little more time spent with the characters. The...
  • Radcliff Gregory
    I often lose myself in old maps as part of my history research, and I found myself very intrigued by the concept of being able to interact fairly literally with antiquarian maps. Many parts of the real world are now effectively "off the map" because of war, famine, poverty, terrorism, and disease - but what actually happens to these places when we erase them from the active, living world? What happens to the poor, disabled, brutal, and dispossess...
  • Karen Barth
    I received a free copy of this book in a Goodreads Giveaway. I do like a good fantasy/magic story and was looking forward to reading this book. I found the characters a bit "thin," particularly the main character Sienna. Not enough time was spent developing her backstory as to why she felt so lost, so disconnected, that she would run headlong into a world of magic and peril. However, the overall premise is interesting, the world as we know it is ...
  • Diane
    I won this off of Goodeads give away as an ebookI enjoy the JF Penn as an author. I have read some of her other books and have really found them interesting. She has a way of pulling you and not letting go till the last page and leaving you wanting more.The book is a dark fantasy of magic, trust, love and faith in others. We meet Sienna a young women on the brink of her life. She has just broken up with her boyfriend she is at a stand still in he...
  • Cyd Madsen
    Penn Takes Aim And Hits Her MarkJoanna Penn has unleashed her personal hounds of writing fury with this book. Always walking the edge between the dark and lighter sides of human nature, in Map Of Shadows that edge becomes razor sharp and cuts deep. It draws dark, magical blood. The writing is clear and fantastical yet causes an uncomfortable feeling that this is a tale of our times, our thinly disguised reality. I loved the magical powers of the ...
  • Alison
    I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I loved the concept of this novel. It was imaginative and interesting, and I wish I could give it more stars, but I feel like I’m being generous with three as it is. The writing just did not hold up to the expectations set by the fantastic world building. There were parts where the descriptions were amazing, but overall, the book felt clunky.The main character ha...
  • yorkshirebooknerd
    Map of Shadows is a dark fantasy story set in a world of maps, magic and blood. Sienna finds herself emerged in the world of blood magic and cartography when her grandfather is murdered and she inherits his map shop. Suddenly the world she knows no longer exists and she is thrown into a war between the map walkers and the Borderlanders. Tasked with finding the Map of Shadows and rescuing any surviving members of the last Extreme Cartographic Forc...
  • Janet
    I love Joanna Penn's writing and thought she would be hard-pressed to top her ARKANE series but I was wrong. This first book of her new series pulled me in from the outset and I couldn't put it down. Her imagination has run riot here and she has created a fantastic, creepy, and shadowy world that borders on ours, literally. The characters are sharply drawn and real, the setting of Bath contrasts beautifully with the Borderlands, and the story is ...
  • Joanna
    I received this book as part of a Goodreads giveaway and was very excited to get into it. This is the first book I've read from this author. The premise was very interesting and I enjoyed the overall tone of the book - in some ways reminded my of Dan Brown type of thriller. The plot, however, seemed very rushed with many seemingly key events over and done before they'd barely occurred - sometimes in the span of a single paragraph. I would have li...
  • Orláith
    I want to start by stating that I received a copy of Map of Shadows for review purposes and that my views are my own.If you like fast paced, thrilling fantasies then definitely read Map of Shadows.Overall, I enjoyed reading this book. I found the world in which it is set to be intriguing and I quite liked the main protagonist.I felt the idea behind the book to be refreshingly different and I can only imagine the rest to the series to get better f...
  • Jessica Woods
    Map of Shadows is a nice introduction to a new fantasy/action series full of originality and adventure. Sienna learns of her mapwalking heritage after inheriting her grandfather's map shop. Quickly drawn into a world of danger and hidden places called the borderlands, Sienna plays catch up as the mapwalking team tries to collect important artifacts and stop evil from taking over the world. A cast of characters that seize the reader's interest and...