House of Dreams by Liz Rosenberg

House of Dreams

An affecting biography of the author of Anne of Green Gables is the first for young readers to include revelations about her last days and to encompass the complexity of a brilliant and sometimes troubled life.Once upon a time, there was a girl named Maud who adored stories. When she was fourteen years old, Maud wrote in her journal, "I love books. I hope when I grow up to be able to have lots of them." Not only did Maud grow up to own lots of bo...

Details House of Dreams

TitleHouse of Dreams
Release DateJun 12th, 2018
PublisherCandlewick Press
GenreNonfiction, Biography, Childrens, Middle Grade, Biography Memoir

Reviews House of Dreams

  • Kyra Leseberg (Roots & Reads)
    Liz Rosenberg has done an exceptional job of collecting personal details of the life of beloved author L.M. Montgomery, bringing to light her life long struggles with anxiety and depression. A prolific writer, Montgomery's determination led her to overcome financial difficulties and obtain additional education uncommon for young women at the time. I enjoyed learning about Montgomery's childhood and how she managed to turn portions of her sad chil...
  • Margaret
    We’ve all heard of Anne of Green Gables and other novels by famed author L. M. Montgomery. I remember watching the series with Megan Follows and loving it, my initial impression was that the author shared the same personality traits as Anne did.Right from the beginning I was captivated with the story of Montgomery's life and going in with no inclinations of what to expect I was blown away with her story. From her childhood right to her final ye...
  • Alyssa Nelson
    *I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*Instead of consuming this book, I feel like this book consumed me. I fell into it and was wholeheartedly immersed in L. M. Montgomery’s life. Even while not reading it, I still felt as though my heart and mind were with L. M. Montgomery. Certainly, I couldn’t stop talking about it, as my husband could attest. It’s been quite a while s...
  • Lynne
    I am obsessed with Anne of Green Gables and all of L.M. Montgomery's novels. She is what drew me into reading, and whenever I need a "comfort read" I pull out one of her books. To me, there is nothing better than reading about Anne and Gilbert.That said. I'm torn about this book.I requested an advanced copy from Netgalley and Candlewick Press because although I have read most of L.M. Montgomery's books, I haven't read about her own life, and I wa...
  • Leonard Kim
    Finished this on the same day I finished Rhodes’ memoir about working for Obama, and my reaction is similar. Both are well-written and as a fan, I was happy to read this. But I suspect this would be a bit much for those who don’t know or care for Montgomery. One thing I neglected to say about Rhodes’ book but that I will say here: both books, for different reasons, make one so sad. I would almost say that though Rosenberg’s writing style ...
  • Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from Netgalley.comThere is a lot of information available about Montgomery's life, and Rosenberg does a good job of putting together an in-depth overview of the writer's life and career. Since many of Montgomery's stories are largely autobiographical, readers who are very familiar with Montgomery's work will find this to be extremely informative. It is also an interesting look into the life of one women in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Mo...
  • Romee Darling
    "Thank God I can keep the shadows of my life out of my work,she wrote,I would not wish to darken any other life-I want instead to be a messenger of optimism and sunshine" I want to begin by saying I absolutely love Lucy Maud Montgomery books . They are my little happy place,and Anne Shirley it's my absolute favorite heroine of all times. So it goes without saying that I love Maud herself,and very much so . I have this strong-although possibly wr...
  • The Captain
    Ahoy there me mateys! I received this children's nonfiction biography in exchange for an honest review. So here be me honest musings . . .Anne with an E is one of me favourite characters of all time. I have reread the stories about Anne Shirley often. L.M. Montgomery was featured in Broadside No. 18. I even made the ma (hi ma!) take me to PEI as a wee girl so I could visit this beloved island in person. So when I saw this title on NetGalley I jum...
  • Krisette Spangler
    I loved this look at the life of the beloved of author of Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon. The book is well researched and almost feels as if Ms. Montgomery could have written it herself. The author's life is manifest in the lives of her most famous heroines; Anne and Emily. It's fun to see how she put so much of herself into her characters.Ms. Montgomery was a wealthy woman during her time, which makes me happy to see an artist recogn...
  • Tanya
    As a forever fan of Lucy Maud Montgomery, I'm always interested in books about her life and more insight on her beloved Anne of Green Gables novels. This book, at middle grade level, was enjoyable but felt disjointed at times. It seemed as if the author had a good amount of Montgomery's life to share but needed a better outline in which to present it. I tend to prefer biographical material to be chronological or if not, to have a well defined pac...
  • Rosemary
    This illustrated biography of Maud Montgomery, the author of the Anne of Green Gables series, is a must-have for middle school and up biography readers. Her mother died when she was a toddler; her father left her in the care of her grandparents, and Maud grew up wanting more: passionate love and affection; education; a career as an author. She dealt with anxiety and depression throughout her life, and married for security rather than love. Drawin...
  • Heartbreakdiet06
    More of a YA book than a middle-grade reader, this is essential reading for any lover of Anne of Green Gables! I learned so much about the author and her background. It made feel as if I had been to Prince Edward Island which someday I really want to do. I did not know a Prime Minister had visited her there! This biography is inspiring partly because it shows the many struggles that L M Montgomery went through, and how she was able to create grea...
  • Hilary Scroggie
    It's ok - and it might actually be important - for young readers to know that L.M. Montgomery's life had moments that were very dark to go with the very bright.
  • Kati Polodna
    I had no idea of the tragedy and heartbreak (and all the suitors!) that Maud experienced in her life, especially considering how bright and cheerful Anne is. Received at ALA Midwinter 2018.
  • KimberlyRose
    I am a longtime Montgomery fan, especially of her two adult novels. Long ago, as a teen, I read all her (available) journals, so I knew she had a rough life, with joy slowly drained out of it; I wasn't surprised or disillusioned by this biography. Why did I give it one star? It was written in a dry, relentlessly dreary way. In a way that erased all the charm Montgomery had within her own honest journals and left only dusty boredom.The cover illus...
  • Candace
    The book!!! The illustrations are five stars alone let alone the story! I did not know much about Maud Montgomery before reading this; just that I had read and loved Anne of Green Gables growing up. Now I love the books even more and need to reread! If you love Anne as much as I do I think you will love this this book.This novel follows Anne’s whole life and it was really interesting to learn more about her, which experiences and people inspire...
  • Bethwyn (Butterfly Elephant Books)
    Review to come on my blog~~
  • Miranda
    A candid look at the life of L.M. Montgomery and likely an enjoyable read for any fellow "Anne" fan.
  • Lois Metzger
    Beautiful biography! It's told in a story-like manner, and L.M. Montgomery comes to vivid life. Maud's story is ultimately uplifting and triumphant--and unforgettable.
  • Iantha
    Beautiful biography of a beautiful writer. I have really enjoyed the Anne and Emily books by Montgomery, and was blown away by the details of her life. I feel like I know her now, as I never did before. Rosenberg's writing is so lyrical at times it reminds me of Montgomery's, especially in breathtaking descriptions of PEI. There were ups and downs in Montgomery's life unlike anything I have experienced-- her early childhood, her romances, struggl...
  • Lana Shupe
    I picked this book up in the 9-12 year old section at the store where I work. I think it might need to be moved to the teen or adult section. It deals with all aspects of her life and I'm not sure some things need to be read by a 9-12 year old.The book reads like L.M. Montgomery's private journals which have been edited and published since her death. I have read those journals and they made me profoundly sad, just as this book has made me. Montgo...
  • Jaina Rose
    This review and many more like it are available at Read Till Dawn .I've always loved the story of Anne of Green Gables, ever since I first saw the CBC tv version when I was so young I barely understood what was going on. Few things make me feel more nostalgic than popping in the old DVD and watching Megan Follows sitting in her attic bedroom, gazing into her reflection and musing about kindred spirits. Once I got a little older, I found the L.M....
  • Shelley
    3.5? First off, why on earth are there no photos??? So many got described, and I tried to find them online, but was only moderately successful. I'm struggling to figure out who the intended reader is. It feels young, except then there's the dive into sex, mental health, a creepy scene with her 20-something son, heavy drug use, suicide, etc. So while the reading level feels ages 8-12, especially at first, the content lends itself towards teens and...
  • Stephanie P
    I received an e-copy of this book through NetGalley for review.I found this biography of L.M. Montgomery fascinating as well as heart breaking as I read about the difficult life she faced. I am a big fan of Anne of Green Gables and was very interested to learn more about how the book came to be. There was clearly a lot of thorough research done for this biography, but it still flowed very smoothly and was an engaging read.I already knew a fair am...
  • Tamsen
    I wish I never had read this. I never knew anything about L.M. Montgomery before this book, and I'm sorry to know anything at all. All I can hope to do us put this book out of my mind and try to forget it. All of my life I have dreamed of visiting Prince Edward Island, and it hurts my heart a bit to think knowing more about the author may have ruined a childhood favorite (and a series I have always enjoyed rereading as an adult).As for the actual...
  • momma.hailey
    Biography was well written and combines sources well into an enjoyable read. I was surprised at much of Montgomery’s struggles in life as I didn’t really know what to expect when I picked it up. She struggled with manic depression, relationships, and spiritual discernment among other things. The simple illustrations are beautiful. The only thing that puzzles me was why our library had this in the children’s/young adult section. It should be...
  • Pmalcpoet Pat Malcolm
    This book was worth reading for the story of the life of Maud Montgomery, but it was written in a style that seemed to be reminiscent of the period, so I found it a bit stilted. It is written in the third person, which meant while it didn’t take liberties with fictional “quotes,” it was not as accessible and engaging as it could have been. I often found expressions and descriptions repetitive. Finally, I would have hoped for a contemporary ...
  • John Swenson
    What a wonderful book! I am normally a slow reader, but I read this one quickly. I love the way this writers puts her sentences together. L. M. Montgomery is a favorite author so I had a special interest here, though I am inclined to like most bios. This one is gripping from the start. Poor Maud was abandoned by her father shortly after her mother died. Luckily she had grandparents to care for her. There are some light moments here, like early ro...
  • Erin Skrodenis
    Liz Rosenberg’s biography of L.M. Montgomery is an excellent read that encompasses every aspect of Montgomery’s life, without getting stuck on any particular angle. The author did a good job focusing on Montgomery’s personal strengths (of which were many), yet also addresses her increasing mental health issues later in life. I had no idea how strong a woman Montgomery was, despite living during a time period that did not believe in such str...