Hidden (Deep Ops, #1) by Rebecca Zanetti

Hidden (Deep Ops, #1)

Hide. That’s all Pippa can do to escape the terror chasing her. But now that she’s off the grid in a safe house, she finds plenty of interesting things to watch through the window. Like her new neighbor, with his startling green eyes, killer smile, and sexy bad-boy tattoo . . .Run. Malcolm West is fleeing the hell he unleashed in his last assignment as an undercover cop. A backwoods bungalow sounds like the perfect place to start over. Until ...

Details Hidden (Deep Ops, #1)

TitleHidden (Deep Ops, #1)
Release DateSep 25th, 2018
GenreRomance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance, Suspense

Reviews Hidden (Deep Ops, #1)

  • Carrie
    Hidden by Rebecca Zanetti is the first book in the new romantic suspense Deep Ops series. Or perhaps this would be another for the more erotic suspense pile as the relationship was jumped right into the steamy before the “romance” is involved.Malcolm West is an ex undercover police officer who out of chance has chosen the wrong neighbor to live peacefully next to. As soon as Malcolm moves in he notices that Pippa is a bit of a shut in barely ...
  • Bev
    I love Rebecca Zanetti's Dark Protectors series so jumped at this start to a new series when I saw it on Netgalley, and it didn't disappoint. Pippa is a shut-in who has been on the run from a lunatic cult leader, Malcolm is a disillusioned ex undercover detective who is Pippa's new neighbour and has been manipulated into moving next door by his new boss and head of the Requisition Force. There's a bit of insta lust and if I'm honest I struggled a...
  • ☕ Kimberly
    Love this. What fantastically quirky characters combined with a suspenseful case. RTC
  • Jackie Kiwibooknerd
    Advanced Readers Copy via Netgalley...:)I am a huge fan of this author so when I heard there was a new series coming out, I could not get my hands on this book fast enough........and of course it did not disappoint.Pippa is a recluse and unless she really has to, then she does not leave her house. She has been hiding for years and staying hidden has what has kept her alive all this time.Malcom is a ex detective. After being undercover on a assign...
  • Abra
    As usual this book by Rebecca Zanetti is well written and tightly plotted.Pippa is hiding from a cult her mother joined when she was a child. The cult was very sick and the leader was fixated on her. Pippa has been hiding for seven years. She is virtually a shut in and is very paranoid about strangers. Her only friend is Trixie, the woman she escaped with. Trixie was raped by the cult leader, but Pippa was kept "pure". Pippa lives in one of two h...
  • Dísir
    When burnt-out, former undercover cop Mal West gets sucked into a strange unit, his first task with them is to investigate his seemingly sweet, innocent but squirrelly neighbour who’s hiding a deadly secret. But Pippa Smith is covering up something as well, and their paths collide in a way that’s unexpected and dangerous. Told in a few flashbacks, we learn of Mal’s and Pippa’s personal histories that led them to where they are now; both a...
  • Elaine
    This was my first Rebecca Zanetti book and I loved it. I didn't expect to enjoy this book as much as I did, I expected to enjoy it, I just didn't expect to love it this much. First in the Deep Ops -romantic suspense series revolving around a group of individuals in need of a fresh start, who have formed a Requisition Force, infiltrating cults, going undercover, rescuing people from impossible situations... The couple focus is on Malcom and Pippa....
  • JoAn
    Hidden by Rebecca Zanetti captured my attention from the first chapter; and I couldn't put it down. This is the first book in her Deep Ops series and I am looking forward to reading every one of them.Ms. Zanetti did a great job in introducing the characters of the Requisition Force. Angus, Malcom, Wolfe, Nari, Brigid, Raider and Roscoe (a German Shepard who wears high heels, eats liptsick and drinks whiskey). Ms. Zanetti took her time introducing...
  • Cindy ~ SnS Reviews
    What a great start to a new series with a motley crew of misfits who make up a newly formed Homeland Defense Unit. They even have a mascot dog named Roscoe who provides plenty of comedic moments. Each of the members that make up the Unit was disgraced in some way. FBI Profiler Angus Force first recruit to the unit is former undercover cop Malcolm West. Malcolm last undercover op left him disheartened enough he quit. Still recovering from PTSD and...
  • Maranda
    Another great series by Rebecca Zanetti. Malcolm West is an undercover cop who came so close to his own destruction that he buys a house off the beaten path. Hidden on the adjoining property is Pippa who literally locks herself away from everything. Occult infiltration is necessary before the day of reckoning results in death. Great characters and adventure that will prove to be a new series not to miss. "A copy of this book was provided by Kensi...
  • Kimberley C.
    Hidden is my first book by Rebecca Zanetti but it definitely won’t be my last. It’s not that I’ve been going out of my way to avoid romantic suspense, but lately I just haven’t been in the mood for the drama. Well... this one sold me,. It had a vintage Suzanne Brockmann vibe to it and that is high praise from me!4.5 stars from me! Well developed characters, a strong, suspenseful storyline... looking forward to the next in the series.
  • Brandi Nyborg
    I received this book through a giveaway. I was excited to read this, because I love a good action packed story. For me though, I struggled through a majority of the story until it picked up about 70% of the way through. Once the action started I was hooked. If you’re more into the romance side of things than I am, I think you will definitely enjoy this.
  • Whispers From
    Pippa has been hiding for years from a cult she escaped from. She is a shut in and has only one friend Trixie, that escaped with her. The Prophet of the cult wanted her as his and planned to marry her when she turned eighteen but she left the night before. Malcolm aka Mal was an undercover cop but has retired and moved in next door to Pippa. He gets a job offer to work with Homeland Defense Department but they are on their own. His assignment is ...
  • Darcy
    While reading this one all I could think of was the Island of Misfit Toys from the Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer cartoon, only instead of misfit toys we have misfit investigators/law enforcement types. The crew is a motley bunch, all quirky in their own right, the most quirky the dog Roscoe, who became my favorite character!As all of these characters are a bit odd it could have come off over the top and not in a good way, instead it all worked. I...
  • Book Him Danno
    Hidden is the beginning of a new series by Rebecca Zanettii. If you have read her books before you know her books have steamy sex scenes but she is also able to weave it between character building, a story that will haunt you as you put the book down and humor. That's right humor this story has moments where you will laugh. I was surprised how much I fell in love with the secondary characters and the humor they bought into the story.Malcolm isn't...
  • Diane Saul
    Pippa has been on the run from a cult headed by a man who calls himself the Prophet. Her Mother is a member of the cult. The Prophet had special plans for Pippa but she ran away the night before the first step in his plans. Prophet has never given up finding Pippa. Pippa is about to have a very special birthday and the Prophet has plans for Pippa. He also has plans for an event that will kill dozens of people and no one knows where it will happen...
  • Renee
    This is the first book that I have read by Rebecca Zanetti and I find myself doing my happy dance because I found another amazing author! This story is well-written and fast-paced with white hot romance. The dynamic characters tip the scales into a 5-star read. Definitely a great start to what looks to be a wonderfully addicting new series!ARC kindly provided by NetGalley for an honest review.
  • Lorna
    RTC on or near release date. Good read! 4.25 stars!
  • Marie Brown (Marie's Tempting Reads)
    Marie's Tempting Reads ARC Review:A new book from Rebecca Zanetti in a new series? YES PLEASE! This new book, Hidden kept me guessing from the very start and made me feel on edge, eagerly eating up the pages far too quickly for my peace of mind. Hidden is wholly alluring and this Requisition Force series is my new addiction from Miss Zanetti. Every time I think that Rebecca has written all the good books, she brings something brand new into the f...
  • Mary
    I got this Advanced Reader Edition at #RT18. I love Rebecca Zanetti and this was a new series.... so score! It was very intriguing, I did not know what was going to happen next. The cast of characters in this new Requisition Force are soooo quirky and fun. Great read!
  • Bernie
    I received an arc at RT convention 2018. It was a great read. Enjoyed the characters learning to interact with each other, and of course, Roscoe.
  • Kim
    Hidden is a highly enjoyable start to a new series from a favorite author. I was quickly sucked into story, and now I can't wait to find out more about the band of misfits that have formed a task force operating on the fringes to protect the country!Malcolm West has spent years undercover, and his last assignment took a serious toll on him both mentally and physically. He is just looking for a quiet place off the beaten path to recover but he is ...
  • Les Romantiques
    Posted on Les Romantiques - Le forum du siteReviewed by FabiolaReview Copy from the PublisherHidden is the first volume in the new Rebecca Zanetti series titled Deep Ops. The second volume will be titled Fallen but I don’t know the release date yet. I can already say that I intend on reading the sequel. I found again the flowing and dynamic style by Rebecca Zanetti, an author I appreciate a lot, and a well done action.Hidden features Pippa and ...
  • Teresa (Reads_Romance)
    I LOVED THIS BOOK! I have been a Rebecca Zanetti fan for years but none of her past romantic suspense novels really pushed my buttons. I tended to prefer her paranormal series. That being said, I read the teaser chapter for Hidden and knew I needed this book in my life... immediately. Boy was I right.I was on the edge of my seat from page one and Ms. Zanetti kept me panting for more the entire book. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough! Hidden s...
  • Kristine
    Well, I have to think a bit to figure out how I want to review this new series. Let me start by saying that I absolutely LOVE Rebecca Zanetti and there hasn't been a series so far that she has written that I have not liked. This book was odd in the fact that I read a snippet from of the beginning (Chapter 1) at the end of one of her last books, then somehow, I ended up reading that same snippet somewhere else. Then, by the time I actually read th...
  • Sandy Kelly
    This is the first book in the new Deep Ops series. If you love Rebecca Zanetti's books then I will tell you this one will definitely NOT disappoint you! Pippa is a woman who has been hiding for years. She avoids leaving her house unless she absolutely has to. Malcolm is an ex undercover cop who has just bought the house next to hers. What he doesn't know is that he has been set up to buy what he thought was his dream house. And he certainly never...