Playing with Matches by Hannah Orenstein

Playing with Matches

In the tradition of Good in Bed and The Assistants comes a funny and smart comedy about a young matchmaker balancing her messy personal life and the demands of her eccentric clients.Sasha Goldberg has a lot going for her: a recent journalism degree from NYU, an apartment with her best friend Caroline, and a relationship that would be amazing if her finance-bro boyfriend Jonathan would ever look up from his BlackBerry. But when her dream career fa...

Details Playing with Matches

TitlePlaying with Matches
Release DateJun 26th, 2018
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Adult, Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews Playing with Matches

  • Crystal King
    What an absolutely fun book this is! I was thrilled to receive an advanced copy of this novel and it did not disappoint. Sasha Goldberg is a matchmaker for an elite dating service, one that specializes in customized connections. The thing is, her own life is riddled with disconnections, resulting in a rollicking good read as Sasha tries to make sense of the various relationships that have turned her life topsy-turvy. It's a fast moving, romantic ...
  • Lisa (Remarkablylisa)
    MY RATING: 4.5/5 STARSI received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I was captivated by the cover of this book when I first saw it on the Simon and Schuster Instagram stories. Look how simply stunning it is! It's pink! It features cartoons! Two of my favourite things to include in a cover for a book. I know I'm being shallow by judging a book by it's cover but a girl just loves her pink. This book also screamed romance and...
  • Roshan Berentes
    Playing with Matches is about a fresh-out-of-college New Yorker who tries to make sense of her love life while working at a high-profile match making agency. The book explores the huge societal pressure women face to find that one perfect match. While sending a profound message, Playing with Matches is hilarious and impossible to put down! Perfect summer read--a breath of fresh air full of wit and great characters. Also maybe the most instagramma...
  • Elyssa
    Ms. Orenstein has lovingly, delightfully crafted a story that will have you turning pages so fast that time will also fly! It's a delicious story about a young matchmaker that I couldn't put down, one I kept getting excited about picking up, that I would think about while on my way to work, and that I was sad had finished when it was over.
  • Simone
    When I first started this book, I thought I was going to get another Devil Wears Prada where a young woman who knows nothing about matchmaking is thrust to deliver romance to strangers. When the book starts, you read that Sasha is the product of something I thought was just a myth; her father purchased her mom on a Russian bride catalog.Like, wow. Can we please unpack that life for a bit? This isn't something you read all the time especially sinc...
  • Stacey
    What a fun and unique read! Living in New York, I loved seeing the city through someone else's eyes — and now have some new recommendations for restaurants and bars! I found myself thinking about the main character and what she would do next when I wasn't even reading the book. Personally, I think that shows the skill of the writer: keeping me interested in her story at all times. I absolutely loved this book.
  • Georgia Clark
    Delightful. A fun and relatable rom-com for the Tinder age. Get ready to swipe right!
  • Meredith Schorr
    I really enjoyed this debut novel! I found the vibe to be very much like The Devil Wears Prada and Bond Girl, both books I also liked a lot. Great writing style. It was so much fun reading about a young matchmaker with zero experience trying to set other people up while her own relationship was imploding. I liked Sasha a lot. She had her flaws, but she was a good person at the heart of it and so, so young. The book managed to be very sexy at time...
  • Michele
    A fun, light read, perfect for the summer. I did lose a little interest mid way through, but was happy I continued reading. The ending surprised me, it wasn't as fluffy as I assumed it would be and I loved that.
  • Tess
    A total fun summer beach read that I ate up in two days. It can sometimes be a bit too self aware, and a lot of NYC insidery stuff that may be a turn off to some, but it moved fast and was a fun world to escape into.
  • Emma Benshoff
    Fun, easy read!
  • Teresa
    ****3.5 Stars****Sasha is just trying to make it in NYC, like everybody else; she graduated with her dream degree and has a job in her field, she has a handsome, albeit distracted, boyfriend that loves her and a best friend that supports her. When she loses her job, she is devasted but determined to find something else. She stumbles across an ad for a match making service and she decides what the hell. What follows is funny, touching and ultimetl...
  • Kerri
    3.5 stars! This is pretty much my idea of a perfect summer read, something that I would gladly while away the hours reading at the beach or the park, but not something that necessarily left a huge impression on me. I am a bit of a sucker for post-college graduate stories about creative girls who are struggling to make ends meet, have complicated romantic lives, and just want to be a writer for god's sake, so I was always going to enjoy this one. ...
  • Mineliz Febus
    Sasha Goldberg has it all: a successful boyfriend, a New York apartment, and an NYU education. Now she works for Bliss, a personalized matchmaking company. This is quite a unique job. Her clients (mostly women) are too busy to seek Mr. Right, so they pay someone at Bliss to do it. So Sasha spends her days cruising through dating apps and web sites and setting up people. Her match rate is vital if she wants to keep her job. But then the not-so-sur...
  • Colleen Cahalan
    I've been duped by books twice in my reading career. The first was when I didn't read a description well enough and ended up reading a Jane Austen retelling when I'm just not a fan, and the other time was this book. I loved the book. All the way up until about 95%, where, I am very sad to say, the ending completely ruined the whole thing for me. The premise is great: fresh from college, Sasha needs to job. She sees an ad for a matchmaking service...
  • Kendall
    What originally drew me to this book was the title and the cover! Cover gush!
  • Marie
    I received an uncorrected ARC in exchange for an honest review.Rating: 3.7 / 5 Playing with Matches has one of the catchiest titles I have seen in awhile. I also have to give props to the cute cover that drew me towards it. The book follows the main character, Sasha, as she navigates New York City life as a recent journalism graduate and new matchmaker for the elite. While coaching her clients, searching the latest dating apps for matches, and se...
  • Sarah
    Sasha Goldberg, the novel's protagonist, chronicles her experience working for Bliss, an elite matchmaking service. She spends her days perusing dating websites, seeking possible matches for her clients and setting up their dates. Meanwhile, she is reassessing her own love life and hoping to make a go of a writing career.Early on the novel had tones of Elinor Lipman but that quickly diverged into more of a The Devil Wears Prada kind of vibe. Cert...
  • Jessica Sorentino
    What a fun book to add to your summer bookshelf! Playing with Matches is written in the voice/perspective of a literal, 22-year-old female living, hustling, working and dating in 2018 Manhattan. For someone (a tiny bit older) but in the same boats, I found this novel so relatable, funny and comforting. This book is great if you're interested in books about the current dating scene, life in Manhattan for young people and really, if you're just a f...
  • Alison Robinson
    I am very happy with how Hannah Orenstein ended this book. Sure, you always want a happily ever after tale, and this story leaves the ending open for Sasha to become a strong independent woman without the help of a man! Great story!
  • Katelyn
    Fun story about a 22 year old matchmaker trying to sort out her own love life and make it in NYC.
  • Cheryl
    1.5 stars. I finished it but I didn't really like it much.