Ohio by Stephen Markley


The debut of a major talent; a lyrical and emotional novel set in an archetypal small town in northeastern Ohio—a region ravaged by the Great Recession, an opioid crisis, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—depicting one feverish, fateful summer night in 2013 when four former classmates converge on their hometown, each with a mission, all haunted by the ghosts of their shared histories.Since the turn of the century, a generation has come of ...

Details Ohio

Release DateAug 21st, 2018
PublisherSimon Schuster
GenreFiction, Mystery, Literary Fiction

Reviews Ohio

  • Susanne Strong
    4 Stars.Four former friends converge on the town they grew up in: New Canaan, Ohio. Bound together for better or worse, each have their own reasons for returning and each person’s story intertwines in a way that is dark, evocative and simply jaw-dropping. This town is desolate, depressed and ravaged by war. They have nothing to give, except for their opinions and those are in abundance. Alcohol and drugs run rampant with addiction on the rise. ...
  • Julie
    Ohio by Stephen Markley is a 2018 Simon & Schuster publication. New Canaan, OhioThe Rust Belt-By now the plight of those living in a what is commonly known as ‘The Rust Belt", is etched into our consciousness. A marginalized area simmering in hostility, hammered by a stubborn economic depression, and an unprecedented epidemic opiate crisis.This atmosphere is more in the forefront than in the background as Stephen Markley captures the mentality ...
  • Liz
    I picked this up because someone compared it to The Big Chill, one of my favorite movies of all time. The book starts with a prelude, a stream of consciousness narrative during a parade in memory of Rick, who was killed Iraq. The book then jumps 6 years to 2013. Then it divides into four parts, each told from the perspective of a different character returning home for their own reasons. But each was a school mate of the others and have a history ...
  • Cheri
    !! NOW AVAILABLE !!4.5 Stars”Everybody knows that the dice are loadedEverybody rolls with their fingers crossedEverybody knows the war is overEverybody knows the good guys lostEverybody knows the fight was fixedThe poor stay poor, the rich get richThat's how it goesEverybody knows“Everybody knows that the boat is leakingEverybody knows that the captain liedEverybody got this broken feelingLike their father or their dog just diedEverybody talk...
  • Mackey
    Stephen Markley’s first fiction book, OHIO, is definitely not for the faint of heart. Having written previous non-fiction books, Markley undertakes an ambitious project writing about a rural, Northeaster, Ohio town suffering from the Great Recession, the opioid crisis and the after-effects of 9/11.OHIO centers around the story of four high school friends who are reunited a decade after their graduation. It also circles around the story of one o...
  • Jenny
    Everything in life depends on the decisions that you make, some more important than others. Sometimes the most innocuous decision has the greatest ramifications and effect on our lives.Ohio by Stephen Markley is a fictional account of a town that prosperity has forgotten. New Canaan, Ohio is a town where the effects of war, drugs, suicide, unemployment and a host of other epidemic problems have left it without hope.New Canaan represents what has ...
  • Tucker
    “Ohio” is fiction that probes issues that have received a lot of news attention the past two years - marginalization, loss of hope, disillusionment, economic decline, and drug addiction in middle America. The personal fallout is seen through the eyes of four main characters in their twenties, with flashbacks to their high school years, who unexpectedly reunite one fateful night in New Canaan, Ohio. By examining these issues through fiction, w...
  • Donna
    "Riding backTo where the highway metDead end tracksThe ground is now cement and glassAnd far awayHeal her soul, carry her, my angel, OhioGreen green youthWhat about the sweetness we knewWhat about what's good what's trueFrom those daysCan't count toAll the lovers I've burned throughSo why do I still burn for youI can't saySorry thatI could never love you backI could never care enough in these last daysHeal her soul, carry her, my angel, Ohi0" ...
  • Joseph
    Ohio by Stephen Markley is the story of a Rust Belt town and the people who live in it. Markley is the author of the memoir Publish This Book: The Unbelievable True Story of How I Wrote, Sold, and Published This Very Book and the travelogue Tales of Iceland.Growing up and living in Cleveland, I remember the tail end of the 1960s, 1970s, and the early 1980s, before leaving for the Marines.  I can recall the culture and impending doom that Ohio br...
  • Julie Ehlers
    Where to begin! At the beginning, I guess. Ohio is a sprawling novel that’s divided into four sections, each told from the point of view of one of four high school classmates all reappearing in their hometown of New Canaan, Ohio, on a night ten years after their graduation. The first section, centering on an addict and left-wing activist named Bill Ashcraft, is one of the most overwritten things I’ve ever read. (I’ll include some choice pas...
  • Bam
    The setting for this gritty novel is New Canaan, Ohio, a small town in northeast Ohio, hard hit by the economic downturn, whose major industries are long gone and the biggest employer is Walmart. The heroes of the town have been the high school football players who could pretty much get away with anything...and often do. But these kids seem to be cursed: one commits suicide; one OD's and accidentally sets fire to his apartment building, killing a...
  • Donna Davis
    Markley’s thunderous debut is not to be missed. My thanks go to Simon and Schuster and Net Galley for the review copy, which I read free and early, but this is one of the rare times I can say that if I’d paid full hardcover price, it would have been worth it. This is the summer’s best fiction, and it’s available to the public August 21, 2018. Our story is broken into a prelude and four additional parts, each assigned to a different protag...
  • Jessica
    This seems to be one of the buzziest books of the season, but it did NOTHING for me. It seems to be pretty standard Literary White Guy™ fare: kind of dry and self-indulgent. So I'm abandoning it halfway through.
  • Judy
    Wow! This book touched on all the crises of our times - the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, terrorism and violence against America, the opiod crisis, the recession that devastated the country, and more. At once it is a mystery but also a slice of life for today. I found it totally engrossing and it had an ending I didn't see coming. The writing is very descriptive and puts you in the scene so that you can see the character interaction. The descripti...
  • Marjorie
    Four classmates come back to the hometown of New Canaan one summer. Bill Ashcraft is an alcoholic and drug abuser and has completely lost his way. Stacey Moore comes back to confront the mother of her former girlfriend. Dan Eaton is a veteran of the Afghanistan War and has never forgotten his first love. Tina Ross has something to settle with the former captain of the football team. There are actually four novellas in this book, each involving on...
  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    This novel is set in a small town in northeastern Ohio, where four friends return home in 2013 and find there are ongoing ripples and consequences from their schooldays. The author gets small town midwestern culture right and writes deeply about the individual characters. This could practically be a quartet of character study novels. If I had a final copy I would put a bunch of quotes here because I found myself marking pages frequently.Thanks to...
  • Nancy
    I made myself finish Ohio by Stephen Markley. It is well written, beautiful writing at times, and the characters are well drawn and the theme timely and the plot is part a mystery and part a character study of a whole cadre of classmates.But it is dark, gruesome, shocking, and violent, the characters struggling with horrible situations and issues. I stopped reading it several times. I was sure I was going to walk away, unwilling to spend more tim...
  • Amy
    DNF!!I really wanted to like this book. Being from Northeast Ohio, I was so excited and thought I’d relate to this book but unfortunately I couldn’t get through this book. I made it to around 50% through and couldn’t get into the characters or the writing style. This book just wasn’t for me.Special thanks to NetGalley for allowing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
  • Joyce
    2 starsThis is an interesting debut novel. This books is a story about four late-twenties people who are tortured by their past. They came from a small town in Ohio nicknamed “The Cane” for New Canaan, Ohio. They are trying to forge a future for themselves. The town itself has suffered hard times for quite a while. From the Great Depression to drug wars and, lately, the banking crisis with its attendant foreclosures and evictions; these all p...
  • Kasa Cotugno
    This is the kind of totally immersive novel that can keep you up at night. One night in 2013, four former classmates find themselves once more in New Canaan, Ohio, or as they call it, The Cane. Their reasons differ, but each is afforded a novella-length section for their story to be told in overlapping precise detail. Stephen Markley has written two other books, but this is his first novel, and as with many journalists, his prose is clear, incisi...
  • Loring Wirbel
    This is quite an achievement for a debut novel, though the despair of growing up in a small town in the Midwest as Markley pictures it is unrelenting. In the case of Ohio, the despair is not just the singular sort of "lives of quiet desperation" strung out on opioids, but a broader despair that pulls many of its characters toward crimes against their friends, and even against humanity, making the book downright horrific in the end. But that facto...
  • Kelly
    This book is gritty, real, and will hit you hard like a gut punch. All the stars for this one.
  • Janelle
    Thank you so much Simon and Schuster for providing my free copy of OHIO by Stephen Markley - all opinions are my own.This book essentially reads like four novellas strung together by a common thread of place and time. It’s an incredibly brilliant, concordantly constructed debut that I cannot stop thinking about.The place is OHIO and the time is post-9/11, where Markley brings to life the twenty-something-year-old characters affected by the deat...
  • Jamele (BookswithJams)
    This one. Not for the faint of heart. And I most certainly needed this Pinot to get through the end. But man, it is gripping, gritty, sad, and well worth the time. I just finished and it will definitely be on my mind for weeks to come. I had heard good things but seriously had no idea what I was about to read. This is a bit of a look-back on high school life in small town Ohio, as four former classmates return to their hometown for different reas...
  • Dianne
    The Great Recession, wars and political unrest left scars on the town of New Canaan, an unremarkable and stagnant town trapped in a gridlock of apathy and economic loss. New Canaan became a living ghost town, its inhabitants shells of empty potential.Four former classmates will come together once again, each with their own baggage, heartaches, shortcomings and histories of time spent away from their hometown. Their stories are chaotic, dark and t...
  • Jerrie (redwritinghood)
    I received this for free from NetGalley in exchange for my review. This ambitious novel tries to capture the struggles of a generation in a small Ohio town as they grow into adulthood following 9/11. War, drug use, financial struggle, friendship, and guilt play out through a small group of high school friends. Some situations and dialog, however, felt forced in order to make a political or cultural comment. Some sections were also hard to follow ...
  • Jen
    With raw and gritty writing, Stephen Markley shows you small town life after 9/11, after the crash, and at the start of an epidemic. Taking place in Ohio, also the title of the book, I felt a special connection to this book and felt I needed to give it my undivided attention, more so than any other. This is a book about my state. My home. And I bet most of you don’t even know how to properly pronounce Cattawa or have ever heard of Titusville, w...
  • Karen
    3.5 rounded up. Author Stephen Markley is a keen observer of people in difficult situations and adept at setting the atmosphere of small town America. He explores the complexities of relationships, community and politics with well-crafted insightful words and descriptions, even if at times these words were crude or off-putting. I would have preferred a bit more editing of the descriptors; some were too lengthy and I would find myself skimming.Mar...
  • Paul
    Ohio is not a book about living in the past, nor is it about trying to change the past, but as Markley so eloquently puts it, it’s about the storm called progress. For me, the narrative combines a Richard Russo novel, Hillbilly Elegy, and Billy’s Long Halftime Walk. It’s an excellent contemplation of small town life in a part of this country, and a war that many people have forgotten about. I wholeheartedly recommend Ohio; it is very import...