Godspeed by Casey Legler


“A memoir for our times.” —Michael Stipe“A coming-of-age drama captured through poetic prose and convincing honesty.” —Kirkus Reviews“I swim for every chance to get wasted—after every meet, every weekend, every travel trip. This is what I look forward to and what I tell no one: the burn of it down my throat, to my soul curled up in my lungs, the sharpest pain all over it—it seizes and stretches, becoming alive again, and is the ...

Details Godspeed

Release DateJul 10th, 2018
PublisherAtria Books
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Biography Memoir

Reviews Godspeed

  • Adina
    I devoured this book and look forward to reading it again. It is both a heart breaking and uplifting memoir. Knowing and accepting yourself is difficult. No matter who you are. I am thankful that Casey shared her story and I hope she shares more in the future. Thank you, Casey Legler.
  • TiSh
    Not at all what I was expecting. Tireless and heartbreaking. Style and tone are vastly different from how Casey comes across in interviews.
  • Shane
    I was waiting to read this book from the moment it was announced and I am not disappointed. That was definitely the best birthday gift from me for me I have ever made. The language and the style was deeply moving, very picturesque, sad, cloudy and poem-like at many parts. There were also lines where it was more informal which has made the text more realistic. I have never even learnt how to swim in my life and it was never a goal for me. I used t...