Lumberjanes, Vol. 9 by Shannon Watters

Lumberjanes, Vol. 9

When the Yetis are kicked out of their treehouse, it’s up to the Roanokes to win their home back from the Sasquatches that took it over by beating them at roller derby.You just gotta learn to roll with the punches! When the yetis are kicked out of their humble treehouse abode, it’s up to Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley to get them back where they belong amongst the trees...and not leeching the camp’s power and making all the ice cream melt...

Details Lumberjanes, Vol. 9

TitleLumberjanes, Vol. 9
Release DateJul 24th, 2018
PublisherBOOM! Box
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fantasy, Young Adult, Lgbt

Reviews Lumberjanes, Vol. 9

  • Danika at The Lesbrary
    Yetis! Roller derby! Introduction and acceptance of gender neutral pronouns!
  • Ana Rînceanu
    I'm confused.. do have a roller derby league or not?! Because I wouldn't mind this comic turning into a sports manga. Am I the only one that thought so?
  • Stewart Tame
    The book kicks off with a one shot: is Diane up to her old tricks? Nice to occasionally see a story focusing on characters other than the Roanokes.Then we’re on to our main story. The yetis are kicked out of their treehouse by a pack of sasquatches, so the Roanokes come to the rescue by challenging them to a roller derby match. Honestly, that sentence really does make perfect sense, no matter what you may think. I am not off my meds! Put that s...
  • Victoria ♡
    This was so good!! I loved that the Yetis were back and I loved the rep!Barney is also one of my favourite characters, though they didn't get too much action in the later issues, I loved the beginning with Barney
  • Eliza and her books
    God it just gets better and better
  • Emily
    I'm so sad because I really did not enjoy this very much. I'll probably give the next one a chance, but if that one doesn't step up, I may be done with the series.
  • Loretta
    Yetis! Sasquatches! Roller derby!
  • Robin Stevens
    The 'Janes are trying roller derby in this cute story. (8+)*Please note: this review is meant as a recommendation only. If you use it in any marketing material, online or anywhere on a published book without asking permission from me first, I will ask you to remove that use immediately. Thank you!*
  • Katie
    This has the feel of classic Lumberjanes. Crisp storytelling, full of heart and hijinks with a concise ending.
  • Claire
    Read as single issues. I think first time I’ve given lumberjanes only three stars. Hate, hate the art. It made the whole story ugly. (The story was cute, so it wasn’t all bad. But. Damn. They’ve been scraping the barrel with artists, lately.)
  • Liz (Quirky Cat)
    I read Lumberjanes Vol. 9 in single issues. The Lumberjanes are back for another volume! Seriously, I couldn’t be happier about the fact that this series is still going strong. I don’t even want to think about the idea of the series eventually ending…so let’s just pretend that that could never happen! The lighter tones of this series have always made this series perfect for an escape. Sure, the fantastical and whimsical elements help too,...
  • Kim Dyer
    While this volume is still a fun and light-hearted read, it felt as though it was lacking something. Everything just felt a little off about it, from the charactisation of the girls to its art-style. This volume doesn't really add anything to what little ongoing plot that the series has. It just takes the form of a roller derby against some Sasquatch.While I would still recommend this series to middle graders and young adults, I really do think t...
  • Ashley
    Another fabulous outing for the Lumberjanes! The representation within this universe continues to be amazing, adding the adorable Barney into the mix. I love that everyone is simply accepting, but also not afraid to ask questions. The roller derby arc was fun, though it isn't as exciting or memorable as some of the previous arcs. I always love Mal and Molly getting some cuteness. I didn't care for the art in this volume as much, as it felt almost...
  • Dorie
    Vol. 9: On A Roll 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍌Chapters # 33-36Shannon Watters, Kat Leyh, Carolyn Novak, et al.2018When Jo decides to find out why the electricity is not working, she discovers a group of unhappy Yeti. Their home has been taken over by the Sasquatches and refuse to leave. When they discover an old box of roller skates, they decide to form Roller Derby teams, winner takes all. As Sasquatches come to watch game, the Yeti move back into their...
  • eli
    wasnt rly into the roller derby stuff and that was almost the entire volume but fndj other stuff here was good
  • Kate
    In which people are accepting of others and conflicts are solved via roller derby. More reasons to love these hardcore lady types!
  • Lisa
    This volume was great! Back to the quirkiness I can appreciate. Gotta love roller Derby with Sasquatch.
  • Tiffani
    Duh. Lumberjanes.
  • Lizzy // The Bookish Unicorn
    "This sword works with LITERALLY any outfit. I'm keeping it."Taking sweet fashion advice from April!
  • Jana Eichhorn
    Lumberjanes. Plus Sasquatches. Plus roller derby. Oh yeah.
  • Nicole
    Read July 2018Like the previous volume this one feels a little short (compared to the ones before that) and I feel like the quality of the art has gone down a bit.The first issue in this volume focussed a bit more on Barney and them using they/them pronouns which I really liked. The other issues had Roller Derby, Yeti’s & Sasquatches which was fun, though not my favourite Lumberjanes adventure.
  • Dakota Morgan
    It finally happened - I've aged out of Lumberjanes fandom. The plots are too silly, too simple, too focused on girl power and inclusivity. Not to say that kind of focus is bad! Girl power rocks and inclusivity is essential to a productive future. But like, the way Lumberjanes presents these ideas is perfect for young girls who are just learning about the concepts. For a weathered old dude like me, it all just comes off as a bit childish. Also, ho...
  • Chelsea
    This series can do no wrong! Now to wait until December for the next volume...
  • Imogene
    Read as individual issues.Three reasons why Lumberjanes vol 9 is amaze balls.1. Hardcore Lady type tweens playing roller derby, embracing their strength, embracing their teamwork, kicking Sasquatch butt, saving Sasquatch butt, making Sasquatch friends, and starting a new camp tradition.2. Genuine apologies for past mistakes, including one without an excuse!3. A genuine, awesome, totally woke discussion of pronouns and gender choices and non-binar...
  • Annie
    The last few have not been nearly as good as the early volumes. Interestingly, the intended audience seems to have gotten younger.
  • Alissa
    Y'all...I may explode from the sheer awe-inspiring awesomeness of this series!!1,001 heart-eyed emoji for Lumberjanes #9!!(now to wait patiently for the next one!)
  • Stephanie
    The Lumberjanes challenge sasquatches to roller derby! Will their speed make up for being way tiny in comparison to the sasquatches? Will Molly learn to accept her badassness when it comes to sporting? Will Mal be the Best Derby Coach Ever? (spoiler: Yes)Will their track turn into massively dangerous training grounds complete with a ring of fire and they'll keep playing anyway? And really, at the end of the day, what would YOU do for your fave tu...
  • Leelo
    I love the lumberjanes and I was so psyched to read this new volume. Something felt like it was missing. I went back to read the previous one with Medusa (ugh perhaps my very favorite volume) to see if it was just me or pinpoint why I wasn’t connecting with this story. I didn’t find the yetis or their problem to be compelling—only a convenient reason to have a roller derby race and I didn’t feel like the girls were as in sync as they norm...
  • Devann
    Read as single issues. This was a really fun volume focusing mainly on a roller derby game of the Lumberjanes vs some Sasquatches for the purpose of helping out their Yeti friends. You know, that very common thing. There was also a one-off issue focusing on Barney's cabin and welcoming them to camp which I really enjoyed. Although I would like it if Barney played a larger role in the main series. I really like them and it feels like they're gener...