The Unsound by Cullen Bunn

The Unsound

A surreal horror story, following a young nurse who is caught in the middle of a strange supernatural conspiracy on her first day working for Saint Cascia Psychiatric Hospital.IS THERE SUCH A THING AS SANITY?Ever since she was little, all Ashli wanted was to help people. It’s why she went to nursing school, and it’s why she signed up for the vacant position at Saint Cascia, despite the psychiatric hospital’s less-than-sterling reputation. B...

Details The Unsound

TitleThe Unsound
Release DateMay 15th, 2018
PublisherBOOM! Studios
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Horror, Graphic Novels Comics, Fantasy, Supernatural

Reviews The Unsound

  • Derek Royal
    I was intrigued by this book, and it's a good -- the kind of horror I've come to expect from Bunn -- but by the time I got to the end, I could help but think that this was the beginning of a "thicker" narrative. There seemed to be a larger mythos underlying this story. But the details of that mythos just isn't there.
  • Christoph
    Die Film- und Fernsehwelt der Gegenwart ist gut gefüllt mit gut (bis sehr gut) erzählten Horrorgeschichten. Der Einsatz von digitalen Hilfsmitteln fördert die Entführung und surreale Welten ungemein und überholt damit die früheren Produktionen zum Teil. Verloren ging jedoch das Erzählen einer emotionell packenden Geschichte. Das Medium Comics hatte schon seit Bestehen hier einen Vorteil, grafisch ist alles möglich und charakterlich ist ma...
  • Adam Stone
    If you enjoy horror books for their randomness, and how there is no real narrative logic to anything, just a general aura of creepiness, then this might be a book for you. Events happen because horror. You eventually learn the reason why the protagonist is involved because the story needed an ending.It's not really fun. There's no reason to like or dislike any of the characters, as they're all just plot devices to move you to the next scene. The ...
  • Dan
    Excellent immersive read, I found myself re-reading each chapter because I was so eager to find out what happened that I rushed. It's a surreal journey through extreme mental illness from several perspectives. There are touches of the stereotypical eye-rolling insane asylum "What's your dark secret?" and "Who's the REAL patient?" plot hooks, but the story goes much much deeper and does not rely heavily on tropes. The art really captures the feeli...
  • Jamie Connolly
    Better than I thought it would be for sure. Different take on a common plot. Well conceived too. A lot of the art was hit or miss I thought. But some of the frames, and especially the covers, were downright superb. I would have liked it if the last quarter of the book was longer and went more in-depth. You’ll see what I mean. I could easily be more critical of this book but I like everything I read. 4 stars.
  • Raquel
    Interesting read. Had a surreal premise that bordered on being too corky while still trying to throw in a “message”. Was definitely a page turner, mainly because I was trying to figure out what was going on.
  • Craig
    I get what it was trying to do, and it looks great. But there was just something missing. Likely it was an investment in the characters, all of whom seemed disposable.
  • Grant Laird
  • Sarah
    That was something...