Algedonic by R.H. Sin


Bestselling poet r.h. Sin, author of the Whiskey, Words, & a Shovel series, presents a poetry collection that illuminates the transformative power of emotional pain.Algedonic is an aesthetic outlook on pain and pleasure. Complex emotions simplified into poetic interludes as only r.h. Sin can express. With his trademark of giving simplicity to some of the hardest of emotions, Sin reminds us all that there are often two sides to an emotional stor...

Details Algedonic

Release DateDec 12th, 2017
PublisherAndrews McMeel Publishing

Reviews Algedonic

  • Emy
    "she found life in the night like a rose blooming without the sun"As usual, his words reach me
  • Julia
    3.5 stars I truly love R.H. Sin's work. I think its beautiful and important- it always feels so personal as well.I was a bit disappointed in this collection though, in comparison to his other works that is. This one deals more with heartbreak and relationships not working out. The last poem and the leading poems to the end, did not have this wow effect that they usually do. I still enjoyed this collection and had some favourites but it wasn't my...
  • Kate ♡
    Brilliant. You’ll get nothing less than perfection from r.h. Sin, every time.Read this in less than an hour and already want to read it again.
  • Chanel
    I received this as an ARC on NetGalley in exchange for a review. I don't know why I keep doing this to myself...Every time a new r.h. Sin book drops, I always read it, expecting it to be better. I mean, you'd think an author would grow with each new work, right? But it's really just the same thing recycled into a new cover. The themes are the same, the she-poem one-liners are the same, the insta-poetry snapshots are the same. I always feel cheate...
  • ThePhoenix93
    I have so much to say about this, so bear with me. I don't know how this person keeps churning out these "poetry" books one after the other, like some kind of bad poetry factory. It just doesn't work that way! Or at least, it shouldn't. There is a reason why writing good poetry takes time, it can take someone years to gather enough material for a collection of poems ready to be published. It's only natural. Poems need to grow inside of us and rip...
  • Jenny Lee
    "she found heaven in a bookstoreshe got lost in the pages" I received this eArc from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. When I saw R H Sin listed as a book to review my heart basically melted. I recently stumbled upon him and fell in love with the simplicity of his words. These aren't literary works of art, but poems aren't always meant to be. Everyone reads for different reasons. I read poetry to find solace in the fact that I am not al...
  • Krystal
    This short collection of poetry resonated with me as r.h. Sin continues to publish strikingly emotive writing!
  • Erin Vance
    I wish I could give this zero stars. Vapid, repetitive, boring ‘poetry.’ The author needs a basic lesson in figurative language. And in avoiding manic pixie dream girl tropes.
  • Shanna Kunkel
    This book is just everything.
  • Giulia Nicolai
    Besides the repetitive, superficial poems about desperation for women, there is now an added bonus of “girls with daddy issues”. Great!
  • Suraya (thesuraya)
    i honestly don't know why i bother
  • Siina
    Algedonic is my first read from r. h. Sin and I wanted to try this, since I've heard quite a lot about Sin's books. Sadly I was let down, although Algedonic isn't necessarily that bad. It's just cliched (I hate cliches). The book is divided into two parts, the black and white ones and yes, by color. The black one is PAIN / CHAOS and the poems are about sadness, lost love and mistreat. Sin's style is quite bare and the poems are like tweets, reall...
  • Katie (Lost in Pages)
    I think I’m going to take a break with poetry for a while. I’m not sure if maybe I’m too cynical of a person to really feel anything by the words and themes expressed, but they all just come across as repetitive and cliche. This book was no different to me.
  • Zoe
    This book is set to release next month, December 12, 2017, and I was given the opportunity to review this title prior.As I was reading through this book, it made me wish that the poems were a lot longer. The majority of the poems were about 2-5 lines and that was a disappointing. I have all of r.h. Sins books, but this is the first book of his that is just overwhelmingly short. But this can be seen through a positive lens.One thing I can say is t...
  • adik miftakhur
    ** I got an ARC which is generously provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review **Well, I loved this poetry so much. I only read it in two sittings, one I did it on campus, then back at my dorm the other. This book told me so much about heartbroken, how the writer mended with it to reach the joyous. Somehow, I could see me in those lines cz I did have a "bad" relationship back then, so yeah, I found it so relatable. I found my favorite...
  • J.D. Dehart
    r.h. Sin gives the reader a series of poems, short and long, arranged at the heart of each page in this book. These are verses that work powerfully, sometimes simply and sometimes in a more complicated way. Each one is an example of how even two lines can convey an emotion or idea, which is part of why I enjoy poetry so much.I would also note that this book works in a very design-oriented way, with poems alternating with colors on the page. Recom...
  • Pamala
    I enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed reading the author's other works however, this one just felt the same as his first trilogy of Whiskey, Words, and a Shovel I. There was nothing new to offer, it was the same recycled thoughts, ideas and feelings. I just didn't find any new substance here that was not offered in his first three works.
  • Joshua Moneda
    It's very common for a fan to expect something new from his/her favorite author, and surely, Sin's newest book "Algedonic" did not disappoint. Or did it? Algedonic, as defined by MW Medical Dictionary means, "aesthetic look on pain and pleasure" but r.h. Sin's book did not gave me the pang of pain nor the euphoria of a pleasure, -- all I got was aesthetic. It's almost as if a different author wrote this book. It's seems like I'm reading Kaur's "M...
  • Marah
    I remember being so mesmerized by the words in his other books...But this one wasn’t cutting it. There were only a few things in here that I really liked (maybe 3 things). It was disappointing.Perhaps I wasn’t at the right spot in my life when I read these (like I was with his other books).
  • Ara Gatbonton
    You are the flower That blooms by itselfFor itself For yourselfKeep growingThat was one of the poems that reached out to me the most. I just love how r.h. Sin’s poems connect with me on a personal level and it just feels like these were written for me specifically. It’s a truly great read.
  • Johanne
    4.5 starsI've really enjoyed reading R.H. Sin poetry collections! I think they are so powerful and they really speak to me in some sort of way. His books also really made me get back into and inspired me to write my own poetry again since I've had a massive writers block for some time now!
  • Samantha Londer
    there were maybe four or five poems that resonated with me, but the rest just kind of fell flat
  • Sarina Cooper
    By far my favorite r.h. sin book so far. A little short so I finished it quick but every page was worth the read. Already want to read it again.
  • Elena ( The Queen Reads )
    she was beautifuland strangeand brokenbut she was worth it
  • Rachel-Morgan Di Stefano
    Always fabulous.
  • Karisa
    My favorite book of poetry so far this year
  • Cassandra Doudoumis
    I enjoyed this but I don't think it's one of my absolute favourites of his. Still love him though. Also yes it did take me this long to read it. I was trying to make it last.
  • River
    I have seen r.h. Sin's name popping up everywhere, so I was excited to read Algedonic. While I didn't hate it, I can't say that it's a new favorite. The brevity and simplicity of each poem quickly began to feel gimmicky- and at times cliched- instead of profound. All the same, I was drawn in by both the design and message of this collection. This might not have been a 5-star read for me, but I will definitely be looking out for r.h. Sin's work in...
  • Heather
    EngagingThese pieces are like coming up for fresh air after nearly drowning. Like waking from a nightmare. And they give me hope for the world.
  • Devyn Robanske
    Beautifully written and really connects with people who have been hurt in life recently. amazing read