Heart of Fire by Lisa Edmonds

Heart of Fire

Join Alice. Private Investigator of the Supernatural. It has been a rough month for mage private investigator Alice Worth. Alice hasn’t had a decent night’s sleep in weeks, her relationship with werewolf Sean Maclin is on the rocks, a federal agent hounds her every step, and a powerful vampire whose ulterior motives have ulterior motives watches her every move. It’s enough to drive any woman to drink.Just when Alice's ghost sidekic...

Details Heart of Fire

TitleHeart of Fire
Release DateMay 29th, 2018
PublisherCity Owl Press
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires, Magic

Reviews Heart of Fire

  • Stacey is Sassy
    Go Team MAGS!!!***4.5 Stars***I tell myself constantly not to do this to myself, but somehow, when a book’s calling to me…I MUST ANSWER THE CALL. So, I ended up reading one paranormal romance, while listening to another paranormal romance. Both of them were excellent but there’s the slight problem of when I get my magic mixed up. What’s a good move in one book is a VERY BAD, THE WORLD WILL END, move in the other. I was screaming DON’T D...
  • Annika
    What a grand sequel to an amazing debut.Non-stop action, mystery, magic and bad-assery, the latter of which mainly stemmed from the heroine, Alice. She's my hero. Despite her over-the-top stubbornness and her unwillingness to let anybody in, she's such a fantastic character and role model. I love her loyalty and integrity, as well as her more vulnerable side. And of course, she damn well knows how to kick some butt.Add in a bunch of perfectly fle...
  • Carvanz
    What a great following to the first Alice Worth book! I loved this one just as much as Heart of Malice.Alice is called in to help find “working girls” that have disappeared. Along the way she runs into a whole host of complications. Some that were completely heart breaking. Alice continues to resist the help or assistance of anyone other than Malcolm. When Sean suddenly reappears in her life she is determined to keep him at a distance but the...
  • Gwen
    Alice Worth the local lady of mystery, who under severe personal pressure has to balance the desire for revenge and the need to keep her secrets. Of course secrets can only be squeezed so much when you have people you love and need to protect, because like blood secrets must out.Yeah I know not the most original story line but it was well written and engaging enough that made me want to read the next book.Great Book Lisa!
  • Stacy
    The Alice Worth series quickly turned into a must-read series for me. Alice is growing away from the loner she was when we first met her. She is still guarded and wary of accepting help, but she is slowly opening herself up to others. We continue to learn more about her past and unfortunately her past is slowly creeping closer to her new life. As soon as you think you have a handle on what she can do, another level of power is revealed. She truly...
  • Bookgyrl
    The story picks up a couple of weeks after the ending of book 1. I would advise to read that one first, as not much time is spent on explaining or rehashing what happened in that book and it will leave you wondering who is who and what's what.Alice is going through a very rough patch. She and Sean have broken up after a ridiculous fight and she refuses to acknowledge what happened in book 1 has affected her and brought back memories of the past. ...
  • Jet
    (No spoilers.) Alice Worth is definitely a flawed character, which is understandable based on her past experiences. I love authors who allow these types of characters to progress in positive ways as a normal outgrowth of the story. The plot of this book is just as compelling as the previous book and the characters are true to their natures. That's not always the case in this genre - which I consider urban fantasy - as sometimes authors let "magic...
  • Jellisa Thomas
    LOVE THE BOOK I got a free copy ebook for early review from BookSprout. I can't wait for the next book. If you another reads wanted to read the book start with Blood Money then Heart of Malice and Just for one night. Before reading Heart of Fire.
  • Edeena Cross
    Whilst you don't need to read Blood Money before reading Heart of Fire, it really helps give the backstory to Alice's relationship with her mentor. It also gives us more motivation in Malcolm's behaviour, and it's always worth knowing what a vampire is up to.In Heart of Fire, Alice deals with relationships - as well as the main plot of the story, which is to find out what has happened to all these kidnapped women. She is slowly learning that she ...
  • Susan
    Alice is back and just as bada$$ as ever. This time she’s drawn into a missing persons case with her former mentor. Full of sass, snark, and action that’ll have you quickly turning the pages. If you enjoyed Kim Harrison’s Hollows series, then you’ll LOVE Lisa Edmonds and Alice Worth.* I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • Helen Wawrejko
    Alice is drowning in guilt that she couldn't save all the people at the construction site. Barely making it through the days, her old boss Mark asks for her help finding missing prostitutes. Vampires are being blamed. The vampire council hired him to find the truth. Immersing herself in the cause, she finds new purpose to heal. But the case will lead to a powerful adversary, and devastating consequences. Great 2nd book in the series. Read Heart o...
  • Kerry Henderson
    I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review from Librarything. Alice is on the hunt for missing women. It appears that vampires are behind it but Alice thinks differently. Can she figure it all out and keep herself alive.This is book 2 in the series and I haven't read book 1 but was able to follow most of the background. It's fairly spread out so does take a little bit to figure out. This has a main plot and then a subplot linked t...
  • Lorena
    This urban fantasy series continues to be a cut above the standard clutter. Alice is a great character, and I'm enjoying watching her develop and come into her own. Recommended for fans of the Kate Daniels series, with the added benefit that the love interest isn't quite so COMPLETELY over-the-top alpha.
  • Jen
    Definitely a lot better than the first book. I'm invested in the series now. Looking forward to the next one.
  • cathy m freeze
    Very niceAlice is a strong, mature character--a nice combination. The pacing was fairly slam-bang, here--I kept coming back to the story when I had plenty of other things I should have been doing. I think this is a very strong 3 and a half stars--I'll buy the next in the series as soon as I'm able. Was very happy that Alice chose one of the many men who hankered after her, and for all the best reasons--but the story spent too much time, imho, on ...
  • Sonja
    After just two books, Lisa Edmonds has moved her way to the top of my Must Read Authors list. The elaborate world she has created around Alice is dark and fascinating. Alice Worth reminds me of a combination of Wynonna Earp, Jessica Jones, and Kate Daniels. She is funny, kind, sarcastic, lost, and so flawed. She is utterly human. Albeit, a very powerful human. No one tortures Alice more than Alice herself. And can't most of us say that? Heart of ...
  • Treena
    This was an awesome book 2! Alice is growing to be one of my favorite heroines. I love her spunk, her bad-ass-ness. I love her integrity, her loyalty, and most especially, that she is flawed and real. The pace of the story is just as fast as book 1. I kept turning the pages, greedily gobbling up scene after scene. So so soooooooo good.If you love kick-ass heroines, a good paranormal-UF story line, with snark, heat, and action, then do check out ...
  • Sandra
    Another great UF story about Alice Worth - powerful mage who escaped a lifetime of being tortured into using her magic to harm others in the name of profit by faking her death and who now works as a magical PI trying to make up for all the harm she was forced to do. I really like Alice and I particularly enjoyed seeing ruthless vengeful Alice and especially how she handled Charles attempted blackmail. Go Alice! I liked how the potential for roman...
  • Fran
    this book is the poster child for action, magic and butt kicking. The main character Alice is such a loyal person with tons of integrity. Both butt kicking and vulnerable. She was real. you could easily connect with her. I loved the banter between characters also. I mean humor and banter make everything better. this book is the poster child for action, magic and butt kicking. The main character Alice is such a loyal person with tons of integrity....
  • Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)
    Reviewed by [email protected] Stars ReviewsAlice is a bit of a mess after the previous book ended. She's having guy troubles, and she isn't eating or sleeping much. Her guilt is eating away at her. But when she finally starts to snap out of it, it may lead her to a case that will make her whole life change and not for the better. This book was good. I wouldn't say it was as good as the first one, but it was still pretty good. Alice had a lot to wo...
  • belkis lamar
    Keep them coming!Alice Worth is definitely a new favorite heroine. She is a deeply flawed mage, who despite a horrific childhood forced to kill and do other violent acts by her grandfather using her blood magic, is now in business of atoning for previous acts. Her magic can be darkly brutal but she will do whatever it takes to save those she's been hired as private investigator to help or find. In this second book she finally learns slowly and in...
  • Ian
    An all around good book.Really enjoyed both books, overall they are just very solid good story, characters and dialogue. I know it's rude to rush authors, but I really hope the next one comes out soon! (It's the ultimate compliment really) I do hope that someone finds out about her lineage soon and some epic shit goes down, but I'm sure it'll happen eventually. Thanks for the great book!
  • Dennise Franklin
    Love it! OMG what an ending!Cant wait for book 3!I was happy to see Alice grow as an individual and see her open up. She still has a long way to go, but we definitely see a peek of the great things we can expect from her! WOW!Read the novellas! it makes you appreciate and understand the leading men in her life, love that the author took the time to write them. Keep them coming!
  • Kimberly
    The book good urban fantasy read. The book is the second book in the series. As a reader you don't need to read the first book but it will help give the backstory. The plot in the story is compelling. The characters are true to their natures.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • Sherry
    Worth the wait, definitely met expectations after the first book. Love love love Alice! It was awesome to see her character growth, and honestly can't wait for the next installment! It was the perfect balance of action, mystery and romance for me, it's hard not to fall in love with all the characters. Really would like another novella from Sean's POV in this book, pretty please?
  • Emma Fearon
    Best new series I've foundI read the first Alice Worth book and I was totally hooked. And this second in the series is as good if not better.I truly love Alice as a character and she goes from strength to strength. The other characters, Sean, Malcolm, Charles, all build a real life to this world and I look forward eagerly to the next. Soon please!
  • Missy Cetnar
    Amazing sequelThis was an exceptional sequel in the Alice Worth series. A kick-ass heroine, a little romance thrown in and a ghost with a sense of humor for a best friend. It's a great combination.
  • Serina E. Duarte
    Engaging from the startI loved book 1 and the second one too!!! So well written! Believable strong characters who continue to develop! Spell binding story! Would read this one again for sure! I can’t wait til the next one is released!!!
  • BarbaraH
    A must read for lovers of paranormal!! Alice is a PI for paranormals and gets mixed up with vampires and werewolves and others who are controlling some very bad magic, but Alice has a little magic of her own too.
  • Jill Laverack
    Loved it!!I would recommend this series to any urban fantasy fan,it's definitely my new favourite,I am eagerly awaiting the next book,