The Girl I Used To Know by Faith Hogan

The Girl I Used To Know

A beautiful, emotive and spell-binding story of two women who find friendship and second chances when they least expect it. Perfect for the fans of Patricia Scanlan.Amanda King and Tess Cuffe are strangers who share the same Georgian house, but their lives couldn't be more different.Amanda seems to have it all, absolute perfection. She projects all the accouterments of a lady who lunches. Sadly, the reality is a soulless home, an unfaithful husba...

Details The Girl I Used To Know

TitleThe Girl I Used To Know
Release DateDec 1st, 2017
PublisherAria Fiction (Head of Zeus)
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary

Reviews The Girl I Used To Know

  • Dash fan
    5☆ Compelling, A journey of self discovery, friendships and Second Chances!The Girl I Used to Know is a beautiful story of two very different women living in virtually the same house as strangers but come together to form an unlikely  friendship.It's a beautifully Heartwarming and compelling read. It's about friendship, Family, Relationships and a second chance at happiness.Amanda seems to have it all. The gorgeous Four storey Georgian House, ...
  • Zoe
    Uplifting, absorbing, and delightfully inspiring!The Girl I Used To Know is a heartwarming story that immerses you in a tale about letting go of the past, embracing the future and discovering one’s true self at any age.The prose is effortless and fluid. The plot is a wonderful blend of heart, humour, and hope. And the characterization is spot on with a memorable cast of characters, including two strong, determined, resilient women who learn t...
  • sue
    This is based around a four storey Georgian house in a lovely Dublin square.The women I meet very soon become part of my “life” as the author makes them 3D almost immediately and you cannot help but feel connected to all of them.Amanda and Richard King purchase this house but it has a sitting tenant named Tess. They think they can eventually get her to move on. But it’s not the case.Amanda and Richard being owners occupy the top three store...
  • Elaine
    This is a highly original story of two women who live in the same house, Tess being the unwanted tenant of the ground floor flat and Amanda living with her husband, Richard, and their children in the other floors of the house. Initially the story fills in background information on how the two came to live there and their somewhat confrontational relationship. After very different triggers, these two lonely women start to re-evaluate their lives, ...
  • DJ Sakata
    Favorite Quotes:Maureen Cuffe was a mouse of a woman, forever playing small to augment her husband’s supremacy… her mother talked of his impending retirement with a sense of doom worthy of an undertaker. ‘Not long now,’ she would say when he left the house.She actually nodded towards the dumpy little woman, with absurd copper rouge hair piled too high on her head. She stood transfixed, once she realised it was her own reflection. She stud...
  • Suze Lavender
    Amanda and Tess don't like each other very much. They share the same house, but Amanda would love to get rid of Tess, who's an unwelcome tenant she and her husband Richard can't evict. Amanda and Tess have something in common though, they're both lonely. Tess's heart was broken a long time ago and she hasn't been able to let anyone come close ever since. Amanda's marriage is loveless and cold, her so called friends don't really care about her and...
  • Trish at Between My Lines
    This review was originally posted on Between My LinesThe Girl I Used to Know by Faith Hogan is an entertaining, and lively read about second chances, taking control of your life, and the power of friendship.  Which is exactly the kind of inspiring and uplifting read that I love to snuggle up with.First Line of The Girl I Used to Know by Faith Hogan “The sun began to empty its rays across the bay earlier each morning now.”My Thoughts on The G...
  • Linda Hill
    Tess and Amanda are at loggerheads and hate each other. However, they may have more in common than they thought.Never having read Faith Hogan before, I was amazed at how much reading The Girl I Used to Know felt like returning to a favourite author. The writing felt familiar, loved and welcome. Faith Hogan has a style that is smooth and effective, drawing in the reader to the story without them actually realising they are reading a work of fictio...
  • Donna Maguire
    2017-12-13 thoroughly enjoyed this book - it was completing inspiring and really made me think about some of my current friendships! The plot was brilliant and the characters worked really well to bring the story to life - the writing style was superb and I flew through the pages not wanting to put it down. I was completely wrapped up in the stories of Tess and Amanda - both were such interesting characters and I ...
  • Michelle Ryles
    I admit to being a huge Faith Hogan fan so I couldn't wait to get my hands on her new book; she writes such emotive and compelling fiction with strong female characters who you think of as friends as the book goes on. The Girl I Used to Know is so perfectly named as it describes the journey our two main characters are on. In this case, both women must shed the masks they have worn for so long in order to find their very own girl they used to know...
  • Patty
    The Girl I Used To KnowByFaith HoganWhat it's all about...This is a lovely book about two women who have been lost to themselves and are in great need of finding themselves. Tess and Amanda...neighbors by default... who have lived practically side by side without really knowing each other...for years. They have been unfriendly for so long that it seems as though they can never really be friendly. However...circumstances bring them together...or i...
  • Sally Coles
    Amanda and her husband Richard own a beautiful Georgian town house in Dublin and live on the top 3 floors - the basement is rented out to Tess, who as a sitting tenant they cannot get rid of. The two women have nothing in common, Amanda in her mid forties appears to be a woman with everything - beautiful house, successful husband, two children - but is everything as it seems are her circle truly her friends and does she just go along with everyth...
  • Linn Halton
    Old wounds and new beginnings … A beautiful story of two women living under one roof – albeit Tess is a sitting tenant living in the basement and Amanda is the lady of the rest of this rather splendid, Georgian house. Neither are happy, and both feel locked into lives that leave them feeling lonely and unfulfilled for very different reasons. You will find yourself drawn into their respective lives and hoping that, somehow, they will both find...
  • Anniek
    Amanda thinks she has it all. Once upon a time she was an upcoming artist, but she turned her back on her talent when she married Richard. Richard works hard and brings in lots of money. This makes them able to live comfortably in a picture perfect house. Amanda is always busy keeping up appearances with her fake friends, because she doesn't want to be the main subject of their gossip. Her two teenage children know that something isn't right and ...
  • Kaisha (The Writing Garnet)
    All reviews can be found on my blog at https://thewritinggarnet.wordpress.comHave you ever had an opinion about someone, despite not knowing their true personality?Have you ever disregarded someone as a friend because a spouse, family member or friend, didn't like them?Have you ever been stuck in a rut so deep, you lost sight of who you truly were?Have you ever thought 'enough is enough' and felt empowered to change all of the above?Yes? Me too. ...
  • Claire Mc Partlin
    I absolutely loved this engrossing book about two women living in the same house, both at crossroads in their lives.Tess and Amanda both live in the same four storey Georgian house on a lovely Dublin square with a shared gated garden in the middle for all the residents. Amanda and her husband Richard own the house and live in the top three storeys with their two children, and Tess is their (unwanted) sitting tenant in the basement flat.Tess is a ...
  • Karen
    Every so often a book comes along that shocks me with how very much I love it. Faith Hogan's The Girl I Used to Know is one of those books. I was expecting to like it ... otherwise I wouldn't have requested it from NetGalley and Aria in the first place ... but it absolutely stole my heart. More accurately, Tess and Amanda stole my heart.Tess lives in Amanda's basement -- much to the dismay of Amanda and her husband, Richard. She's a cantankerous ...
  • Anne
    This was one of those books that you’d like to go on for ever – I just couldn’t carve out any concentrated reading time this week (which would have been my idea of reading heaven), but every time I was forced to set this book aside I couldn’t wait for the next opportunity to pick it up, and it was constantly in my thoughts. The author’s writing is several notches more accomplished than it was in the earlier books (and I do distinctly re...
  • Mystica
    Two women share the same house over a very long period. One the main house, one the basement flat. Amanda is married to a very well settled professional with two teenage children. On the surface her life seems complete. Tess is a single woman who has no friends, absolutely no family and lives a very lonely life tucked away in her flat which has not seen improvement for years and is in a bit of a shambles.Tess seems embittered the way life has tur...
  • Jane Hunt
    Two women are uneasy neighbours. On the surface, they have very little in common except for the hostility between them. New Year's Eve starts a chain of events that draws their paths together in ways they would never imagine.This is classic Irish storytelling, which spans three time periods. Each foray into the past builds a picture of why Amanda and Tess are the people they are.Neither character is immediately likeable but they are believable an...
  • Grace J Reviewerlady
    This is such a perfect novel .. it has everything! Past and present, angst, secrets, lies, failed relationships and the discovery of new friends. I cannot think when I last read a book which swallowed me up, heart and soul.The lives of the two main characters are so very different and yet there are similarities: Tess, a gifted young singer who throws it all away for unrequited love and Amanda, who has it all – until she realises she doesn’t h...
  • Gina Moltz
    So enjoyable! I could relate to Amanda in many ways (except financially!) and really loved seeing her grow as a person. And Tess was such fun- even when she was cranky. Would love to see a sequel because I felt like I know these people!
  • Marilyn
    Could have been more uplifting but lovely portrayal of how circumstances can change relationships and perceptions.
  • Donnametal
    I really enjoyed this book. I randomly chose it from a complimentary offering from kindle. Never heard of the book. Was instantly consumed. The character development was extraordinary .
  • Joanne
    In The Girl I Used to Know we have two strong female lead characters in Tess Cuffe and Amanda King. These two share a house though not particularly willingly. Tess rents the scruffy basement flat of Amanda and Richard King's large and immaculate Georgian house in Dublin. The two do not have what you would call a warm relationship since Richard has tried unsuccessfully and at great expense to evict Tess. On the outside, Amanda appears to have the...
  • Joanne
    Tess Cuffe and Amanda King have shared the same house for almost twenty years and yet they know nothing about each other. Amanda has lived in the top three floors of their Georgian townhouse with husband David and their children Casper and Robyn. Tess has lived alone in the basement flat, an unwanted tenant that Amanda and David have battled to be rid of. But both of these women have one thing in common they’re both lonely and as the new year b...
  • Anita
    Set in present day Dublin, this story is about Amanda, a middle-aged woman who thought she had everything she ever wanted, apart from Tess Cuff, the elderly sitting tenant in her basement who is the bane of her – well not hers, but her husband’s life. Both women realise they have lost their identity somewhere along the line. But how do they change things? Is it too late and is there still a way to live the lives they always dreamed of? Or may...
  • Pippa
    This is one of the many books I have bought for £0.99 by an author who is new to me, some have joined my favourite authors and others have been consigned to the DNF pile, sadly this one has fallen into the latter category. Although the premise sounded promising it failed to deliver, even after reading 15 chapters (39%) I just wasn’t connecting to the characters. I didn’t like Tess or Amanda from the outset but accepted that my opinion might ...
  • Paula Pugh
    Initially, I was not sure if I was going to like this novel. It opened rather droll but when I realized that the author was laying the background information on the characters to be flushed out later, I began to enjoy it.After all of the character descriptions, the book picks up the pace and the lives of the characters begin to intersect and affect each other. Tess is an older woman living a life based on past hurt and the inability to forgive. A...
  • Jeanne Grace
    I received an Advanced Reader Copy from NetGalley for my unbiased opinion of the book. I really enjoyed this book. It started sluggish and took me to the middle of the book for it to fly. The choices Tess Cuffe and Amanda King make early in life are weighing them down in the second half of their lives. Also, it affects the living situation they both are in as landlord and tenant. Due to a series of life circumstances that forces them to reassess ...