Ocean Deep by Darshana Suresh

Ocean Deep

A chapbook of poems about a pirate and her mermaid love.

Details Ocean Deep

TitleOcean Deep
Release DateOct 10th, 2017
PublisherDarshana Suresh
GenrePoetry, Lgbt, Fantasy, Romance, Glbt, Queer

Reviews Ocean Deep

  • Alexa
    this is a collection of poems about a pirate girlfriend and her SHARK mermaid girlfriend and it's the best
  • Melissa Jennings
    My previous review was redacted as I'm transferring my reviews onto my personal GR account - Melissa (thebookishpoet).
  • BadassCmd
    I say hold your breath and you say I havesince I saw youI don't know if there will ever come a day where I can read a description like 'a pirate and her mermaid love' and not be hooked right away (pun wasn't actually intended). At least today wasn't that day.This is a really lovely collection with a just amazing theme.I love that the poems are gentle and beautiful on their own, but still tell a coherent story when they're put together like they a...
  • Darshana
    I may be a little biased on this one, but I think Ocean Deep is definitely a chapbook worth checking out, maybe? It's a collection that I'm incredibly proud of, and has to be one of my favourite works to date. I hope you find reading it to be as gentle and warming as I felt when writing it, and more than anything, I hope my two girls bring you somewhere homely and welcoming.
  • Jay
    I found this chapbook and author through good fortune and my love of pirates and mermaids, and what a great first impression. Ocean Deep is so sweet and lovely, with so many wonderful details and lines, it's hard to pick what to call attention to in this review without quoting half the book. The mermaid's fascination with the back of the pirate's knees? The pirate's easy association of the shark- and pirate-like mermaid with safety? The entirety ...
  • Meryana
    I'm not sure how else to say this so here goes: Darshana Suresh makes beautiful into something tangible I can almost touch.
  • Meeni Levi
    A lovely chapbook full of warmth and yearning."a kind of bright the fireflies push into the water for something unforgiving & something brimming with forgiveness too"
  • Dearna (Words of the Roses)
    4.5 Beautifully writing and gave me all the warm and fuzzies. The mermaid and her lover the pirate women, so sweet I adore them. Highly recommend. These poems are ones I will visit over and over again
  • Autumn
    This e-book was short but confusing and pretentious. I found it hard sometimes to decern which character was thinking/speaking which poem. I'd recommend reading the author's note first. However, I do like poems that tell stories and thought it was warm and expressive.