A Feast of Science by Joe Schwarcz

A Feast of Science

An entertaining and digestible volume that demystifies science, from the author of 16 bestselling popular science booksCrave answers? A Feast of Science demystifies the chemistry of everyday life, serving up practical knowledge to both inform and entertain. Guaranteed to satiate your hunger for palatable and relevant scientific information, Dr. Joe Schwarcz proves that “chemical” is not necessarily synonymous with “toxic.” Are there fis...

Details A Feast of Science

TitleA Feast of Science
Release DateMay 22nd, 2018
PublisherECW Press
GenreScience, Nonfiction, Food and Drink, Food, Health

Reviews A Feast of Science

  • Lili
    From Netgalley for Review:As both a tea blogger and someone with physical disabilities, I am constantly bombarded with outlandish claims on how everything is either a miracle drug or is going to kill me gruesomely, with very little (or a gross misunderstanding of) science involved in these claims. It drives me more than a little crazy. This book brings the science to combat various claims (my favorite, of course, was the guy who was convinced fis...
  • Dianna
    A series of information bytes: the author takes a myth or deception currently floating around (soap cures restless legs, latest miracle supplement cures cancer, etc.), and picks it apart from a reductionist scientific background. If more people would think this way, we'd see fewer rumors floating around online these days!The thought behind this book is important—think through what you're reading before you believe it—but the organization is p...
  • Josee Leon
    I received this book from Net Galley.4 starsWhy didn't I know about Dr. Schwarcz before? I love the no nonsense approach to scientific or not so scientific claims from this fellow Canadian! This book offers very interesting tidbits on a variety of subjects, most of them health related, that all link back to chemistry.The book wasn't organized into sections - it just jumped from one subject to the next, with each new piece prefaced by a title. I c...
  • Audrey
    This was a great book. I'll admit, I didn't learn as much new trivia as I had hoped, but I definitely refined information I already knew. And I certainly gained more respect for chemistry than I had. While I've always understood inherently that it was all around us, this really drove it home. All that being said, the presentation of this book makes it a quick read. Almost along a similar line of an Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, though with more i...
  • Christine
    This is yet another great book from the no-nonsense but always entertaining Dr. Joe Schwarcz. He gives science a very good name, showing how every aspect of our lives is connected in some way with science. The content is is full of interesting "morsels" of facts, presented in the most appetizing manner. The range of topics is incredible, from TV shows, ancient history, "health" fads old and new, the environment, food and drink, our consuming ways...
  • Jean
    Fascinating. Huge variety of topics, each covered in one or two pages. Very readable.
  • Dan Watts
    I've long been a fan of Joe Schwarcz's books, and I'm surprised they aren't better known. His writing style is easy to follow, something which can't be said of more highly acclaimed science writers (Gleick, Mukherjee, Ridley, etc.). Also, chemistry is a relatively neglected topic these days.This particular book repeatedly targets what the author feels are pseudo-science and dodgy medical treatments. In my case he's preaching to the choir, so amen...
  • Curious Reader
    I enjoyed the book.
  • Olivia Fox
    Great book with a lot of helpful information, it's not a fast read. It's not a book to read in one sitting.