A Rumored Fortune by Joanna Davidson Politano

A Rumored Fortune

Tressa Harlowe's father did not trust banks, but neither did he trust his greedy extended family. He kept his vast fortune hidden somewhere on his estate in the south of England and died suddenly, without telling anyone where he had concealed it. Tressa and her ailing mother are left with a mansion and an immense vineyard and no money to run it. It doesn't take long for a bevy of opportunists to flock to the estate under the guise of offering con...

Details A Rumored Fortune

TitleA Rumored Fortune
Release DateJul 31st, 2018
PublisherFleming H. Revell Company
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Romance, Christian

Reviews A Rumored Fortune

  • Maddy
    What a lovely book this was! When I say that I enjoy historical fiction, this is the kind of book I’m talking about. Treasure hunting, a rumored fortune, ballroom parties, castles. Wow, this was such a delight to read. The book is in first person for the girl MC, but isn’t for the boy MC. I don’t think I’ve ever read a historical book in first person, but I absolutely loved the way this was done. The writing is just gorgeous and I enjoyed...
  • Staci
    Simply fabulous Victorian Era novel! What's not to love about a treasure hunt?In A Rumored Fortune Tressa Harlowe (and several family members) are searching for a hidden treasure. Tressa wants to save her family home and vineyard. The analogies of the vineyard to her life added to the novel. Each chapter begins with a quote by a viticulturist. Joanna Politano continues to deliver elegant writing in the midst of mystery. There were several twists ...
  • Beth
    Charming, mysterious, romantic, fun, and swoon-worthy, A Rumored Fortune is Politano’s second novel, and, wow, does it deliver for this reader. There is such a strong atmosphere to sink into within these pages. The setting is a castle, its grounds home to a vineyard. Though her castle home is important and much loved, it is the vineyard that captured Tressa's mind, as it had previously captured her father's before his mysterious death. However,...
  • Sarah Grace
    Everything about this book drew me to it - the amazing cover, title, synopsis . . . It had me hooked. Our MCs, Tressa Harlowe and Donegan Vance are both interesting and unique characters. I loved Tressa's sweet spirit, artistic mind, and generous heart, and found myself relating to her a lot, especially on the artistic front. Donegan Vance was a very intriguing character, but he somehow fell flat to me. I think the author made him out to be such ...
  • Clara
    Joanna Davidson Politano truly has a gift and I couldn’t be more excited to read another book of hers!How’d you define wealth? A fortune?Tressa Harlowe can be deemed to have both, living in a castle in a big estate where income comes from the wits of her father who has grown a vineyard in a place people claimed to be impossible.Still, her life seems to be defined by what she doesn’t have: a title, a sensible mother, honest friendships... an...
  • Sarah Monzon
    4.5 stars! A really enjoyable read with both plot and characters that will have you turning the pages. Beyond that, though, I immensely appreciated the spiritual themes of grafting and connecting to the true Vine.
  • Megan
    A Rumored Fortune is a masterpiece! Joanna Davidson Politano’s debut novel, Lady Jayne Disappears, was on the list of my top ten fiction reads of 2017. So I was a little worried that her next novel would not live up to her stunning debut. As you can see, I loved A Rumored Fortune just as much!Ms. Politano is a master storyteller and a wordsmith! It’s hard to describe why her writing is so unique. Some words I would use are lyrical, whimsical ...
  • Amanda
    This is Joanna’s sophomore novel and it was just as amazing (or better) than her debut. Her writing is beautiful. She is very gifted at setting the scene and placing the reader in the environment right beside the characters.The setting of this story was an old castle but in the time period of 1866. The story had a Gothic feel which added to the atmospheric quality of the story.There were some twists in the story (one in particular) that I would...
  • Diane Estrella
    From the very first interaction of our hero and heroine, I was hooked."Hold on as tight as you need."And that is how the story progressed. Him being the most noble unofficial gentleman in the most sensitively, brutish way. As gruff as he came off, his gentle heart was shown in all he said and did. He was dreamy in every possible way. Tressa was the kindest most generous lady whose heart was open to everyone and everything. She didn't know all tha...
  • Laura
    What an absolute delight it was to read A Rumored Fortune by Joanna Davidson Politano. Ripe with analogies and a handsome hero, this is a book you will not be able to put down.Did you notice my use of the word "ripe"? This wonderful book, while a great read that will get you lost in the main mystery, uses John 15:5, "I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me, you can do nothing,...
  • Kelly Bridgewater
    I have read Joanna Davidson Politano's first novel, Lady Jayne Disappears, and it was like nothing I ever read before. Chalked full of mystery and a unique Victorian voice. So of course, when I read the synopsis on her second novel, A Rumored Fortune, I couldn't wait to dive into a treasure hunt in a castle in the Victorian era. Unfortunately the book fell flat for me.Politano does a fabulous job at creating the setting and allowing me to experie...
  • A.M. Heath
    What I Loved: This was a prime example of fine Christian fiction. From the moment the story began, I was captivated by Tressa, her world, and her story. And as it unfolded, I was treated to an interesting new mystery. The conclusion of the mystery wasn’t clear from chapter one, so it was nice to go on the treasure hunt with the rest of the cast. The romance was sweet and clean. But what really stood out to me was the way Politano crafted the st...
  • Heather Gilbert
    This novel is sure to please those who are looking for a romance with mysterious, unpredictable twists. I enjoyed having to guess about some things until close to the end. The heroine, Tressa, is sweet and reflective, which reminds me of Jane Eyre. An enjoyable read!
  • Sydney
    In her novel A Rumored Fortune, author Joanna Davidson Politano, has written another historical romance mystery that will have readers on their toes. Politano’s story and characters spring to life off the pages of her book in this excellent written and captivating story. The mystery and dynamics of the story will hook readers and keep them up and turning pages late into the night. An excellent combination of mystery and romance, Politano weaves...
  • Melissa
    Excellent sophomore offering from Politano! The mystery and family dynamics are intriguing and kept me turning pages, but it is the Biblical parallels that make this book shine above others in the genre. The beautiful word pictures of vines, branches, grafting, and nourishing the vines are amazing and will lead the reader closer to God with these descriptions.The characters are human, flawed, yet most of them are striving to be better versions of...
  • Raechel
    I have been eagerly anticipating this author’s second novel, and I was so excited to dive into this gem. And what a gem it is! I thoroughly enjoyed “A Rumored Fortune”, being swept away between its pages and taken on quite the journey. So much beauty, and heart. Main characters Tressa Harlowe and Donegan Vance were spectacular. I loved how Tressa’s portion (the majority of the novel) was in first person – it really flowed so nicely and ...
  • Karen
    Another intriguing Victorian mystery! A heroine whose life circumstances seem bleak, surrounded by people not sure she can trust, Tressa's story draws the perfect picture of a soul in need of rescue. Set in 1866, along the coast of England, this story has all the elements of a Gothic romance: a creepy, mysterious castle on a hill, characters who all had something to hide, and a treasure hunt that takes a dangerous turn.The author does a good job ...
  • V. Palmer
    Guys.AMAZING!!!A Rumored Fortune is a treasure trove of powerful truths just waiting to be discovered so they can enrich your soul! This gorgeous book is everything I could have hoped for and more! Joanna Davidson Politano's sophomore novel did not disappoint!!!LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! One of the things I love most about Joanna Davidson Politano's writing is that her characters are so relatable. They aren't perfect. They make mistakes. Then they make ev...
  • Rachael
    Love the story, the characters, and the beautifully woven tale of time. I think most of all I enjoyed the faith theme and the allegory of the vine! What a tremendous way to weave a story and tie it together with a vine...The Vine. This is a thought provoking book with so much contained in its pages I had to give it one of my rare five stars.Tressa had my heart. She was alone, so alone...with a heart full of love ready to share. The things she lea...
  • Brittany
    A Rumored Fortune was a tale shrouded in mystery. The main character, Tressa, was forced to navigate the turbulent rumors and dangers that surrounded her family estate and vineyard.I really felt for Tressa. At times she was a good judge of character, and at other times she fell short and made the wrong decisions regarding people’s true motives. It was truly understandable, though, given that she was working with such limited information. I also...
  • Toni Osborne
    In this historical romance set during the Victorian era we find a destitute heiress and her greedy relatives competing in a fast-paced treasure hunt to find a vast fortune hidden somewhere on a vineyard estate in the south of England.This is a cute story that is mainly told through Tressa Harlowe’s viewpoint. Although it has a religious undertone it provides a lot of intrigue within its pages to have kept me interested from the starting point. ...
  • Jamie
    “You can tell the quality of a man’s soul with one look at what he creates, for what he’s poured into his creation has come from within.” Notebook of a viticulturistIf you’re a fan of Inspirational historical romance, then you need to have Joanna Davidson Politano on your radar. I absolutely adored her debut novel, Lady Jayne Disappears, and in her sophomore novel, Politano once again brings an intriguing plot to readers.There were plen...
  • Cheryl
    This is the first book I have read by this author. It is a good one. I liked the storyline. The cast of characters are fine. Although, I wish that I could have said that the characters were great. This is what I was hoping for. There were glimpses of this but not enough throughout the story. For which is a shame; as the story would have been brought to life better if I had felt a stronger connection to the characters. Tressa was likable. She real...
  • Katherine
    I loved it! What an incredible story! Tressa Harlowe's father always said, he had a fortune hidden somewhere. He promised to tell Tressa where the fortune was hidden before he died. Tressa and her mother are traveling when they receive a message they are to return home immediately. Upon their arrival they are informed Tressa's father is dead.I am still savoring this story. The reader is transported to Trevelyn Castle for a treasure hunt. Tressa i...
  • Marian Baay
    Wow! I am so impressed. What a pleasurable read filled with mystery and intrigue. A Rumored Fortune is an excellently woven story that kept me glued to the pages. I did not figure out who the villain was - not before the author wanted me to. There is a budding romance with plenty of intrigue around the hero. Can he be trusted? Does he have alternative motives to win the heroine? Like a rumored fortune?This was such a delightful read. I love the a...
  • Hannah
    A Rumored Fortune is a beautifully written story that weaves its way around your heart in a slow but satisfying pace. This was my first time reading this author and I had high hopes as I’ve heard many good things. (Which have all proven to be true, by the way.) I love the way this author writes! Some of her lines are so heart-tuggingly romantic and poetic that I would find myself taking a screenshot of a page and sending it to my sister (Also a...
  • Amy
    A Rumored Fortune is the second book I have read by author Politano and I must say that I have really been enjoying her writing style. This story is about an heiress of a hidden fortune, a castle in need of repair, workers who need to be paid, and a young woman who is in need of answers. Tressa and her mother receive some rather shocking news- that her father has died. There is sinister and superstitious circumstances surrounding his demise that ...
  • Rebekah Gyger
    A Rumored Fortune is a romance tied up with a mystery meant to discover a fortune, perhaps one that is less monetary and more eternal. Tressa is a woman caught up in her love for her father and her mother, as well as the expectations of everyone around her. And those expectations are for her to be someone else, someone more selfish and unloving, someone with little care for anything other than the typical life of a woman of her station.However, T...
  • Hayden
    The plot behind A Rumored Fortune is an excellent one. Vineyards and secret fortunes and characters you don't know who to trust: the way the story threads all weave together at the end is satisfying and the journey there takes enough twists and turns to set it apart from many of the historical fiction novels that I've read. I loved how many of the characters--especially the secondary ones--were multi-layered and not defined solely by one characte...
  • Rachael
    There's a lovely Gothic flavor to this story, with an old castle, rumors of hidden treasure, and a possible saboteur. Tressa is a sweet, creative heroine, but no doormat. And while Donegan is a little rough around the edges and apt to jump to wrong conclusions where she is concerned, he's also a wonderfully wise and thoughtful hero.There is a lot of food for thought--and biblical teaching--in this story, the most obvious being the metaphor of the...