Guardians (The Four Horsemen, #4) by L.J. Swallow

Guardians (The Four Horsemen, #4)

Assassins, ancient magic, and the mysterious Collector bring new challenges to the Horsemen. Can the five find the answers they need before it's too late?Three humans are dead, and the search is on for the surviving member from Vee's online group. If he's alive, Seth could hold the key to who's behind the attacks -- and why the group are targets.Thanks to their broken alliance with the fae, the Four Horseman and Vee must turn to others for help a...

Details Guardians (The Four Horsemen, #4)

TitleGuardians (The Four Horsemen, #4)
Release DateDec 13th, 2017
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Magic

Reviews Guardians (The Four Horsemen, #4)

  • Siobhan Davis
    Absolutely astounding. The plot is really thickening in this one, and I love how complex and intriguing the story is becoming. There are potential threats, and numerous enemies, around every corner, and even among themselves there is trust issues, seeping tension, and secrets being kept. I don't trust Seth as far as I'd throw him, and what darkness is inside all of them, especially Vee? I loved how the relationships developed in this one, even wi...
  • Jennifer G
    Guardians picks up exactly where Hunted left off. The bodies are beginning to pile up and it's getting closer and closer to Vee. Now it's personal and her human side is not coping well. She's shocked and shutting down. She's also feeling guilty that she's letting her Horsemen down by not being strong enough. Plus, there's this voice inside her, a Vee that may be dangerous. In her desperation, she asks Joss to strip her of her human emotions feeli...
  • Jemimah Zafoune
    Another great book in this series which at first I was a little hesitant about bit am enjoying more and more as the series goes on.This book picks up straight where the last one, Hunted, finishes and we're straight back into the action. I liked that there was more charavter and relationship development in this book, however we still have a lot more questions to be answered. The end of this book did leave me hanging off the edge of that cliff, how...
  • Missy Brown
    Pretty much picking up where Hunted left off Vee is left dazed. She is having issues with loosing her human side. In order to become what she needs to be, she has to loose her humanity. But can she? Does she really want to? And if she does, would the guys feel for her differently. I feel like each installment the intensity of the flow gets kicked up a notch. The guys are frustrated with their investigation, and with their relationship with Vee. S...
  • Sairaika Naidoo
    An intense read!Assassins... Ancient magic...A mysterious Collector...Can the five find the answers they need before it's too late? Another hit in the fabulous, sexy and dangerously charged read! The discoveries. The dead ends. The pain. The adventure. The danger. The new threat but very old magic. The ending. What a journey is all I am saying. If you pick up this read, I can 100% guarantee you that you will not regret this epic journey of romanc...
  • Paige
    This time around things are heating up...And not just in the bedroom, Our Boys and Vee are on the hunt for Caseys killer or killers. Seth resurfaces and an old magic comes to light.Lisa has upped the ante in Guardians, and I loved every minute of it.We get to see some of the hidden insecurities of our seemingly bullet proof boys, Joss shows us the heat he was lacking in previous instalments and boy was it worth the wait.Ewan is now the present I ...
  • Laura Wolf
    Getting monotonousThis series is getting kinda hokey. Seeming to drag on and on adding more people who act superior making the main characters look incompetent and too stupid the follow clues. If these guys really were all there was to save the world we'd all need to bend over and kiss it goodbye. I'll read... Or try I should say the next but it needs to get better. And these kids need to grow up.
  • Kyria
    Disappointed to say the least.....Title says it all. It felt dragged out and stretched and I’m so disappointed in this series. I try to give books like this a chance but when authors grasp at straws in order to prolong the series it’s so painful.
  • Marnie
    The Plot thickens and I’m building my own theories...Book 4Guardians picks up EXACTLY where Hunted finished, and this time, the dead bodies are becoming personal to Vee, meaning that her human side is finding it hard to cope. If she shuts down, they’re all left vulnerable to those who are after them.The plot in Guardians makes a huge leap forward, and exposes a new theory as to what magic the perpetrators seem to be using. They need the help ...
  • Avid
    Could not finish this novel. The plot has run off the rails and there's no telling what will happen to it. I was trying to get through this novel so that I could find out who's behind all of the happenings, but I can no longer subject myself to it. This has become one of those series that never ends. This one should have been wrapped up by now.Characters constantly act out of character. The guys have been described as supernatural police of sorts...
  • Courtney Dunham
    Wow, this installment of the Four Horsemen series heats up, giving us some of the steamy moments that we have been begging for, but there is also a lot of drama and mystery to go along with it! I hope the next book has some answers to all these questions because this one is kinda killing me, especially the cliffhanger. Thank goodness the next book isn't too far off :)In this book, we get to learn more about what is going on in the darkness/what i...
  • Bibiane
    Book #4 of the amazing book series where the author has managed to breathe new life into this very old biblical legend of the four Horsemen. If you haven't already read the first 3.5 books, Legacy, Bound, Hunted & Tricked, I would strongly recommend doing so, before moving on to this one.We all know those books that completely draw you in, twist you around, just to spit you back out with those cruel words "to be continued" - that is this book in ...
  • Louise Seraphim Reviews
    OMG How is it possible that these stories get even more intense and gripping each time? We're on the 4th novella, I should be bored by now, but no! I need more NOW! Guardians is continuing on literally from where Hunted left off dramatically, and it's almost like each part has jumped up a notch in just how intense it can be. More drama, more supernatural people, more sex, more twists and turns, and more mouth dropping shockers. It's just 100% mor...
  • Nicole Namen
    Ahhh!!! Each book is better and better! Totally loved this book!!! The Vee and Joss scene was so hot and perfect and so glad that they finally got together in that way!! Another steamy Xander and Vee scene for the win. I’m worried for Vee and her wanting to lose her sense of humanity. I’m worried that Ewan won’t let go and help Vee be who she is. But I’m super worried for Joss and whatever demon thing possessed him and stole his life!!!!!...
  • Michelle Fritz PA
    What the What??? No..... Just no! Way too much of a cliffhanger!!! This was one intense addition to a mesmerizing and thrilling series. I absolutely adore Vee and her Pony Boys. Each one brings such excitement to the series. My heart is literally broken 😣 Ms. Swallow is a truly gifted and genius author♡ She brings style, wit and intensity to each book she writes. The emotions and tone of the book were all over the place.... But that's a comp...
  • Danyelle Froke
    Why?!Oh my Lordy. This book. This series. Perfection I tell you! Right up until that evil cliffhanger!!! What did we ever do to you Lisa?! Your faithful readers don’t deserve such hurtful endings. 😥 now I must sit here in sadness and wait for the next. And let me tell you, I am not a very patient person so this will be hard.Seriously, despite all the whining I just did, this book was amazing. We see Vee going through what she thinks are nece...
  • Shelley Youngblood
    LJ Swallow continues to build a fantastic story with her fourth book in her Horsemen Series, Guardians. It picks up where the previous book takes off, so I would recommend the series from the start. It is packed with suspense, combustible chemistry and memorable characters. When humans start disappearing, the Horesemen continue to search for the truth behind what is happening. With answers, come more questions. The way in which this book ended, I...
  • Anastasia Spinelli
    Out of tgie world amazingOmg so I had to stop reading Guardians due to adulting (ugh). I finally finished this morning... First of all I absolutely loved it... Second I just need to say, Seth is shady, I don't like his sneaky ass. I think he is bad news. I love it🤣🤣... . I love when u add in new people n we have to figure out what they r about... And I gave a feeling we might be seeing more of little miss half demon/doesn't know sexy self. ...
  • Aimee
    Another book down and this story still has its hold over me! In this installment we see our MC struggling with her humanity and how all of that connects to her guys. I liked not only seeing how she struggles with it but getting some insight on how the guys feel about it too! There are still a lot of unanswered questions in dealing with the main conflict of the killings as well. The Seth character has me a bit wary some of his actions and reaction...
  • Casey
    👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Another great addition to Vee and the Ponyboys story!!I absolutely adore the pony boys and Vee💜💜💜. I lived that the story picked up right where the last one left off and that ending left me waiting impatiently for the Chaos!! I can’t wait to see how Vee’s story unfolds in the next book! Make sure you read this book and the others. You won’t want to miss out on the world that Lj has created!!
  • TipseyBookReviews
    Wow!Guardians starts with Vee in shock over the events in book 3. She quickly recoups and is back in fighting form, but internally she is struggling with whether her humanity is a strength or a weakness. I liked that we get to see both Vee and her guys struggling to come to grips with Vee’s humanity and how it impacts them and their mission. Th series just keeps getting better. I can’t wait for the next book.
  • Safety Lady
    Good but left with a cliff hanger for the next book The horseman are still chasing their tails and it seems like the story really is not going anywhere in this one book. Interesting story and good writing but when will this story end? I guess I am getting impatient to see where this will end up. If I were you I would wait until the next book is released other wise you will have to just wait and see like me. Happy reading and waiting.
  • Amanda Cash
    Great read!The story continues with the guys and Vee still searching for answers. Every time they think k they're making progress, something new enters the picture. Vee finally "connects" with Joss. Everyone finds out how she and Ewan kept the incubus attack from them and hurt feelings abound.All in all we are left with more questions than answers and a cliffhanger at the end. Can't wait for the next book!
  • SJ
    Wow, the fourth book in the series and I am seriously still loving this series. Vee still has no real idea what is going on, the other horsemen are still frustrated with the way their investigations are going, and most of the guys are wary about their relationship with Vee! With the continuing excitement and drama, this book is a great read and kept me glued to the page. I am really excited for the next book in the series
  • Vicki
    This series has been very consistent and I always look forward to the next book. I will admit I like the romance part of the reverse harem more than the urban fantasy storyline, which seems to lack details at times, and have too many at others (this is a series observation, not only for this book). I really enjoyed some of the interpersonal conflicts specific to Guardians, and it has one wicked good cliffhanger, which only increases the anticipat...
  • Brittany VanLanen
    Holy cannoli! That ending!! So in this book we continue on the quest with Vee and her horsemen to find out who is targeting people from her online group. Seth is back in the mix and I don’t know what to think about him just yet. Something is setting off the alarms is my head. We learn more about Vee and who she is becoming. I need the next book now!
  • Gabrielle Brown Drumm
    That ending though!Mercy! This was an intense one. A really good read. This series is interesting and different from others I've read including ones regarding the four horsemen. It's a really good thing the next book is out already!!
  • Amanda
    What!!The cliffhanger at this one really.. wow. I can't wait to figure where this is going to go. A few more questions and mysteries are added to the already large pile. I must know more.
  • Nancy
    Fear and DeathExcellent read lots of action and surprises can a horseman really die perhaps by the end we will know very interesting storyline and the development of the characters are good
  • Angela James
    JossWhat is happening here?! This is getting better and better and I'm still clueless on the puzzle of what's going on lol Its great, I can't even begin to guess what will happen next.